The FAS Russia

Benefits of competition for low-income groups
Andrey Tsyganov,
Deputy Head of the FAS Russia
Sofia Competition Forum
November 12, 2012, Sofia, Bulgaria
Federal Antimonopoly Service
The FAS Russia was established in accordance with
the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation №314 of
March 09, 2004.
- The FAS Russia is a federal executive body that is under
direct administration of the Government of the Russian
- The Articles of Incorporation of the FAS Russia was
approved by the Decree of the Russian Government № 331
of June 30, 2004.
The FAS Russia consists of the Central Office and 82
Regional Offices in each Russian subject.
Federal Antimonopoly Service
Functions and powers of the FAS Russia are defined by:
the Federal Law №135-FZ of 26.07.2006 “On Protection of
The FAS Russia is a federal executive body empowered to
perform the following functions:
- to adopt normative legal acts;
- to exercise control over compliance with the antimonopoly
legislation, natural monopolies legislation, advertisement
-to exercise control over public procurement for goods, works
and services for state and municipal needs, foreign
investments in undertakings of strategic significance for
defense and security of the state.
Ensuring of competition environment on the market for
international roaming communications
• During the conducted research the signs of violation of the
antimonopoly legislation during the formation of roaming
services tariffs were revealed.
• Within the frameworks of national legislation the
antimonopoly bodies of the Russian Federation and the
Republic of Kazakhstan held relevant investigations and
initiated cases against their dominant operators. Such
cases were settled in October 2010.
• The roaming services tariffs for Russian customers on the
CIS territory reduced for 150 – 400%.
Dependence of tariffs for air tickets from competition
environment on the route
Analysis of changes
in 4000 tariffs for air
tickets on increased
popular directions
shows that appearance
on the market (route)
1 (one) airline operator
reduces tariffs by
2 (two) new airline
operators – by 32%,
3 (three) – by39%.
Competition development in the healthcare sector
FAS Russia’ activity in the following sectors:
The FAS Russia
regularly decides on
interchangeability of
pharmaceuticals that
leads to savings of
billion rubles on
trades. Such savings
can be used to
purchase more ,
and to increase of
their availability to
the low-income
Medical products
The FAS Russia
investigations and
decides on
interchangeability of
medical products that
leads to significant
savings on trades and
to increase of access
to medical services
to patients (such as
Medical services
The FAS Russia regularly
issued decisions
concerning access to the
programs on general
medical insurance, to
including official medical
organizations, and thus
results in creating for
peoples from
municipalities the
possibility to select
medical organizations
and by increasing the
access to quality health
Control over compliance with the antimonopoly
legislation in the agriculture complex
In accordance with sign of violations of the antimonopoly legislation revealed by the Regional
Offices of the FAS Russia during 2012 by 05.10.2012 in the sphere of agro-industrial complex
(taking into account cases initiated in the previous years) 591 cases on violations of the
antimonopoly and other legislation of the Russian Federation were initiated and now are
considered .
The most often violations of the antimonopoly legislation have been revealed on the cereal
market(16 cases), milk market (12 cases), butter market (8 cases).
100 cases on violation of the antimonopoly regulation (Article 10 – 40 cases; Article 11 – 23
cases; Article15 – 25 cases; Article14 - 12 cases).
190 cases on signs of violation of the Law on Trade.
Approximately 300 cases on administrative violations which provides the imposition of fines.
267 decisions on cases on violations of the antimonopoly legislation were taken (among them
232 decisions on recognition of violations, 34 decisions on termination of cases with reference of
absence of signs of violations).
By the results of 209 considered cases with the established facts of violations, the turnover and
other fines within the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations totaling 68,7
million rubles were imposed.
Regulation of trade in the Russian Federation
 The Federal Law of 28.12.2009 № 381-FZ «On the basic
principles of state regulation of trading activities in the
Russian Federation» (hereinafter − Law on Trade) was adopted
since 01.02.2010.
 Articles 9, 13, 14 and 15 of the Law on Trade are aimed at
improvement of the antimonopoly regulation and competition
development in the retail trade market.
 Articles 13, 14, 15 of the Law on Trade establishes the
antimonopoly rules and are the part of the competition legislation
the responsibility for breach of which is established in the Code
of the Russian Federation on Administrative Violations.
 State regulation executed through the combination of trade and
antimonopoly legislation.
 Price monitoring according to the list of “socially important”
goods aimed at stabilization of retail prices for such goods.
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