Arabic Master

Is an ideal software package for
learning and writing Arabic
Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert in Arabic, you will find Arabic Master is indispensable
software for learning and writing Arabic. You will be able to write in English and Arabic on the same line with
amazing ease.
The software works straight out of the box on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7: no need for Arabic
Windows or an Arabic keyboard.
It allows you to write Arabic phonetically and can pronounce the Arabic letters as you type them. This new
way of writing will enable you to master the Arabic writing in a very short time.
The ease of usage and quality of writing provided by the Arabic Master is second to none. The Alphanumeric
teaching feature in the software will help you to learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters (names &
sounds) and digits in a very short period without the need for any tuition.
Alphanumeric Teacher will help you to learn the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters
(names & sounds) and digits, with examples for each letter, in a very short period .
Alphanumeric teacher recites all
Arabic letters with an example for
each word.
Each example word has the following:
 Clear pronunciation in Arabic
 Written in Arabic with highlighting
of the letter it represents.
 English translation.
 A picture conveying its meaning.
Alphanumeric teacher provides the
following reciting features:
Reciting all words, letters or digits.
 Reciting individual or selected
group of words, letters or digits.
 Setting the pause period between
each reading.
 Repeat the reading as you desire.
This Arabic sentence was written
phonetically in English
Allows you to type Arabic phonetically, i.e. to type the Arabic letter Alef all you need to
do is press on the key a. To type the Arabic letter Ba press on the key b and so forth ..
This special feature helps you to vividly remember
the sound of each character.
This sentence would lose its meaning if it was
written without diacritics.
Arabic diacritics are vital for Arabic writing.
Arabic Master allows you to write Arabic diacritics using the desired colour, size
and position independently from the letters.
Arabic Master supports two types of on screen Keyboard.
 Phonetic Keyboard
 Arabic Win Keyboard
Phonetic Keyboard displaying
Arabic Symbols only
Phonetic Keyboard displaying
both Arabic and English Symbols
Arabic Windows Keyboard
This feature helps the student to learn the different shapes of any
letters which vary depending on their position in the word.
Arabic Master provides a full report of how many Arabic & English
words and letters appear in any Text.
Arabic Master allows you to export Arabic Text to other programs easily.
The above Flash Cards were created by using Paint brush program and Arabic Master.
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