Making Introductions, te,le,les

Making Introductions, te,le,les
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What to remember
• The person/people you are talking to is
what determines the te,le,les
• This book always has you talking to the
person/people you are introducing.
• Use te when you are talking to one
person, informal.
• Use le when you are talking to one person,
• Use les when you are talking to 2 or more
people, either informal or formal.
Try these
• Laura, ___ presento a la Sra. Durán.
– It’s te because speaking to Laura.
• Sra. Durán, ___ presento a Laura.
– It’s le because you are talking to Sra. Duran.
• Marco y Laura, ___ presento a Miguel.
– It’s les b/c you are speaking to two people.
• Sr. Bono y Sra. Bono, ___ presento a
– It’s les b/c you are speaking to two people.
Definite article & el
• A + el = al
• De + el = del
The 2nd part of the introduction
• Before a person, you must use “a”
• Laura, te presento a Gabriel.
– Gabriel is a person, so you must use a
With 2 people, use “a” twice:
Laura, te presento a Gabriel y a María.
• “a” combines with el
– Al amigo
– Al señor
• Before Sra. you don’t use el, you use la
and it doesn’t combine with “a”
– A la Sra. Durán
– A la Srta. Rojas
Don and Doña
• These take the place of Sr. and Sra.
• Do not use el or la before them.
• Use with an adult that you are familiar
• After don or doña, use the person’s first
• Don Pedro, Doña María
• When you meet someone, you respond
– Mucho gusto.
– Tanto gusto.
– El gusto es mío.
– Encantado / a
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