Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Solution Overview
Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft CRM | At A Glance
Over 6,000 customers
Over 150,000 users
Over 1,500 partners
Full suite of marketing,
sales, and service
Native Office experience
Web services architecture
Fast, flexible,
and affordable
Available in 22 languages*
* Version 3.0 through mid-2006
Microsoft CRM
Customer Growth Worldwide
FY 03
Information current as of March 2006
FY 04
FY 05
What Is CRM?
How does it differ from simple
“contact management”?
• Customer-facing
– Sales, service, and marketing activities
• Process-focused
– Workflow drives consistent execution
• Team-oriented
– Collaborate with others inside and outside
of the organization
Major Problems With “First-generation” CRM
A 2004 AMR Research study found that
• 28 percent of CRM projects failed to go live
• 33 percent had serious user adoption problems
A 2005 Forrester Research study found that
• Two-thirds of respondents were unhappy with
the ease of use of their CRM system
• More than half of respondents were not satisfied
with their CRM system's return on investment (ROI)
What Do Businesses Need From A CRM System?
• Reliable user adoption
– If people won’t use it, it has no value
• Great business fit
– Consistent processes and real-time visibility
• Fast, flexible, and affordable technology
– Quick to deploy and easy to manage
Microsoft CRM | The Next Wave
A complete CRM suite that leverages
the power and productivity of the
Microsoft platform
Works the Way You Do
• Native Office and Outlook experience
• Full range of mobile solutions
Works the Way Your Business Does
• Easily adapts to each company’s needs
• Powerful workflow and analytics
Works the Way Technology Should
• Fast to deploy and easy to manage
• Powerful Web services architecture
Microsoft CRM | Works The Way You Do
• Native Microsoft
Outlook Folders
and Command Bar
• Automatic
calendar, contact,
task and email
• Quick views
of relevant
Microsoft CRM | Works The Way Your Business Does
New Lead
New Oppty
New Acct
Assign to
• Powerful reporting via SRS
• Take data into Excel while
maintaining a live data link
• Secure, roles-based access
at the database level
Sales Rep
• Create workflow based on
standard and custom entities
• Evaluate conditions and
actions across systems
Microsoft CRM | Works The Way Technology Should
• Use Outlook, browser, or mobile device
User Experience
• Get just the right tasks to each user
• Intelligent links to Microsoft Office
• Drive more consistent process execution
Business Workflow
and Visibility
• Tailor the system to fit your business
• Get instant visibility and alerts
• Web services architecture
Integration and
• Connect multiple systems in real-time
• Easily import and export data
Microsoft CRM | Thousands Of Customers, Including…
Small Businesses
Midsized Companies
Large Enterprises
Microsoft CRM | Global Investment, Global Reach
Worldwide availability in more than 20 languages
English (international)
Languages for version 3.0
Microsoft CRM | Next Steps
• Choose Microsoft CRM for the technology and
platform to drive CRM success for your business
– Outstanding user experience and user adoption
– Great business fit and visibility into results
– Scalable and secure platform with great extensibility
• Define a complete CRM solution and plan that
includes people, process, and technology
– Microsoft and its global network of partners are
committed to your success
© 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.
What’s New
Microsoft CRM | What’s New In Version 3.0?
Hundreds of new features, including:
Native Outlook Experience
New CRM Modules
• Roles-based user interface
• Marketing Automation,
including Quick Campaigns
• Dynamic help and suggestions
• Pervasive mobile capabilities
• High performance sync
• Service Automation
• SQL Reporting Services
Platform Flexibility
Installation and Upgrade
• Custom entities
• Installation diagnostics
• Extensible workflow engine
• Automatic Web Services
• Real-time app integration
• New security model
• Easy portal integration
• Metadata import/export
Segment Specific Slides –
Insert As Needed
Microsoft CRM | For Small Businesses
Small Businesses
• Microsoft CRM Small Business Edition (SBE)
is optimized for small businesses
• Complete CRM suite installs in 10 clicks or less
• Quick customization to specific business needs
through the “Consultant in a Box” wizard
• Tightly integrated with Microsoft Small Business
Server Premium 2003 capabilities
– Fax server integration
– Integrated system management
• Built-in migration of data from Microsoft Office
Business Contact Manager (BCM)
Microsoft CRM | For Midsized Companies
Midsized Companies
• Microsoft CRM fits the business and technology
needs of midsized companies
• It delivers all of the power of an high-end CRM
system through a familiar Microsoft Office and
Outlook interface
• Complete CRM suite with sales, service,
and marketing
• Flexible options for online, offline, and
mobile access
• Simplified installation and maintenance
• Highly configurable without writing any code
• Easy integration to external system and data
Microsoft CRM | For Large Enterprises
Large Enterprises
• Microsoft CRM puts powerful CRM capabilities
into a familiar Microsoft Office and Outlook
– Complete CRM suite with sales, service,
and marketing
– Flexible options for online, offline, and
mobile access
– Powerful service-oriented platform based
on Web services and Microsoft technology
– Highly configurable and extensible data model
– High scalability for large user deployments
– Easy integration to external apps and data
– Highly secure environment to protect sensitive data
Background Information
For Customers On Logo Slide
Backup Slides
Microsoft CRM | Reinventing CRM To Drive Success
Works the Way
You Do
Works the Way
Your Business Does
Works the Way
Technology Should
More productivity
In day-to-day
CRM tasks
Better management
control and
Reduced load
on IT implementers
and operations
Common user experience
with Office and Outlook
Powerful workflow drives
consistent processes
Simplified installation
and maintenance
Reduced click counts
for every task
Automated alerts and
exception handling
Common configuration
and customization tools
Complete capabilities
in the office and on the road
Closed-loop tracking
and reporting
Integrates easily
via Web services
© 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.
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