The Good Samaritan - CEOB Religious Education

Read the text from a bible that is a Revised Standard Version Edition (not only a
children’s translation).
Do this individually or in a group, with an adult learner’s hat.
Investigate the text. Read biblical reflections on the text such as the one by
Barbara Stead. (next slide)
What does it mean for us today?
What questions do you have about the text?
If you have questions about definitions of words look up the meaning on
Both these sites are credible and suitable. They have been created with
input from Marg Carswell.
Be careful when sourcing biblical information digitally, much is available
on the internet. However, the interpretation given, at times, is of a
fundamentalist nature.
Based on Luke
10: 30-35
Jesus told this story. This story is a parable. It
comes from the bible. The bible is a group of
sacred stories. This story is a Gospel story. This
story comes from the Gospel of Luke.
A lawyer asked Jesus “What must I do to
inherit eternal life?”
Jesus asked “What is written in the law?” He
answered “You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart, and with all your soul and
with all your strength.”
The man also said “And your neighbour as
yourself” Jesus said “You have answered
correctly do this and you will live.”
The man asked “Who is my neighbour?”
Jesus replied “A man was going down from
Jerusalem to Jericho and fell into the hands of
“The robbers stripped him, beat him, and went
away, leaving him half dead.”
“Now by chance a priest was going down the
road and when he saw the man he passed by
on the other side.”
“Likewise a Levite when he came by the place
and saw him passed by on the other side.”
“But a Samaritan, while travelling came near
him and when he saw him he was moved with
“He went to him and bandaged his wounds,
having poured oil and wine on them. Then he
put him on his own animal, brought him to an
inn and took care of him.”
The next day he took out two denarii gave
them to the inn keeper and said, “Take care of
him and when I come back I will repay you
whatever more you spend.”
“Which of these three, do you think was a
neighbour to the man who fell into the hands
of robbers?” Jesus asked.
“The one who showed him mercy,” The lawyer
said. Jesus said “Go and do likewise.”
I wonder if you know of this story?
Or other stories from the bible?
What could be happening on the front cover of
this book?
I wonder why this story was written?
What do you think of the art work on the front
page of this book?
I wonder who the artist was?
Does the front cover remind you of anything
you do? Or could do?
Slide Three
What is a parable?
Do you know any other parables?
I wonder what the people looked like in the
Slide Four
I wonder what part of the bible Luke’s
Gospel is in?
Can somebody show us in the bible? (assist
children using contents page etc.)
Slide Seven
In this sentence what does ‘live ‘mean?
Slide Eight
When it says neighbour I wonder does it
mean the people living next door to you or
someone else?
Who is your neighbour? Who are our
What has bread got to do with neighbours?
Slide Five
What is a lawyer?
I wonder what eternal life is?
What does inherit mean?
Slide Six
I wonder what law they are talking about?
Slide Nine
I wonder why the robbers were there?
I wonder why the man was travelling from
Jerusalem to Jericho?
Have you been on a trip before?
Slide Ten
I wonder why the robbers did
Slide Eleven
I wonder are there things that
are happening that are going on
that we sometimes overlook?
Why do we overlook them?
Slide Twelve
What is a Levite?
I wonder why the Levite passed
by on the other side?
Slide Thirteen
I wonder why it was unusual for
the Samaritan to stop and help
the man?
I wonder what pity means?
Have you ever helped someone
out who needed a hand?
I wonder why you helped them?
I wonder if this story was
written today who would be the
character of the Samaritan?
Slide Fourteen
Do you know anyone who
reminds you of the Samaritan?
Slide Fifteen
I wonder what a denarii is
I wonder where the
Samaritan was going?
Slide Sixteen
How would you answer
Jesus? Why?
I wonder why Jesus asked
this question?
Slide Seventeen
How can we go and do
How can we be like the Samaritan?
I wonder who are the modern day Samaritans?
What advice would you give to:
-the Samaritan?
-the robbers?
-the people listening to this story?
How is this story a narrative?
Would you recommend this story to others?
I wonder why this story was written?