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Name __________________________________________
Date _________
STUDY GUIDE – Also use your Notebook pages to study
Point of View/Author’s Purpose/The Necklace Short Story
Be able to define/identify/analyze the following.
What are the three main reasons an author writes
a story?
Period _____
What is it called when the author of a non-fiction/
informational text expresses his opinions and views?
Be able to match P.O.V definitions with their appropriate term.
narrator has access to all
the actions and thoughts
within fiction
has a restricted view of
events, and doesn't "know"
the whole story
uses the pronoun "I" to tell
the story, and can be either a
major or minor character.
within it.
uses the pronoun "you"
and makes the reader a
participant in the story
is an observer and describes or
interprets thoughts, feelings,
motivations, of the characters.
Unreliable because he/she is
in the story, and can only
speak to his/her experiences
within it
uses the pronoun "he" or
"she" and does not take
part in the story.
The perspective of the
story delivered by the
All knowing; knowing and
seeing all
First Person Narrator:
Point of View:
Limited Narrator:
Third Person Narrator:
Omniscient Narrator:
Objective Narrator:
Second Person Narrator:
Subjective Narrator:
STUDY GUIDE (Cont’d.) P.O.V/Author’s Purpose/The Necklace Short Story
Be able to identify examples of P.O.V as either: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Limited, 3rd Omniscient, or 3rd Objective
To make French toast: First, take out a skillet
to cook and turn the stove on low….
How much further? Jake and Amanda both
wondered as they climbed the steep steps to
the top of Maniac Mountain.
Time to head toward Freeze Lightning! I
thought as I headed for the fastest roller
coaster in the park.
“Now I know why they call it Maniac
Mountain” Amanda said hoping the pain in
her lungs would soon cease. “You have to be
a maniac to climb this!”
Hansel walked ahead of Gretel. Gretel
dropped breadcrumbs behind her as she
went. Ahead of them, an old witch waited.
Be able to analyze why a specific point of view was used in a text.
Write (TRUE) OR (FALSE) below – if false change the necessary words to make it a true statement.
The author of a poem who is writing about his personal feelings will most likely use
first person narration.
If the author wants the reader to identify with a specific character he/she will write
in Third Person Objective point of view making it possible for the reader to see the
thoughts feelings and experiences of that individual.
If the author of a story wants the reader to have an unbiased view of everything
happening in the story he/she will write in 3rd person limited perspective.
Be able to define the following words from The Necklace Short Story in context and back up their meaning with
support from the text.
What is the first necklace made of and what does that symbolize?
What does the real diamond necklace symbolize?
In the end, what does poverty ruin for Mathilde?
The second necklace is made of? What does this symbolize?
Mathilde’s internal conflict is?
Mathilde is obsessed with?
After she loses the necklace, Mathilde experiences real poverty. Which theme does that support?
What P.O.V is The Diamond Necklace written in?
From Mathilde’s P.O.V what is her opinion of her husband. How do you know (text evidence)
Why is Matilde Loisel unhappy early in her marriage?
For his part, her husband spends much of the evening at the party doing what?
Does Mr. Loisel steal money from his job?
Why do the Loisels lie about the necklace?
What is made clear at the end of the story about the Loisel’s suffering?
How does Mathilde spend the evening at the party?
What is the central idea of The Necklace?
What is Mme. Forestier’s response to Matilde’s final revelation about the necklace?
From the author’s description of her at the beginning of the story, Matilde is best described as?