Refined. Simplified. Expanded.
SAP Business One 8.8 @ a Glance
March 2009
What SAP Business One 8.8 Delivers
. to
support your
business growth
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Even easier to
use and
Crystal Reports
adaptable to
your industry
specific needs
The reporting
standard of
choice for
Refined Architecture
Greater reliability to support your business growth
What Your Business Needs
What 8.8 Delivers
A solid foundation ready to
support growth
Refined Product Architecture
Better control of the business
Enhanced Transaction Management
Faster actions, quicker results
Improved System Performance
Reduced complexity
Unified Product Code Base
Encapsulation & modularization of B1 architecture; new
“business engine” modeling for high product reliability
New business transaction controls & preventions; enhanced
business transaction flows
Performance boost for marketing documents; new data
archiving for database optimization
Merger of A and B cluster code lines into a single code base;
unify releases of all products & add-ons
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Simplified Experience
An intuitive application made even easier to use and maintain
What Your Business Needs
Minimum user training
What 8.8 Delivers
Redesigned User Interface
New product “skin / look & feel”; simplified navigation
between items in documents
Quick, hassle-free upgrade
Seamless Patch & Upgrade Installation
Easy diagnosis
Intuitive Troubleshooting
No system disruption
Backed By Free Remote Support Platform
for SAP Business One
One-click patch & upgrade installation; new, harnessed patch &
upgrade process
New, intuitive error messages; enhanced system logging &
error tracing
Proactive system monitoring & notification; automatic system
backup, maintenance and repair
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Expanded Flexibility
Adaptability that meets your industry-specific needs
What Your Business Needs
Easy to change and adapt
What 8.8 Delivers
Expanded and Enhanced SDK
New business objects available in SDK; new SDK performance
Address industry-specific needs
New Tools for Industry-Specific Solutions
Greater development flexibility
More Flexible Development Environment
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“Solution Packager” for packaging & configuring solutions;
“Company Wizard” for simplifying new installations
Modularized business logic; expanded access to system UI and
process APIs
Crystal Reports Integration
SAP Business One now comes standard with industry leader Crystal Reports
SAP Business One 2007
 New customers and those current on maintenance will receive a free copy of Crystal Reports
Basic 2008 for SAP Business One
 Includes Crystal Reports viewer, one designer license
 Product is licensed for use only with SAP Business One data and related software
solution partner data
 Works with Xcelsius software (sold separately) to create interactive dashboards
 Crystal Reports can be integrated with SAP Business One 2007 via an integration add-on
which can be downloaded for free from the SDN
SAP Business One 8.8
 Integration between SAP Business One and Crystal Reports includes:
 Built-in Crystal Reports Viewer
 One license for Crystal Reports Designer
 Works with Xcelsius software (sold separately) to create interactive dashboards
 XL Reporter, Query Wizard, Query Generator, and Print Layout Designer (PLD) remain in
SAP Business One
 Advanced Layout Designer phase out
Long-term Plan for 2010 and Beyond
 Evolve to a single, unified, and integrated printing and reporting solution based on Business
Objects technology
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