Symbolism in Mr. Pip

Symbolism in Mr.
e.g. 2011 ESSAY TOPIC
Analyse how symbols are used to develop an
idea in a text you have studied
Keywords To Note:
• symbols is plural and an idea is singular
* To develop = expand, explore, examine
Symbols e.g.
• The island (Bougainville) is a symbolic setting.
It is like the biblical
Garden of Eden
The Bible Story
• The Garden of Eden is a paradise for Adam
and Eve until the snake convinces Eve to eat
an apple from the tree of knowledge of good
and evil, breaking God’s rule against it.
• Eve shares the apple with Adam and they are
overcome with shame and remorse.
• God drives them from the garden forever.
Because the island …
• Is a perfect place where food is bountiful
• Islanders live happily and innocently
• The arrival of corruption and evil (like the
snake in the biblical Garden of Eden) the
exploitation of the copper mine, then the
redskins bring violence, death and misery
• This knowledge drives Matilda from the island
Idea Developed
• The journey from innocence to knowledge
and experience
e.g. Matilda begins as an innocent girl but by
the end has a more experienced view of human
nature and life. This includes disillusionment and
suffering but also she now has a better
understanding of where she belongs and herself.
Your essay plan
Intro – outline Garden of Eden symbol and idea of
innocence to experience
Body 1
The island as a Garden of Eden – innocence idea. Give
Body 2
The increasing encroachment of evil on the village
Body 3
Matilda leaves only to discover that she wants to return
Symbol 2: Books / The Written
• A book
• Represents the idea of the power of literature or the
written word to change lives
• How it is developed
-the book GE introduces the class to a whole new
- provides Matilda with the idea you can change your
- Changing home, changing names
- The Bible v GE and Dolores
- catalyst for confusion then violence
- Dolores as God’s Witness
- limits of literature as a guide v reality
Possible Essay Plan
Intro: identify the symbols and the idea
Body 1
the effect of GE on Matilda and her classmates
Body 2
The Bible v Great Expectations, Dolores v Mr. Watts
Body 3
The dangers/limitations of literature