CS - Incentra

The Castrol Customer Service Experience
Oslo, August 2012
Our vision
To consistently deliver,
through a best in class B2B organisation,
a unique service experience to customers,
by providing win-win solutions
in the Order to Cash process.
Our Global Customer Service organization
• An organization located mainly in key hubs
•Flat organization with staff close to customers
• Order Manager roles globally aligned
• Data/Invoicing transitioned to the Business Service Centre
Castrol Marine Nordics
At the head office in Oslo, the local
customer service, technical team, and other
support functions serve our Nordic
customers in more than 1000 ports worldwide.
Our customers have dedicated order
managers available 24/7, knowledgeable in
seven languages.
Our Customer Service in the Nordics
Alex Hadjiossif
Global Customer Service Manager
Sarah Neilson
Customer Service Manager Europe
Kjersti Shillington
Order Manager Co-Ordinator
Ingvild Hjelmberg
Order Manager
Marjo-Ritta Kinnari
Order Manager
Zobia Ali
Order Manager
Katharina Dyken
Order Manager
Mathias Hurum Cook
Order Manager
The role of our Order Managers
The Marine Order Manager adds value to our customers by:
• Offering optimal Port and Product solutions
• Recommending supply patterns aiming to increase customer profitability
• Optimising order quantity
• Offering 24/7 service in case of emergency
• Managing a large and complex portfolio of orders
• Managing the non conformance reporting
• Handling interfaces - customers, sales, supply, technical and BSC
• Acting as Ethic and Safety Champion in O2C (order-to-cash) process
We are here for you
It’s not about order taking …
It’s not about order management …
It’s not about delivering on time and in full …
It’s about optimizing vessel supplies
We need to:
Identify your requirements together
Get input to identify performance gaps
Maintain close connectivity