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Figurative language
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Comprehension means understanding.
The best way to
understand a text is to
ask yourself questions
as you read it.
The answers to some
questions are easy to find,
while the answers to others
are more difficult to work out.
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Figurative language moves away from the
straightforward, literal meaning of words.
It encourages readers to
form pictures in their minds.
It can add interest, energy
and even rhythm to writing.
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Onomatopoeia is language
that imitates sounds. It adds
interest and energy to a text.
What are the examples of onomatopoeia
in these sentences?
The bells tinkled merrily.
Thunder rumbled ominously in the distance.
The birds chattered and twittered in the trees.
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Alliteration is the repetition of
a consonant sound. It adds interest, energy
and rhythm to writing.
The snake slithered sinuously
across the stony ground.
The repetition of b p g c k d and t creates a
strong, harsh, heavy effect.
The big bull bellowed when we got too close.
The alliteration emphasises the bull’s size and strength.
These heavy consonants are called plosives.
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The repetition of f v s z w and r creates
a soft, soothing, musical effect.
The butterfly flitted from flower
to flower, then floated away on
a faint breeze.
The alliteration emphasises the
lightness of the butterfly. These soft
consonants are called fricatives.
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The repetition of m and n creates an effect
similar to that of the fricatives.
The stream murmured
melodiously as it meandered
down the mountain.
The repeated m sound
emphasises the gentle,
musical flow of the stream.
These soft consonants are
called nasals.
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Find examples of alliteration
in these sentences.
For a moment he teetered at the top; then he
tumbled down in a tangle of arms and legs.
The cold water curled and coiled around her feet.
Above the flames, swirls of smoke soared
Brilliant bolts of light blazed across the heavens.
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