Too and Enough

Too and Enough
Too/ too much/ too many
 Too has a negative meaning. We use it to say that sth is more than
enough or more than necessary.
Too + adj./adv. + (to inf.) + for + noun
-You are too young to apply for this position.
-We got there too early for the beginning of the ceremony and got really bored.
 Too + adj./adv. + to inf.
-You are too young to stay out late without your parents.
-He got to the station too late to catch the train.
Too… + for sth/ sb + to inf.
This exercise is too difficult for me to do.
Too much + singular noun (uncountable nouns)
-There is too much sugar in this cake.
 Too many + plural noun (countable nouns)
-There were already too many people in the club so we weren’t allowed to get in.
 Enough has a positive meaning. We use it to
say that there is as much of sth as we want
or need.
 Adjective/adverb + enough + to inf.
-I am old enough to know what is best for me.
 Enough + noun + to inf.
-There’s enough money in my savings account to
buy new furniture.