The Deadly dungeon

Walker Wallace
Wallis Wallace
Ripley Pearce
This story is about Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose going to
Maine to meet their friend Wallis and her brother Walker. They
will be staying at Wallis’s castle. While they are there they find a
cave, and as they were exploring it, it filled with water so they
had to leave. Earlier on Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose had found
birds in the cave. At the end of the story they found out who
stole the birds. It was Ripley Pearce. They called 911 and reported
poachers on their property. Ripley Pearce went to jail.
The dungeon hall.
Birds in the cage from the cave.
The Deadly Dungeon is a good book.
I liked the part where Josh locked the
door on Ripley Pearce. I also like when
Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose heard a
scream. I think you too, should read this
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Kaden Lau
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