Cultural Solidarity

0 European Union – A union of 28 different countries
located in Europe.
0 Solidarity – A unity of people or groups of people with
a common interest.
0 Nationality – Pride in ones country
0 Cultural solidarity – solidarity and stability which is
brought by two cultures coming together.
Cultural Solidarity
0 Instead of conflict, some cultures come together to
create a new entity that is a combination of its
0 Usually, a sense of belonging to a group with a goal
can bring differing cultures together and create
something stronger.
0 The United States is an example.
0 The European Union is an example of different
cultures blending together.
Mass Media
0 TV programs like The Walking Dead and Mad Men are huge
across the world.
0 The movie Avengers made over $1.5 billion internationally.
0 The actors in the film are superstars across the planet.
0 Mass media allows almost instant transmission of shows,
movies, and songs across the world. This means shows do not
focus on a single audience when they create their product.
0 Music superstars are international celebrities because of their
0 PSY’s Oppa Gangam Style was one of the most viewed songs in
the history of youtube, with over 1,780,296,751 views since its
debut. The Korean native has fans worldwide.
0 There are other stars, like Elvis, who were insanely popular
Worldwide American Culture
0 The western world has dominated culture since the days of
imperialism. A lot of the traits stuck around, and many more
developed with America taking the foremost position as a
western world.
0 Hamburgers and soft drinks can be purchased anywhere in
the world, (except India.) You can buy soft drinks in India,
0 Through mass media, American culture has spread across the
0 Disney’s Mickey Mouse and other characters are world icons.
0 Jeans are the clothing choice for most youth in America
0 Western business suits are the choice for any business or
diplomatic affairs
0 In the middle of the 1950s, a new style of music emerged on the
American scene. Rock ‘n’ Roll was a new genre that allowed
rebellious young adults to react against political and social
0 Rock ‘n’ Roll spread across the world and became hugely
popular. Elvis Presley to U2 rock artists came from across the
0 Popular American rock acts: Elvis Presley, Beach Boys, Bob
Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. There are several subgenres of rock.
0 Popular international rock acts: The Who, Led Zepplin, U2, The
Rolling Stones, Queen, and the Beatles.
Different Cultures Blending
Culture Blending
Reason for Interaction
Interacting Cultures
Some Results of Interaction
United States
migration, religious freedom
European, Asian & Caribbean
cultural diversity
Religious conversion
Christian & Slavic
Eastern Orthodoxy
Christianity, Russian identity
Aztec & Spanish
Mestizo culture, Mexican
North/South Africa
Trade, religious conversion,
Colonization, Slave Trade
Islamic/Christian, Europe,
Americas, Middle East
New trade & languages, Long
lasting racial discrimination
Migration, Trade, Religious
Conversion, and Conquest
Aryan & Dravidian, Greek,
Arab, African, Chinese,
British, Muslim & Christian.
Vedic culture, Hinduism,
Buddhism, Pakistan,
What are the reasons for interaction in Africa?
What are some aspects of cultural diversity?
Language and Religious
0 •Language
0 Sometimes the written characters of one language are used in
another, as in the case of written Chinese characters used in the
Japanese language. In the Safavid Empire, the language spoken
was Persian. But after the area converted to Islam, a significant
number of Arabic words appeared in the Persian language.
0 •Religion and ethical systems
0 Buddhism spread throughout Asia. Yet the Buddhism practiced
by Tibetans is different from Japanese Zen Buddhism.
Government, Art, and Racial
0 • Styles of government
0 The concept of a democratic government spread to many
areas of the globe. Although the basic principles are similar,
it is not practiced exactly the same way in each country.
0 • Racial or ethnic blending
0 One example is the mestizo, people of mixed European and
Indian ancestry who live in Mexico.
0 •Arts and architecture
0 Cultural styles may be incorporated or adapted into art or
architecture. For example, Chinese artistic elements are
found in Safavid Empire tiles and carpets as well as in
European paintings.
European Union
0 28 countries make up the union.
0 They use a common currency, and have standardized their laws,
which allow travel without passport between these countries.
0 In 2012, based on their combined GDP, the European Union won
the Nobel Peace Prize. The union has the strongest economy and
the most purchasing power in the world.
0 Of the 28 countries, 22 are also members of NATO, which helps
provide for a common defense for these nations.