Bridget Bishop

1635- June 10, 1692
Presented by: Mikel Moore and Bekka Carr
 She was 55-57 years old when she was accused of practicing
 She was an innkeeper with a quick wit and a independent spirit.
 She was widowed three times in her life.
 She was a member of the church, but she got into trouble often.
 People gossiped about her because of “stories of publicly fighting
with her various husbands…drinking and playing forbidden games.”
 The gossip that was spread about her showed she had a bad
reputation with the townspeople.
 She was the first to be accused of witchcraft, and was accused
more than any other defendant. She pleaded innocent every time and
never backed down, which lead to her hanging on June 10th, 1692.
 The towns people accused her of going into the men's beds in the
middle of the night and threatening them.
 They said whenever she would look towards one of the girls they
would go into various types of fits; including verbal and physical.
 She did not bear a grudge against anyone in the community.
 During her trials some of the judge’s realized the methods of the
courts were not good. One of the judges was Nathanial Saltonstall.
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