Grocery Store

Grocery Store Questions (Play Game):
What do you buy at a grocery store?
What do you put your groceries in?
Where do you keep your groceries when you get home?
What do you push at the grocery store?
Can you reach the top shelf?
Can you reach the bottom shelf?
Who do you pay at the grocery store?
Where does the cashier put your money?
What does a coupon do?
What can you find in the frozen food aisle?
*Underline the things you find at the
grocery store.
*Circle the things you find at the
*Cross out the things you find in your
*Answer the following questions. True or False (Play
A cashier works at a school.
 A cash register holds money.
 Carts are only found at grocery stores.
 There are many aisles in the grocery store.
 A bag and a sack are the same thing.
 You push your food in a stroller at a grocery store.
 A coupon will save you money.
 Food is on shelves in the grocery store.
 Shopko is a grocery store.
 You do not need to pay for your groceries before
you leave the store.
Complete the sentence:
When I am shopping, I put my groceries in a ___________.
At the grocery store, food can be kept in a _______________.
A machine that tells how much I have to pay is called a
The person who works at the cash register is called a
Another word for food is _____________.
I bring my groceries home in a ___________.
The canned foods, the snacks, and the cereal are all in different
So my groceries don’t cost a lot of money, I use a