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A Raiders of the Lost Ark Power Point By:
Morgan Stengl
Slide 1: Main Title
Slide 2: Table of Contents
Slide 3: Plot Development- 4 stages
Slides 4-6: Transitions in Plot Development
Slide 7: Dangling Causes-What They Are
Slides 8-10: Dangling Cause Examples
Slide 11: What is a Motif?
Slides 12-15: Three Motif Examples w/ Clips from Raiders
Slide 16: Conclusion
Slide 17: Works Cited
 4 stages
 Set up-meet characters/figure out personality/ figure
out goals
 Complicating Action-a problem is posed on characterusually makes us question-will they achieve their goal?
 Climax-turning point
 Resolution-how everything plays out
 Usually plays out as:
 Set-up  Complicating Action
 Complicating Action  Climax
 Climax  Resolution
 Raiders of the Lost Ark Example:
 The transition happens when Indy is going in the vault,
but then the Nazi soldiers show up and try to stop himthey don’t notice Indy-they arrested the guy he’s with
 This is the transition point- moving from meeting the
characters/figuring out their goal(s)(Set Up)  now
wondering if they’re going to achieve their
goal(s)(because of complicating action)
 Raiders of The Lost Ark Example:
 Transition from Complicating Action to Climax-When
Marion and Indy get trapped in the vault
 Transition because- Now They’re closer to
accomplishing their goal since they’re trapped in the
Ark(Which moves us into the turning point or climax
from complicating action)
 Transition- They go to the Ark with the Nazi soldiers
 Transition Because- Now we know that they could
accomplish they’re goal(climax), but we just have to
wait and see how it plays out(Resolution)
 Dangling Cause-lines, images or actions that are
planted early in the film and are important later in the
 Indy says hates snakes in the beginning of the movie,
but in the vault there’s snakes everywhere.
 Marion does shots with the guy at her bar then she
does shots with Belloq to get him drunk so she can
 Belloq keeps saying, “What once was yours is always
mine.” throughout the whole movie.
 Motif: lines, images, actions, colors or musical themes
that woven throughout the film in order to let the
audience in on certain things.
 The color red is an example of a motif…
 A musical motif of Indy’s theme is also an example…
 Indy’s theme plays as he swings through the vines in
the jungle.
 Another motif is Marion’s musical theme…
 Her theme plays when Indy saves her from being held
 Did you know…Indy's line to Marion when they are on
the ship - "It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage" was ad-libbed by Harrison Ford.
 "Did You Know?" IMDb., 1990. Web. 21
Sept. 2012.
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