The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Story of Four Children and the Adventures of a Life Time.
Getting to know the characters: The mysterious benedict society is a group of
special children with many abilities with IQ and such
Kate: Kate is a 15 year old girl with bravery that no one else has. She always carries
around a bucket that has useful supplies in it that help the group out when in doubt.
Sticky: Sticky has a rather petite sense of adventure, but is the smartest of them all.
He has a photographic memory that gives them information when it is necessary and
needed for a desperate situation
Reynie: Reynie is the brains of the whole operation. He is able to solve puzzles and
riddles. All of them are family and he is especially one of the favorites.
Constance: Constance is especially cranky. Why you ask? Because, she is 3.
Constance is three years old with a large vocabulary and a mental telepathy of sorts.
Mr. Benedict: Mr. Benedict is the leader or adult of the Mysterious Benedict Society.
He also has a very high IQ but has a medical condition called narcolepsy that makes
him go to sleep when ever he has any strong emotion.
• The first important event that happens in this action packed
book is when Constance runs away from the well guarded
house in Stonetown. Now, this may not seem like to much of a
problem, but Mr. Curtain, Mr. Benedict’s identical twin who has
the same or higher IQ, is out there and ready to strike. Him and
Mr. Benedict’s twin have been natural enemies since Mr.
Benedict found out that Mr. Curtain was using his knowledge for
evil. Constance was now vulrable to his wrath and didn’t even
know it was coming.
If it wasn’t bad enough that Constance had just exposed herself, the power went out.
Kate, Sticky, and Reynie were in Kate’s room worried about Constance when the lights
went out. It had seemed that the transformer had broken, but with a look out the window,
the entire city of Stonetown was black. Mr. Benedict, Mulligan, Kate’s father who
happened to be a secret agent, and most of the adults were out looking for Constance
when it went out. Of course, Mr. Curtain had planned it, and he had stolen something very
valueble and dangerous from that very same house that Sticky, Kate, and Reynie were in,
and just maybe he took them with it.
Reynie knew where Constance was. She was where she was where Mr. Benedict had
found her. But the challenge they had to overcome was Mr. Curtain’s Ten Men. They had
ten subtle weapons that was from knocking you out to injuring you immensely. So, were
they going to get her in time or were going to get sucked into a trap?
The ten men had left clue after clue leading up to a vantage point where Kate could listen
to their next plan and hopefully find out where Mr. Curtain was. Kate left from the library to
soon though. Constance who wanted to go home complained that Mr. Curtain’s clues that
were meant to look like they weren’t for them, were indeed for them. Rushing up 15 filghts
of stairs to warn Kate what was happening was the first mistake. When they had reached
the top, they heard footstpes and screaming in he stairwell. They had just come up short.
All four of them were forced into a van and were threatened to be put unconsius if they
struggled. The well dressed men with breifcasses had reached them. It was a long van
ride to be locked in a room wit a bowl of stale popcorn. But there was a window that Kate
was able to sneak out, into another trap. Constance had her mental telepathy though, and
knew that help was on the way.
Rescue. Or did the Children have to rescue the adults? Fighting broke out soon enough.
The van had Mr. Benedict (who at the moment was sleeping from all the excitement), Mr.
Benedicts daughters, Milligan, and two of Miligan’s trusted friends. All of them burst out of
the vehicle right when they passed the gates. But the question is, how did they know
where to go to rescue Kate, Sticky, Constance, and Reynie?
All four of them had stayed put as Milligan had comanded over the radio. Milligan had
come to their rescue, but with a jammed trankulizer gun, was in trouble. The five of them
were running from cordor to cordor avoiding Ten Men as best as they could. The luck they
had though had abrubtly come to an end. Standing infront of one outnumbered with
What happened with the Ten Men is for you to read but I will let you know what Mr.
Curtain was up to. He had just encountered the children. With his dangerious machene.
Now it was time for a decision, was he going to go to prison or run away. But how did the
tables turn from him having the upper hand?
It was over. Living together locked in the same house together for safety. It was all over
because the enemy was no longer a threat. So they did not have to in the same little
house in the same little Stonetown. Or did they? There was still space to stay there, but
was it going to be to crowded?
Mr. Benedict had narcolepy. A medical condition that made to much of any emotion make
him fall asleep. But with Constance’s mental telepathy, what could she do? Could she
cure his narcolepsy? Well, I guess you will have to read the book for yourself. I hope I
have atracted you to The Mysterious Benedict Society and The Prisoner’s Delima.
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