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Building Background
Turn to page 81 in your red literature book.
 After losing her
 Unfamiliar words are
home, the refugee
carried her few
possessions in a
small suitcase.
 The crowd
swarmed the gate.
 The refugees
needed a
permanent home.
sometimes made clear
by an example. Words
that point out “example
clues” are like, such as,
for instance, and for
 Leah wore an old
pinafore, which is like
the jumpers girls wear
 Title it: “Suzy and Leah Vocabulary”
 Refugee: a person who flees for safety,
especially because of war or natural
 Swarmed: moved in a large group; form of
the verb swarm
 Permanent: lasting
Turn to page 81 in your red
literature book.
Read the section titled
“Build Background.”
 On page 81, read the section titled
“Literary Element: Theme.”
 Suzy lives in a comfortable home with her
family, whereas Leah is a refugee whose
family was murdered. How do you think the
girls will relate to each other?
 Flip through the pages of the text. Look at
the pictures.
 How does previewing the photos in this
selection help you prepare to read it?
 How do the photos help you predict that
this fictional selection will be based on real
 Notice how Suzy and Leah act
towards each other and what they
think about each other.
 In your literature section, list
examples of intolerance as you
 Find at least 3 examples of intolerance in
the story “Suzy and Leah.”
 Write them down on one sheet of paper.
 Discuss and answer the following
questions: From their experiences, what
can Suzy and Leah learn about tolerance?
What can we as readers learn about
 Complete pages 92-93, questions
2-6 and 8-13 only.
 Answer in complete sentences.
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