The Ark Of Covenant - St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church

The people didn’t wait for God’s
• Israel wanted to use
the ark to defeat the
Palestinians without
instructions from God
• Defeated and the ark
was taken
Glory be to God ONLY
• Idol broken infront
of ark of covenant.
• Then moved to
Gath, people got
• Keep our hearts pure and steady,
• Staying away from sins,
• Obeying God's word & doing good deeds,
– with prayer,
– reading the Bible,
– repentance & confession
• The power of God guides & protects us in every
thing we do
…. just like the pillar of cloud and fire on top of
the Arc of Covenant.
The Old Testament
God is always with us
God is always
protecting us
and guiding us
For "whoever
on the name of the
shall be saved."Romans 10:
What was inside the Holy of Holies?
What was inside the Ark of Covenant?
What does Aarons rod represent?
What does manna represent?
What does the 10 commandments represent?
How did God guide the people in the dessert?