Good Samaritan Laws

Good Samaritan Laws
What is a Good Samaritan?
A good samaritan is:
• A person who goes out of
his/her way to perform
acts of kindness to
others, especially
• A person who, in the case
of an accident or injury,
will try to provide help
and first aid.
What is the legal definition of a
good samaritan?
• A person who renders
voluntary aid without
compensation to a
person who is injured
or in danger.
• It is important to
understand this legal
definition when
examining good
samaritan laws.
Good Samaritan Laws
• Good samaritan laws
are laws that
protect healthcare
providers and
bystanders from
being sued when
they are giving
emergency help to a
Some Facts About Good Samaritan
• Good Samaritan Laws can be
different in each state.
• In some states it is against the
law NOT to provide reasonable
assistance, like calling 911.
• Some state laws only protect
those who have first aid
training and certification.
• If the Good Samaritan has
hope or expects to be paid
then the law does not apply.
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