History of Soft Rock

History of Soft Rock
Soft rock started in 1970s. Bands like the
Carpenters relied on simple, melodic songs
with big productions. Throughout the 70s
soft rock over powers the airwaves and it
eventually metamorphosed into the
synthesized sounds of adult contemporary
in the 1980s. Soft rock was mainly popular
between the 1970s and 1980s.
Soft rock uses the techniques of
rock music but combines with
elements from folk rock to produce
a softer, more toned-down sound.
Soft rock tends to focus upon love
and everyday life relationships.
Typical instrument's used in Soft Rock
• Electrical and acoustic guitar(Electric guitars in
this genre are high-pitched and faint)
• Bass guitar
• Twelve string guitar
• Drums
• Piano
• synthesizer