Semester I Exam Review

Semester I Exam
Fall 2013
eStem High School English I
“The Necklace” I
 The narrator suggests that Mathilde’s problem is that
she was born into the wrong social class.
 Mathilde envies the social class and wealth of others
because she feels that she deserves a more beautiful
 Mathilde borrows a necklace from Mme. Forestier
because she does not have fine jewelry.
 The Loisels tells Mme. Forestier that the necklace has
been lost because they are ashamed to admit their
“The Necklace” II
 In order to get the money to replace the necklace, the
Loisels borrow some, reduce their standard of living,
and word hard.
 Mathilde seems happiest when she attends big parties.
 Mme. Foresteir responds to Mathilde’s final revelation
with amazement.
 At the end of the story, it is plain that the Loisels have
suffered needlessly.
“The Necklace” III
 The topic or subject of “The Necklace” is in pursuit of
recognition, a woman is driven to financial ruin.
 An important idea about “The Necklace” is the fact that
the necklace is made of fake diamonds.
 “The Necklace” is told from the third-person-limited
point of view, which focuses on the thoughts of one
character. This point of view allows the reader to know
why Mathilde is unhappy with her life.
 The narrator is basically neutral towards other
“The Most Dangerous Game”
 General Zaroff uses the idea that only the strong
deserve to survive as justification his hunting of human
 Even through General Zaroff is a lunatic, he hunts
humans because he is bored with hunting animals.
 Since he sleeps in the bed, the reader can infer that
Rainsford wins the game.
 A theme for “The Most Dangerous Game” is that
humanity is ironic because we have the ability to
reason but sometimes we do not use it.