Re-evaluation and Export Options

Export Options
Using the Opera
Outline of Procedure
 Save script in Opera Database (in the Navigate tab)
 Perform Re-evaluation using the Opera interface
 Export results in one of the various formats available
Page 2
Save script and parameter in the Opera DB as .msr and .mpr
1. Load your script (.script file) in Acapella
2. Load your script parameter (.parameter file)
in Acapella player
3. In the Navigate tab on the left, right click on
a folder and save the script and script
parameter as .msr and .mpr as shown
 .script file = .msr file
 .parameter file = .mpr file
 .script and .parameter files are used only in
 .msr and .mpr are used only in Opera
Page 3
Re-evaluate plates using the Opera interface
Please refer to section 3.4.6 or
page 30 of the Opera Software
manual for more information.
Right click on the folder that
contains all the plates you want to
Page 4
Select your script (.msr) and script parameter file (.mpr)
List of all the plates
stored in the folder
Page 5
Export Results in Opera Interface
You may also
right click on
the folder to
export batch
of results!
Page 6
Select Export Format
Please refer to section 3.4.7 (page 31 and 80) of
the Opera Software manual for more
Page 7
Opera Data Export (to Excel/ASCII) Options:
Page 8
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