Welcome to Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress!

Welcome to
Reading Eggspress!
What is Reading Eggspress?
• Reading Eggspress is designed for 2nd-6th graders and
focuses on building reading and comprehension skills. It
is packed full of interactive lessons, motivational games,
e-books, quizzes, teacher resources, and student reports.
• Features an interactive
floating island with 4 learning
• Library
• Comprehension Gym
• Stadium
• Apartment/Mall
The Library
The Reading Eggspress Library contains over 600 e-books!
• E-books include illustrated chapter
books, full-color fiction and nonfiction
books, and several classics.
• Each book includes a quiz.
• Students can save favorites, bookmark
their page, and rate books.
• Teachers can view number of books
read, date read, genre, word length,
and quiz scores.
The Comprehension Gym
The Comprehension Gym Tests
Students’ Muscle of Understanding
• The Comprehension Gym includes
200 interactive comprehension
• Lessons are introduced in groups
of 10 lessons and include 5 fiction
and 5 non-fiction extracts from a
range of levelled texts.
• Each lesson includes pre-reading
activities followed by a reading
passage and short quiz.
The Stadium
Students Compete LIVE Against
the Computer or Other Students
• These head-to-head contests
test skills in 4 key areas:
– Spelling
– Vocabulary
– Usage
– Grammar
• Students move through a series
of levels in each category while
sharpening their vocabulary and
proofreading skills.
The Apartment and Mall
At the Mall, Students Can Use Golden Eggs to Buy
Avatar Clothes and Apartment Furniture!
• These areas serve as great
motivational tools to keep students
engaged and working toward
achieving their reading goals!
• Students learn to manage their eggs
so they may go shopping to purchase
clothing, furniture, pets, and trading
• Students gain a sense of ownership
when they can see the results of their
hard work and success.
Let’s Go See it!
Thank you!
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