Sarah Good

By Emilee Whitford and Kody Clearman
 Sarah good was one of the first women of 3 to be
accused and convicted of witchcraft.
 Was hanged
 Lived in the Salem village
 “most people were in support of ridding Salem village
of her presence.”
 Poor
 Not social unless begging
 Outcast
 Homeless beggar
 Did not fit the Puritan mold.
 39 years old
 Was accused and forced to go through the trials on
March 1st 1692
 Married
 Had 9 kids
 She thought she was a good Christian
 People thought that when she mumbled she was
directing curses at people.
 Homeless beggar
 Begged door to door with her children
 Her visits would seem to result in the death of
 Two husbands
 Forced to sell her land
 Homeless
 9 kids
 Begged for food, work, and shelter
 No one liked her
 Held a grudge against Reverend Nicholas Noyes who
was a victim of her witchcraft
 “You’re a liar! I’m no more a witch than you are a
wizard! If you take my life away, God will give you
blood to drink!”