Help with Sentence Outline

Help with Sentence Outline
Mr. Rauch
• Thesis statements must be provable statements.
• Thesis statements need to be interpretive not
plot points!
• Need to be able to stand on their own. Look at
your thesis example.
• Sample thesis for Bend it Like Beckham:
– The film Bend it Like Beckham shows that sometimes
a person must disregard cultural expectations to find
his or her true identity.
Topic Sentences
• Use transitional phrase or transition to begin a topic sentence
• The analysis part of the topic sentence is what connects it to the thesis.
• Sample topic sentence for example thesis:
– First, although her traditional mother strictly forbids her from playing soccer,
Jess is unable to rid this desire from her heart as it is important part of her
– As the movie progresses Jess realizes that she must pursue her dreams,
however her family’s strict cultural viewpoint hampers her ability to pursue
her personal goals.
– Next, though Jess finds personal happiness in playing soccer, the cultural
expectations of her family ultimately cause her to give this part of her life up,
causing her great pain.
– Lastly, despite her family’s reluctance, Jess and her family finally realize that
she must put aside the cultural expectations tradition would mandate and
pursue her own goals to be truly fulfilled as an individual.
• Turn in typed copies of your reflection
• Revise the sentence outlines and turn those
• This will be due on Monday! Your Short story
test is also Monday.
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