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Molia le
fafine teu
fale i le gaoi 3
Legislation outlawing Human
Trafficking and Involuntary
Servitude passed in Fono… 2
Saturday, March 8, 2014
Tala i
Kirikiti B1
A look at your Talavalu Sevens team, who will represent American Samoa in
the upcoming Hong Kong Sevens, next month.
This is a historic event — the first time an American Samoa national rugby
team will play in an international event, sanctioned by the IRU. The team’s
major sponsor is Bluesky Communications, who presented the ASRU team with
a $20,000 check on Thursday, Feb. 6 to assist them in their efforts at the HK7s.
During the formal presentation announcing Bluesky’s major sponsorship contribution, the national team squad to the HK7s was for the first time officially
Feite Okesene.................................... (Lauli’i Rugby Club)
Kamilo Soi........................................ (Marist Pago Rugby Club)
Iakopo Atonio................................... (Marist Pago Rugby Club)
Joseph Ray Poyer.............................. (Lauli’i Rugby Club)
Tavita Robert Silva........................... ( Lauli’i Rugby Club)
Ryan Pa’aga...................................... (Nu’uuli Rugby Club)
Tali Gau Tauese................................ (A’asu Tama O le Sau Rugby Club)
Niki Kata Lua.................................... (Avele Pago Rugby Club)
Pentateuch So’oso’o Vaki................. (Marist Pago Rugby Club)
Patrick Taisamoa Ng Lam................ (Nu’uuli Rugby Club)
Maugalei Veavea.............................. (Leone Whites Rugby Club)
Tesimale Fatitauai ............................ Lalomalava Rugby Club)
Taeao Paaga...................................... (Nu’uuli Rugby Club)
James Iosefo Venasio........................ (Vailoa Rugby Club)
Ross Poyer........................................ (Laulii Rugby Club)
Head Coach..................................... Leota Setefano Fata
Assistant Coach/Team Manager....... Tommy Elisara
[photo: TG]
Trainer/Medic................................... Monique Solofa
Buckle up & CRASHES
Save a Life!
01-01-14 to date
Governor Lolo admitted
to hospital in Honolulu
for further observation
by Samoa News staff
(BASED ON A PRESS RELEASE) — Friday, March 07, 2014 —
The Office of the Governor has reported that Governor Lolo M. Moliga
was admitted to a hospital in Honolulu, Hawai’i, for further observation, yesterday, Friday morning.
The press release did not identify which hospital the governor has been
admitted to, but noted “the Governor went to his doctor’s appointment, and his
attending physician decided to admit the Governor, for further observation.”
The media release from the governor’s office states, “The Governor is
expected to return to the territory next week.”
According to the press release, “Acting Gov. Lemanu Mauga said that
the Governor traveled from Washington, D.C. and arrived in Hawai’i on
It was noted the governor had been in Washington D.C. to attend a series of
meetings with several staff members and agency directors.
Samoa News understands the staff members and government directors were
expected to return last night, on Friday’s Hawaiian Air flight.
The press release did not say if any of them were remaining back in Honolulu to attend the Governor and the First Lady.
01-01-14 to date
office of highway safety
Page 2
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014
Law outlawing Human Trafficking and
Involuntary Servitude passed
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
Once signed into law by Gov. Lolo
M. Moliga, American Samoa will
have its first ever legislation outlawing
Human Trafficking and Involuntary
Servitude in the territory, as the House
version of the bill was approved in an
unanimous vote in the Senate yesterday.
The House version of the bill was
introduced in July last year, and was
passed by the House in August last
year. The Senate then held a hearing
last year September, where the issue of
the effect of the bill on the Samoan culture was raised by the Senate Pro-Tem
Nuanuaolefeagaiga Saoluaga Nua.
At that time, the bill was tabled
by the Senate Judiciary Committee
and was not raised again until last
Wednesday, Mar. 5, when a hearing
was once again held by the committee
to discuss the measure.
During Wednesday’s hearing,
Acting Attorney General Mitzie Jessop
and Henry Kappel, the Fono’s legal
counsel testified for the bill, stating it
is very important as the territory has a
history of human slavery. “This particular bill will give the prosecutors and
judiciary a tool to control and hopefully
remove human trafficking,” Kappel
This time, the effect of the bill on
the Samoan culture was raised in terms
of ‘ifoga’ — the Samoan traditional
apology for ‘heinous’ acts — when
the Chair of the Judiciary Committee,
Soliai Tuipine, asked Jessop what part
the weight of the traditional ifoga for a
Now awaiting governor’s signature
defendant would play in this particular the public aware of human trafficking
and involuntary servitude.
The Acting AG stated there is part of
Acting AG Jessop replied that in the
the statute where a traditional apology bill it is mandatory for an American
would have weight with the courts Samoa Human Trafficking Task Force
when they hand down sentencing.
to be formed. It’s tasks, among others,
The bill proposes that any person are to collect data, develop interagency
who deprives or violates the personal cooperation, and also develop how the
liberty of another with intent to obtain government would be able to combat
forced labor or service, or to engage in a human trafficking, which would include
commercial sex act, or both is guilty of an outreach to the Chiefs involved
human trafficking as a Class B felony. in the village councils to educate the
However, trafficking of a minor people on the subject.
would be a Class A felony, which carBACKGROUND
ries a minimum sentence of ten years
The measure was an administration
in prison — meaning that despite the bill, introduced last year in July. Govtraditional apology — if it’s a minor, it ernor Lolo in his intro of the bill wrote
is mandatory to serve 10 years in jail.
that he was adamant it was needed in
(Samoa News should point out that order to criminalize such conduct —
Senator Nuanuaolefeagaiga was not noting such a law is long over due.
present during the hearing as he was in
At the time, he pointed out that it
had been 15 years since the Daewoosa
The House bill approved by the Garment Factory opened its doors, ultiSenators in final reading had changes, mately leading to American Samoa
which were agreed to by both counsels. making international headlines as the
The changes add clarification of var- largest trafficking prosecution in the
ious terms in the bill, by defining them history of the United States. The case
— terms such as “liberty” and “sexual was also the first such case to surface in
the territory.
During the hearing, the Senators
The 2001 Daewoosa Samoa garasked why this bill had taken so long ment factory case was described by the
to come before them for passage, and U.S. Government as mostly an underKappel pointed out that a similar ver- ground operation, making it difficult to
sion of the bill was introduced in the determine the actual number of known
Fono several years ago, however it did victims.
not make it through. (See Background
For several years now, local law
below for more details.)
enforcement officials, supported by the
Another question, by Senator Mauga U.S. Justice Department, have been
Tasi Asuega, asked Jessop what the calling for American Samoa to enact a
community leaders could do to make human trafficking law, due to the lack
of one in the territory.
Several bills were introduced in
the Fono over the years to criminalize
human trafficking, but all failed after
the measures did not make it out of
committee. One attempt to enact a law
was back in 2010 and was cited in the
2011 Human Trafficking Report by the
U.S. State Department, released last
summer. The report states in part that
American Samoa “is believed to be a
transit and destination island for human
However, in fiscal year 2011, there
were no new reported human trafficking cases, the report notes.
In March 2012, another human trafficking law was introduced, and it was
co-sponsored by Reps. Archie Taotasi
Soliai, Talo Lemapu Suiaunoa, Vailoaa
Eteuati Amutuana’i, Toeaina Faufano
Autele, I’aulualo Faafetai Talia, Timusa
Tini Lam Yuen, Puleleiite Li’amatua
Tufele, Larry Sanitoa, Va’amua Henry
Sesepasara and Talaimatai Elisara
Su’a. This bill did not make it out of the
House Judicial Committee either.
One main supporter calling to have
a human trafficking law enacted is the
Multi Disciplinary Task Force (MDT)
chaired by Mitzie Jessop and Vice
Chaired by Ipu Avegalio Lefiti.
The MDT group advocates for survivors of family violence and trafficking victims and they work with zero
funding. The MDT partners have been
advocating for victims and survivors of
domestic violence, child abuse, sexual
assault and the prevention and awareness of human trafficking.
Fa’asea Tuiasina i ave taxi ma pasi
Le afioga i le alii senatoa ia Tuia[ata: AF]
sina S. Esera.
tusia Ausage Fausia
Na faaalia e le afioga i le alii Senatoa
ia Tuiasina S. Esera i luma o le maota
maualuga i le taeao ananafi, lona faasea
faasaga i ave taxi ma pasi la’upasese o
lo o feagai ma le fela’uaina o turisi mai
vaa meli, ona o le maualuga o le totogi
o lo o latou tuuina atu i turisi mai fafo,
ma ua mafua ai le tele o faasea faasaga
mai tagata eseese o le atunuu.
I le ulua’i folasaga a le alii senatoa
sa ia taua ai e faapea, o faamanuiaga a
le Atua mo Amerika Samoa i le vaitau
lenei, ua auala mai i le tele o vaa meli
ua afea le atunuu ma aumai ai le toatele
o tagata turisi e asiasi ma sasaa mai lo
latou tamaoaiga mo tagata lautele.
“Ae o le faafitauli lea ua mai-
tauina i le taimi nei, ua toatele ai fo’i
le atunuu ua faasea i luga o initaneti
ma le ‘facebook’, ua avea le toatele o
turisi malaga mai ma itu ua soona ta
sii maualuga ai e le au ave taxi ma ave
pasi a latou pasese mo nai turisi, ma o
se itu ua le talafeagai tele lea tulaga,” o
le saunoaga lea a le alii senatoa, ma ia
talosagaina ai loa le komiti o Fefaatauaiga ma Alamanuia a le maota, ina ia
fesiligia le Faatonusili o le Matagaluega o Fefaatauaiga ma Alamanuia a
le malo e faatatau i lenei mataupu.
Saunoa Tuiasina e faapea, afai e
moni faasea nei, lona uiga o le isi lea
auala o lo o tulai mai ai le faaletonu
i taumafaiga e faalauiloa Amerika
Samoa i atunuu i fafo, poo le taumafai
foi o le malo e atinae ma faaleleia le
atina’e o turisi i le atunuu.
I lona talitonuga, e tatau ona tasi
le totogi o pasese mo taxi ma faapea
ai ma pasi, ina ia aua nei pule lava le
tagata i lana tau e tuu atu i turisi.
Saunoa le peresetene o le Senate ia
Gaoteote Palaie Tofau e faapea, soo se
taimi e taunuu mai ai se vaa meli i le
atunuu, e le mafai ona oso se turisi i
totonu o se pasi poo se taxi e aunoa ma
le lisi o le totogi o pasese e tuu atu i
ai latou te tauaveina, ina ia latou malamalama ai i totogi o nofoaga eseese o
le a malaga i ai.
Na mafua ona silafia e Gaoteote
lea tulaga, ona e i ai fo’i lana pasi la’u
pasese o lo o masani ona tautua i le
la’uina o turisi o vaa meli pe a taunuu
mai i le atunuu, o le mafuaaga fo’i lena
na te silafia ai le tulaga lea.
Na maua le avanoa e fesiligia ai e
le Samoa News ni isi o le au ave pasi
ma taxi o lo o gafa ma le la’uina o
turisi mai le va’a meli ananafi, pe moni
faasea e pei ona taua e le alii senatoa.
Na taua e le susuga a Amone Viliamu, o se alii ave taxi mai Pago Pago e
faapea, “e matua le sa’o lava na tuuaiga
faasaga ia matou nei o ave taxi, ona o
lea ua i ai tau faatulagaina e totogi ai
matou taavale i soo se taimi matou
te aveina ai pasese e maua mai i vaa
Na taua e le susuga a Viliamu e
faapea, e le o tupu se tulaga faapea i le
taimi nei talu ona ia tautuaina le atunuu
aemaise lava i vaa meli, aua o taimi
uma lava e afea ai le atunuu i vaa meli,
e o mai turisi ua uma ona latou taulimaina pepa o totogi o nofoaga eseese
e fia malaga i ai mo maimoaga, e le
mafai fo’i lava e le ave taxi poo se ave
pasi ona pepelo le turisi.
“Na pau lava le taimi e maua ai sina
faasiliga, pe afai e umi ona tu le taavale
i se nofoaga e fia malaga i ai turisi,
ona feutana’i lea o le ave taavale laupasese ma turisi o le a malaga, ae o le
totogi lava ua faatulaga mai, o le totogi
lava lena e usita’i i ai le ave taavale
la’upasese,” o le faaopoopo mai lea a le
susuga a Ben Ilalio, o se ali’i ave pasi
mai Tafuna.
Na taua e Ilalio e faapea, na pau le
taimi e tulai mai ai se feteenaiga laititi
i le va o turisi ma ni isi o ave taavale
la’upasese, pe afai e le malamalama le
ave taavale i le gagana e fesootai ai ma
“O isi taimi e tau faamatala atu e le
ave taavale le totogi e talafeagai ma le
nofoaga o lo o fia o i ai turisi, faatasi
ai ma le umi lea e mananao turisi e tu
ai le taavale, ae ua mumusu turisi ona
e le o malamalama lelei le ave taavale
i le gagana faaperetania, ma o isi ave
taavale latou te faaaogaina ni isi o latou
aiga e pei o nai o latou faletua poo
fanau foi o lo o lelei i le gagana faaperetania, e fesoasoani i le faatinoina o
le galuega,” o le saunoaga lea a Ilalio.
Mo se faataitaiga e pei ona faamaonia mai e le susuga i le alii ave pasi
ia Lameko Ape o Iliili e faapea, soo se
taimi lava e taunuu mai ai se vaa meli,
e sau ai lava ma aumai lona to’alua e
fesoasoani i lana galuega, i le fesootai
lea ma turisi ina ia maua ai ni la pasese.
“Talu lava ona ou sau e su’e ni a’u
pasese i vaa turisi ia, e le i tulai mai
lava se faaletonu poo se faasea mai ni
turisi faapea ua taugata totogi o pasese
a taxi, o turisi fo’i ia o tagata e alolofa
ma malamalama, o tatou o atunuu
lima vaivai, e faamoemoe tatou aiga
i nai tupe e maua i taxi ma pasi, o le
mafuaaga foi lena e fiafia ai latou e foa’i
tupe, o le tele o turisi afai e taugofie le
pasese e avatu ae toe faaopoopo mai ai
se isi vaega tupe i luga atu mo le ave
taavale,” o le molimau lea a Ape.
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014 Page 3
Notice for Proposed Registration of Land
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in accordance with the request which has been received by the
Territorial Registrar for the registration of a certain land TITIAFU which is situated in or near the
village of PAVAIAI/FALENIU, Country of TUALAUTA Island of TUTUILA, from ROBERT SOLIAI of the
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that anyone claiming an interest in the above named land, may file
an objection with the Territorial Registrar’s Office within 60 days from the date of posting of this
notice. If no objection is filed within 60 days from the date of posting of this notice, the land
proposed herein will be registered as such in accordance with the law of American Samoa.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the survey and description of the said land are now on file in
the Territorial Registrar’s Office where they may be examined at any time prior to the expiration of
the said sixty (60) days.
MARCH 3, 2014 thru MAY 3, 2014
Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar
Fa’aaliga o le Fia Faamauina o se Fanua
Warren Martinek (right) of New Jersey (USA) was one of the passengers from the cruise ship,
Ocean Princess that visited the territory on Thursday, with close to 700 passengers and almost 400
crew members. Martinek is seen here with Pua Tuaua of the National Park Service of American
Samoa. He was anxious to take in some of the sights of the territory and NPS was happy to direct
him to the territory’s memorable and unique sights, which include those inside the national park.
Another cruising ‘princess’ — the Pacific Princess — visited yesterday arriving at 7 a.m. and
[photo: Jeff Hayner]
departed early evening. O LE FA’AALIGA LENEI ua fa’asalalauina ona o le talosaga ua fa’aulufaleina mai i le Ofisa o le
Resitara o Amerika Samoa ina ia fa’amauina le fanua o TITIAFU, e tu pe latalata ane i le nu’u o
PAVAIAI/FALENIU, Itumalo o TUALAUTA i le motu o TUTUILA, ina ia fa’amauina e ROBERT SOLIAI.
SO O SE TASI e aia ma fa’atu’iese i le fanua ua ta’ua i luga ia fa’aulufaleina mai sana
fa’atu’iesega tusitusia i le Ofisa o le Resitara i totonu o aso e 60 mai le aso na fa’aalia ai lea
fa’aaliga. Afai o le a leai se fa’atu’iesega e fa’aulufaleina mai i totonu o aso e 60, o le fanua lenei o
le a fa’amauina e pei ona ta’ua i luga e tusa ai ma aiaiga o le tulafono i Amerika Samoa.
O LE FA’AFANUA ma fa’amatalaga e uiga i lenei fanua, ua iai nei i le Ofisa ole Resitara, ma e
avanoa mo se iloiloga i so’o se aso i totonu o le 60 o le faitauina o aso.
03/08 & 04/08/14
Molia le fafine teu fale i le gaoi
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le fafine lea na galue o se tagata teu fale
i le fale o se ulugalii matutua i Fogagogo, ua
molia nei e le malo i le moliaga mamafa o le
gaoi, ona o tu’uaiga i lona ave faagaoi lea o
meatotino a le ulugalii sa ia tausia, faapea ai ma
lona tala faagaoi o le lata i le $5,000 o tupe a le
ulugalii mai le la teugatupe, e fa’aaoga ai le la
‘credit card’ e aunoa ma se faatanaga.
O le vaiaso nei na tula’i ai Jennifer Annie
Meleah i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga ma
ia teena ai le moliaga e tasi ua faia faasaga ia te
ia, ma o lo o taofia pea o ia i le toese i Tafuna
e fa’atali ai taualumaga o lana mataupu o lo o
fa’agasolo i luma o le fa’amasinoga i le taimi
O le mataupu lenei na tofu atu i le Ofisa o
Leoleo i Tafuna i le aso 30 Iulai 2013, ina ua
maitauina e le ulugalii ni isi o la meatotino ua
gaoia e aofia ai ma tupe mai totonu o le la teugatupe i le faletupe o Hawaii, ma tofia ai loa le
ali’i leoleo suesue ia Det. Foma’i Paepule na te
su’esu’eina lenei mataupu.
O mea totino na gaoia e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga e aofia ai T.V,
o taaiga pepa, tupe, atoa ai ma le ta’avale na
Na taua e le ulugalii i leoleo e faapea, o Jennifer sa galue ia te i laua o se teine teu fale, atoa
ai ma le fesoasoani i le tausiga o le ma’i o le
toeaina ina ua tigaina i sona gasegase, ma latou
nonofo ai loa ma le ua molia mo ni nai tausaga,
ina ia fesoaosoani ia te i laua i mea e manaomia
i totonu o le aiga.
I le masina o Ianuari ma Fepuari o le 2013,
sa le i mauaina ai e le ulugalii se la ‘bank statement’ mai le Faletupe o Hawaii, i le tulaga o
lo o i ai le paleni o le la teugatupe, o lea na la
talosagaina ai loa le Faletupe e tuu atu se faamaumauga o le la teugatupe o lo o i ai.
Na faateia le ulugalii ina ua maua atu le
la ‘bank statement’, o le la paleni o lo o i ai e
$0.00, ae i totonu o le la ‘bank statement’ sa
avatu i le faletupe, e le gata o lo o taua ai le tele
o fa’atau sa fai ai ae le o ni fa’atau sa laua faia
mai le masina o Ianuari e oo atu ia Iuni 2013,
ae o lo o taua ai fo’i le tele o tupe sa tala mai
i le masina ‘ATM’, ae la te le i faatagaina le
fa’aaogaina o le la ‘ATM card’.
Na faailoa e le ulugalii i leoleo e faapea, la
te le faaaogaina se ‘ATM card’ e tala mai ai ni
tupe pe totogi ai fo’i ni fa’atau, se’i vagana ai
le faaaoga o le la ‘credit card’ e fai mai ai la
fa’atau pe a mana’omia.
Na taua e le ulugalii i leoleo, ina ua tula’i
mai la maitauina tulaga uma e pei na taua i le
la teugatupe, sa la masalomia ai loa Jennifer i
lona faia o lenei gaioiga, ona sa i ai le taimi na la
mauaina ai le la ‘bank statement’ mo le masina
o Ianuari ma Fepuari 2013 i totonu o le potu a
le ua molia.
Na faailoa fo’i e le ulugalii i leoleo e faapea,
o le la T.V na ave e le ua molia ma lana fanau,
atoa ai ma isi la meatotino e le o taua i totonu o
le ripoti, ae ina ua fesiligia e leoleo le ua molia
e tusa ai o lenei mataupu, sa ia teena ai lona
gaoiina oni tupe mai le ulugalii sa galue ai, na
te le i faaleagaina fo’i ni la mea totino pe gaoia
Ae ina ua faaauau pea ona fesiligia e leoleo
le ua molia e tusa ai o lenei mataupu, sa ia
ioeina ai loa lona faaleagaina o meatitono atoa
ai ma lona gaoia o tupe mai le ulugalii sa faigaluega ai.
Na taua e Jennifer e faapea, sa i ai le aso na
la o ai ma le olomatua e fai le la faatau, ona afe
lea i le masini ATM ma faaaoga le ‘credit card’
a le ulugalii e tala mai ai le $200, ona ia faaaoga
lea o le tupe lea e faatau ai mea mo lana fanau.
Na faamaonia e le ua molia i leoleo e faapea,
sa tuu atu e le ulugalii ia te ia le credit card ma
le pin number mo le faamoemoe e fai mai ai
faatau ma soo se mea la te manana’o i ai, ona ia
faaaoga lea o le credit card lea e fai ai ana faatau
i le faleoloa o le Shinning Stars i Pago Pago.
Ina ua fesiligia e leoleo ia Jennifer pe fia le
aofa’i o le tupe na ia gaoia mai le ulugalii sa
galue ai, na tali le ua molia, e silia ma le $4,000
le aofaiga o le tupe na te iloa sa ia gaoia ma
faaaoga. O se alii sa faigaluega fo’i i le ulugalii
mo le faatinoina o galuega ma feau mo le umi
e 2 masina, sa ia faailoa i leoleo ina ua fesiligia
o ia e faapea, o isi aso pe a le mafai ona o le
ulugalii e fai se la faatau, na te vaaia ai ua tuu e
le ulugalii ia Jennifer le credit ma ta’u i ai le pin
number ina ia mafai ai ona fai faatau mo latou.
I totonu o le bank statement a le ulugalii sa
maua atu i le faletupe o Hawaii, o lo o taua ai le
amata tala e le ua molia o tua mai totonu o le la
teugatupe, i le aso 20 Fepuari e oo atu i le aso
21 Aperila 2013.
O auala na tala ai e le ua molia tupe mai
totonu o le teugatupe e aofia ai le faaaoga e
fai ai faatau i ni isi o faleoloa, ae o le tele o
taimi e tala mai ai e le ua molia tupe ta’i $200
mai totonu o le teugatupe e ala i le faaaoga o le
‘ATM card’ a le ulugalii, ma o ni isi o taimi e
fa’alua i le aso ona tala e le ua molia ta’i $200
mai masini ATM.
O taimi uma e tala mai ai e le ua molia tupe
mai le masini ATM, e $6.18 le totogi e tipi e le
Faletupe o Hawaii mo le fa’aaogaina o lea auaunaga, ma o gaioiga uma sa faia e le ua molia e
faaaoga ai le masini ATM, e $123.60 le aofa’i
o le tupe na tipi e le Faletupe o Hawaii mai le
teugatupe a le ulugali’i.
E tusa ma le $4,468.25 le aofa’i o le tupe na
aveese mai i le teugatupe a le ulugalii e pei ona
taua i le la bank statement.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia
[email protected]
Tafaoga i Matafaga?
Amanave Beach
Utumea West Beach
Asili Beach near Stream
Leone Pala
Fagasa Fagalea Beach near stream
Aua Beach near Pouesi Store
Aua stream mouth near bridge
Afono Stream mouth, adjacent cricket field
Vatia Beach near the stream
Laulii Beach near stream
Alega Beach
Aleaga Stream
$2 dollar Beach Avaio
Auto Beach
Masausi stream mouth
Masefau stream mouth
Alofau stream mouth
Amouli beach
Aoa Stream mouth near bridge
Tula Beach
Onenoa Beach
For more information: http//portal.epa.as.gov/beaches/
Lapata’iga mo Matafaga: Mati 04, 2014
Ofisa o le Puipuia o le Si’osi’omaga
i Amerika Samoa (AS-EPA)
NOTICE is hereby given that OFOIA AMOSA of VAITOGI, American Samoa, has executed a
LEASE AGREEMENT to a certain parcel of land commonly known as LALOALA which is situated
in the village of VAITOGI, in the County of TUALAUTA, WESTERN District, Island of Tutuila,
American Samoa. Said LEASE AGREEMENT is now on file with the Territorial Registrar to be
forwarded to the Governor respecting his approval or disapproval thereof according to the laws
of American Samoa. Said instrument names ISARAELU S. OFOIA & ISRAEL LAUOLIVE OFOIA as
Any person who wish, may file his objection in writing with the Secretary of the Land
Commission before the 3RD day of MAY, 2014. It should be noted that any objection must
clearly state the grounds therefor.
MARCH 3, 2014 thru MAY 3, 2014
Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar
O LE FA’ASALALAUGA lenei ua faia ona o OFOIA AMOSA ole nu’u o VAITOGI, Amerika Samoa,
ua ia faia se FEAGAIGA LISI, i se fanua ua lauiloa o LALOALA, e i le nu’u o VAITOGI i le itumalo o
TUALAUTA, Falelima i SISIFO ole Motu o TUTUILA Amerika Samoa. O lea FEAGAIGA LISI ua i ai
nei i teuga pepa ale Resitara o Amerika Samoa e fia auina atu ile Kovana Sili mo sana
fa’amaoniga e tusa ai ma le Tulafono a Amerika Samoa. O lea mata’upu o lo’o ta’ua ai
A iai se tasi e fia fa’atu’i’ese i lea mata’upu, ia fa’aulufaleina mai sa na fa’atu’iesega tusitusia
ile Failautusi o lea Komisi ae le’i o’o ile aso 3 o ME, 2014. Ia manatua, o fa’atu’iesega uma lava
ia tusitusia manino mai ala uma e fa’atu’iese ai.
03/08 & 04/08/14
Page 4
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014
Costly Games
By Bob Franken
One of the worst parts of a sudden global crisis like the one
that has erupted over Ukraine is that we have no idea what’s
really going on. The diplomats and intelligence people of our
national-security apparatus, along with our political leaders,
are playing their Cold War games mostly in secret. The bigger
problem is that we can’t be sure that even they have any idea
what’s going on.
What does it mean when President Barack Obama warns
Soviet -- uh, excuse me, I mean Russian -- President Vladimir
Putin that “there will be costs” if he sends the military into
Ukraine? Is there something ominous about that diplospeak?
Apparently not, since Putin responded by sending troops into
Ukraine. More importantly, when Vlad makes his moves, what
can the United States really do but grumble or bluster and hope
against hope some miscalculation by someone doesn’t make
the situation worse?
Short of a shooting war with Russia, what can the U.S. and
the European Union really do to punish an invasion? Boycott
the upcoming economic summit in Sochi? Big deal. End trade
talks? Another slap on the wrist with a wet noodle.
Has Putin calculated correctly that after Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States and the Europeans are depleted, really
unable to muster a forceful response as he pursues his expansionist dreams to avenge the fall of the Soviet Union? Already
many Republicans are dumping all over Obama, scoring whatever points they can, screaming for some kind of demonstration
that the U.S. of A. is still able to bend the rest of the planet to
its will.
The blame is misplaced, given that it was their Bush administration that drained the military with its poorly thought-out
adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan. The harsh reality is that
America is not quite as super a superpower as we once were.
Certainly, Putin knows that and has forced Obama to play with
a weak hand.
From an optics point of view, the president probably should
reconsider standing out there and making threats like “there
will be costs,” which, to be honest, comes across as nambypamby. Western leaders can warn that a Russian invasion will
be a “grave mistake” all they want, and Mr. Putin can ignore
Presidents Obama and Putin talk on the phone, and we’re
told that the conversations are testy. Meanwhile, nervous
American and European officials “consult.” What does that
mean? Do they seek ways out of the impending confrontation,
or do they talk about the wife and kids? It’s a real shame that
we don’t know whether our wives and kids, all of us, are in
danger, or whether maybe this is all some sort of contrivance.
Hopefully, after everyone has milked all the drama out of
this, there will be some sort of agreement to stand down, an
unsatisfying solution that at least avoids all-out war. But that
will be after a lot of posturing and irresponsible saber-rattling.
Then we can move on to the next crisis, a domestic political one
perhaps, anything to feed the pundit beast.
There “will be costs” all right, but most of them will be to
the tattered credibility of our leaders.
(c) 2014 Bob Franken
Distributed by King Features Synd., Inc.
© Osini Faleatasi Inc. reserves all rights.
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Pinning ceremony for Major Robert Lee Le’iato to Lieutenant Colonel. He is currently stationed in South Carolina. Lt. Colonel Le’iato is the son of the late Antonio Tupua Le’iato and
Lorraine Liualevaiosina Taeu Fuimaono Le’iato, from the villages of Faga’itua and Fagatogo.
[courtesy photo: Leiatos]
International Women’s Day:
Theme is “Inspiring Change”
OP ED: What will it take to inspire
women’s leadership in the Pacific?
by Alison Ofotalau
On gender equality – it is no secret that the
Pacific is lagging.
The region is home to some of the world’s
highest domestic violence rates. Economic
empowerment of women in many countries,
particularly in Melanesia, is desperately low.
Women lack access to finance, land, jobs and
income. In my country, Solomon Islands, there
is only one woman in parliament, and there are
none in Vanuatu and FSM – a country which
has never yet seen a woman elected.
Of course the reality is always more complicated than a data sheet. I have grown up among
inspiring women and have been motivated by
very strong Pacific Islanders like Shamima Ali
in Fiji and Ethel Sigimanu in Solomon Islands,
who have battled so hard to put gender equality
on the agenda.
I know in turn that there are many men who,
just like me, care immensely about the issue
of women’s rights and gender equality: men
who recognize the social and economic benefits of educating their sisters and daughters,
and encouraging their wives to be active in the
workforce or to start businesses themselves.
I also believe that things are changing.
In many churches in the Pacific, women are
increasingly given leading roles in their congregations and conducting their own services.
While still few in number, more Pacific women
have been elected to positions in parliament in
places where this has been notoriously challenging: at the last elections, we counted three
in Papua New Guinea and three to the Senate
in Palau.
And from my own experience at the World
Bank Group, I have been proud to see women
taking the lead in some of our projects. In Buni
village in Solomon Islands, women told me how
they came together under a crowded mango tree
to outvote men on an initiative that would boost
their earnings, while an overwhelming majority
of community leaders reported that this same
project, the Rural Development Program, had
made women more vocal and active in their
Of course examples like these are not
enough. I want to see more women leaders –
more women running businesses, university
departments, media outlets and political parties
and speaking out in the community. I know that
Pacific women are just as smart and just as dedicated as their male counterparts; they make crit-
ical decisions every day and have a huge wealth
of knowledge at their fingertips.
However, they are still less likely than men
not only to get voted into Parliament but to go to
university, or play a management role in either
the public or private sectors. Men outnumber
women in paid employment in the Pacific by
two to one, even as women are getting more
And women’s leadership matters. It matters
if we want to get the best people in the top positions in our societies, rather than excluding half
of all possible candidates and all that they can
offer. Currently almost half of women’s productive potential globally is unutilized.
A Goldman Sachs study found that narrowing the gender gap in employment could, by
2020, increase per capita income in emerging
markets like Solomon Islands by as much as 14
For change to happen, societies need to recognize that women’s leadership is pivotal. It’s
an issue for governments but also for schools,
universities, parents and communities, to
encourage girls as well as boys to take on leadership roles. It’s an issue for workplaces and
businesses, to offer opportunities for women
including on boards and committees. We need
data on women’s participation in the economy,
and concrete action plans to address the barriers.
Today, March 8, is International Women’s
Day and the theme is ‘Inspiring Change’. That
change is starting to unfurl, but it needs broader
help and support. We at the World Bank Group
believe that we all need to be “inspired” – to
recognize the work that women are doing and
help them achieve their potential in our homes,
communities, businesses and society overall.
And we need good Pacific leaders, both men
and women, to achieve the change we seek.
About the author:
Alison Ofotalau is the Gender Focal Point
and a Communications Officer for the World
Bank Country Office in Honiara, Solomon
Islands. Previously Alison was one of the first
female journalists in Solomon Islands, where
she worked for the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation for over 10 years. Prior
to this Alison was the political editor for the
national broadcasting service and led the coverage of the 2010 Solomon Islands elections.
She graduated with a BA from the Fiji based
University of the South Pacific in 2000, with
majors in Journalism & History/Politics.
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014 Page 5
Fetui Jr: Fa’aauau
pea ona pologa Manu’a
tusia Ausage Fausia
Na taua e se tasi o ali’i faipule
mai Manu’a, afioga Fetui Fetui
Jr i le taeao ananafi, ua leva tele
tausaga o pologa mai tagata o
lona itumalo i tulaga faaletonu o
femalagaaiga i luga o le ea, ma
o lo o faaauau pea ona pologa
Manu’a i le faaletonu o lea auaunaga. Ae na taua e le sui fofoga
fetalai o le maota o sui, o se tasi
fo’i o faipule mai le itumalo o
Manu’a #2 ia Talia Fa’afetai
I’aulualo e faapea, e fa’alagolago
malosi tagata Manu’a i femalagaaiga i luga o le ea e fesoasoani
i lo latou soifuaga i aso fai soo,
ae a fa’aletonu loa ona fa’aletonu
fo’i lea o le soifuaga e soifua ma
ola ai tagata o le itumalo.
O lagona ia o ali’i faipule mai le
itumalo o Manu’a #2 i se iloiloga
sa faia i luma o le Komiti o Femalagaaiga/Uafu a le maota o sui, lea
sa faatautaia i le taeao ananafi i
lalo o le ta’ita’iga a le afioga i le
ali’i faipule ia Su’a Alexander E.
Jennings o le ta’ita’i komiti. O lea
iloiloga na valaauina e alii faipule
mai Manu’a, ina ua silia i le tolu
masina e le o toe lele se va’alele
i Manu’a, ma valaauina ai loa le
peresetene o le kamupani vaalele
o le Inter Island Airways ia Barney
Sene e faamanino tulaga o le faaletonu e pei ona tula’i mai i Manu’a.
Na faamanino e Sene e faapea,
talu mai le masina o Iulai 2013 lea
na sainia ai se maliliega (MOU)
i le va o le malo ma le kamupani va’alele mo le lisiina mai o
le vaalele a le malo o le Segaula
i le kamupani, e le i faia lava ni
malaga a le va’alele mo Manu’a
i lalo o tulaga tau pisinisi (commercial flight), ona o lo o i ai ni isi
o vaega o le vaalele e mana’omia
ona asia ma faaleleia e ali’i inisinia. Na fesili faipule Manu’a
ia Sene poo le a le taimi lata mai
e tatau ona lele ai se va’alele i
Ofu, ae na tali le molimau, o lo
o faamoemoe e tatau ona i ai se
malaga a’o le i oo i le fu’a. Na taua
e Sene e faapea, talu ai e tuu taimi
le malaga mai o sui o le FAA
(Federal Aviation Administration)
e asia vaalele ma malae vaalele i
le teritori, o le mafuaaga lena e le
mafai ai ona vave faatino tulaga e
pei ona manaomia mo le mautinoa
o le saogalemu o le va’alele, ma o
sui o le FAA sa malaga mai i le
teritori i le vaiaso nei sa latou asia
le tino o le vaalele. Na taua e Sene
e faapea, e i ai vaega o le vaalele
e manaomia ona faaleleia mo le
saogalemu, ao lei toe faaauauina
lana tautua i Manu’a. Sa ia taua
fo’i, ina ua mae’a le asiasiga, sa
taua ai e ali’i asiasi mai le FAA o
lo o tulaga lelei le va’alele mo le
faatinoina o ana malaga. Saunoa
Fetui Jr e faapea, i lona talitonuga,
afai ua silia i le 6 tausaga o tu le
vaalele a le malo e le fealua’i, e sili
ai pe a toe faafo’i le va’alele i le
malo e faaauau ai pea lana tautua
o le la’uina lea o pasese i Manu’a
e aunoa ma se totogi, ina ia fesoasoani ai i le itumalo ua pagatia.
“Ua pologa le itumalo i tulaga
tau femalagaaiga i luga o le ea,
tele o taimi e leai ni vaalele e o
i Manu’a, ma ua le iloa e tagata
pe faafefea ona feoa’i,” o le saunoaga lea a Fetui Jr. Sa ia taua fo’i
i le molimau, ua leva tele tausaga
o faipisinisi aga’i i Manu’a le
kamupani va’alele, ma ua leva
ona tatau ona tulaga lelei mai
le tautua a le kamupani mo le
itumalo o Manu’a.
Na faamanino e Sene i luma
o le komiti e faapea, e le o maua
se penefiti a le kamupani mai
lana tautua mo Manu’a, ae o lo o
gau le kamupani. Na tuli tatao e
Faafetai le saunoaga a Sene ina ia
faamanino atu pe aisea e gau ai le
kamupani vaalele mai lana tautua
i Manu’a, na tali le molimau, e le
gata e le o lava pasese mo malaga
ta’itasi, ae le o lava fo’i malaga
e alu aga’i i Manu’a e mafai ai e
le kamupani ona maua sina tupe
mama, faatusatusa i le tau o le
suauu o lo o i ai i le taimi nei. Na
faamanino atil e Sene e faapea, o
le tolu i le fa malaga a le va’alele
i le vaiaso mo Manu’a e le o se
tulaga lelei lea e mafai ai ona
maua se tupe fa’asili, i lona talitonuga, a lua malaga a le va’alele
i le aso ua feololo, ae tatau ona
80% nofoa o le va’alele e nofoia
e le pasese.
I tausaga ua mavae a’o lele
le Samoa Air i Manu’a e pei ona
taua e Sene mo se fa’ata’ita’iga,
e le gata sa tele malaga sa alu i
totonu o le vaiaso, ae sa taugofie
fo’i le tau e faatupe ai lea tautua,
ae mo le taimi nei, e le gata ua taugata le tau e faatino ai le tautua mo
Manu’a ae ua faaitiitia fo’i tagata
o lo o nonofo i Manu’a i le taimi
nei. Na toe fesili Faafetai ia Sene,
pe aisea lava e faaauau ai la latou
tautua mo Manu’a pe afai o lo o
gau le kamupani va’alele, na vave
le tali a le molimau, “e mafua ona
o le alofa ma le naunau e tautua le
itumalo o Manu’a,” aua o le latou
tina o le Manu’a. O le taimi nei,
o lo o i ai i Apia le va’alele a le
Ister Island talu mai le tolu vaiaso
talu ai, ona o se faaletonu i le tino
o le va’alele, ma o lo o faamoemoe e tatau ona oo atu i le vaiaso
fou ua toe faaauau lea auaunaga
masani pe a mae’a ona fa’aleleia
le va’alele.
Le va’alele a le malo, le Segaula lea ua lisi atu i le kamupani va’alele a le Inter Island Airways i le malae va’alele i Ofu,
[ata: AF]
American Samoa Government
Division of Early Childhood Education/
Head Start Program
REGISTRATION for School Year 2014-2015
Resitala mo le Tausaga 2014-2015
Documents Needed!/Pepa e mana’omia
1. Birth Certificate/Pepa Aso Fanau
2. Immunization Card/Pepa Tui
3. Check Stub/Ulu Siaki
Who?/O ai?
Children born in 2010-2011
Tamaiti na fananau i le 2010-2011
All Registrations and other health screenings will be conducted at ECE Main Office in Utulei. Below is the recruiting weekly
schedule for NEW & RETURNING students
February 10 - 13, 2014
(Monday to Thursday)
Malaeimi, Mesepa, Faleniu, Pavaiai, Mapusaga Fou, Tafeta, Aasu
and Aoloau
From 8:30 a.m.
To 3:00 p.m.
February 18 - 20, 2014
(Tuesday to Thursday)
Aua, Afono,
Afono, Vatia, Aua, Onesosopo
From 8:30 a.m.
To 3:00 p.m.
February 24 - 27, 2014
(Monday to Thursday)
Avau, Nu’uuli, Tafuna, Kokoland, Fagaima, Ottoville, Petesa
From 8:30 a.m.
To 3:00 p.m.
March 3 - 6, 2014
(Monday to Thursday)
Iliili, Vaitogi, Futiga, Fogagogo
From 8:30 a.m.
To 3:00 p.m.
March 10 - 13, 2014
(Monday to Thursday)
Aunu’u, Auasi, Utumea, Alao, Tula, Aoa, Onenoa
From 8:30 a.m.
To 3:00 p.m.
March 17 - 20, 2014
(Monday to Thursday)
Malaeloa, Taputimu, Vailoa, Leone, Asili, Afao, Se’etaga, Failolo,
Amanave, Fagali’i, and Fagamalo
From 8:30 a.m.
To 3:00 p.m.
March 24 - 27, 2014
(Monday to Thursday)
Pago Pago,
Lauli’i, Alega, Auto, Avaio, Amaua, Utusi’a, Faga’itua, Masausi,
Sa’ilele, Masefau, Pagai, Alofau, Amouli
From 8:30 a.m.
To 3:00 p.m.
Matu’u & Faganeanea, Faga’alu, Gataivai, Utulei, Fagatogo,
Pago Pago, Fagasa, Satala, Atu’u and Leloaloa
From 8:30 a.m.
To 3:00 p.m.
March 31 - April 3, 2014
(Monday to Thursday)
For more information, call our ECE office @ 633-1283 and ask for Sapulu Fa’aloua, Togi Luuga, and Fuamatala Tuato’o. Mo nisi fa’amatalaga,
vala’au mai le Ofisa o Aoga Fa’ata’ita’i - i le 633-1283 ma fa’afesili mo Sapulu Fa’aloua, Togi Luuga, po o Fuamatala Tuato’o
Page 6
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le ali’i e 20 tausaga lea na tuuaia e le malo i lona talepeina o le fale o se aiga ma ia gaoia
mai ai se sipika lapo’a, ua ia ta’utino i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga i le taeao ananafi, e
fa’amaonia tuuaiga faasaga ia te ia.
O Kerry Naolavoa na ulua’i tuuaia e le malo i moliaga mamafa e lua, o le talepe fale i le tulaga
lua ma le gaoi, ae i se maliliega na sainia e le ua molia ma le malo, sa ia tali ioe ai i le moliaga o
le talepe fale, ae solofua e le fa’amasinoga le isi moliaga.
I le tali ioe ai o Naolavoa i le solitulafono o le talepe fale, sa ia tautino ai e faapea, i le va o
le aso 15 - 31 Ianuari 2013 i Amerika Samoa, na ia ulufale faamalosi ai i totonu o le fale o se isi
tagata, e ala i lona talepe o le fa’amalama, ma alu atu ai i totonu o le potu moe ma gaoi mai ai se
sipika lanu uliuli.
Ina ua maea ona ia faia lea gaioiga, sa ia toe oso i fafo o le fale mai le fa’amalama sa ia talepeina, ma alu loa ua faatau le sipika i lana uo o Johnny Patu.
Na ta’utino Naolavoa i le faamasinoga, e le i fa’atagaina o ia e le aiga e ulufale i totonu o le
fale, ma o lana gaioiga sa faia e le tusa ma ala o le tulafono.
O lo o taofia pea Naolavoa i le toese i Tafuna e faatali ai le aso 25 Aperila lea ua faatulaga e
lau ai lona fa’asalaga.
O le masina fou lea ua faatulaga e lau ai le faasalaga a le alii o Elden Sioka i luma o le faamasinoga maualuga, ina ua ta’usala o ia e le fa’amasinoga i moliaga mamafa e lua, o le talepe fale i
le tulaga lua ma le tagofia o itutinosa o se tama’ita’i.
I le tali ioe ai o Sioka i moliaga e lua e pei ona taua i le latou maliliega ma le malo, sa ia tautino
ai e faapea, i se taimi o le aso 27 Tesema 2013 i Amerika Samoa, na ia ulufale faamalosi ai i le fale
o se tama’ita’i e ala i lona talepe o le fa’amalama i le itu o le umukuka, ona tia’i lea o ona se’evae
i fafo ae oso i totonu o le fale.
Ina ua ia taunuu i totonu o le fale, sa faasasa’o loa i le potu moe ma ia vaaia ai le tamaitai na
a’afia o lo o moe i luga o le moega, o lea na ia tago tago ai loa i le itutinosa o le tama’ita’i a’o moe.
Na fa’ateia Sioka ina ua ala i luga le tama’ita’i ma ee ina ua ia faalogoina se tagata o lo o tago
tago atu ia te ia, ae ina ua ki e le tama’ita’i le moli, sa ia vaaia ai le ua molia i tafatafa o lona moega,
ona fa’atoese lea o Sioka i le tama’ita’i na a’afia e tusa ai o lana mea sese sa fai, ona ia tuua loa
lea o le fale.
I le talia ai e le faamasinoga o le tali ioe a le ua molia i moliaga mamafa e lua e pei ona taua i le
maliliega, na latou talosagaina ai loa le faamasinoga ina ia solofua moliaga e tolu o lo o totoe ai i le
pepa o tagi sa latou fa’aulu - le moliaga o le faia o amioga faasotoma, faia o gaioiga faafeusuaiga
mataga, ma le moliaga mama o le faaoolima i le tulaga tolu.
O lo o taofia pea Sioka i le toese i Tafuna e fa’atali ai le aso lea ua fa’atulaga e lau ai lona
O le alii lea na tuuaia e le malo i lona tui ina o le ua o le isi alii i se atigi fagu pia te’a, ua ia
ta’utino i le fa’amasinoga maualuga i le vaiaso nei, e fa’amaonia tuuaiga faasaga ia te ia.
I le tali ioe ai o le alii o Pati Solomona i le moliaga mamafa o le fa’aoolima i le tulaga lua e pei
ona ta’usala ai nei o ia e le fa’amasinoga, sa ia tautino ai e faapea, i se taimi o le aso 30 Novema
2013 i Pava’ia’i, sa ia fa’aoolima ai i le alii o Fa’aaliga Iese e ala i lona tuiina o lona ua i se fasi
atigi fagupia ta’e.
Na tautino le ua molia e faapea, o se latou inugapia sa faia i le po e pei ona taua, na tula’i mai
ai loa le vevesi e pei ona manu’a tigaina ai Iese.
Sa auina atu Iese i le falema’i i Fagaalu mo togafitiga, ona o le matuia o le manu’a sa aafia ai
lona ua. Na taua e le malo e faapea, e 5 inisi le lautele o le manu’a ae 4 inisi le loloto, o lea na
mana’omia ai ni filo e toe tapuni ai lea manu’a sa aafia ai Iese.
Na tautino Solomona, o lana gaioiga sa faia i lea aso sa le tusa ai ma ala o le tulafono, e leai fo’i
se faatanaga na tuuina atu ia te ia na te faia ai lea solitulafono.
Ua malilie loia a itu e lua, o le a latou finau i le faamasinoga mo se faasalaga mama mo Solomona, peitai ua malamalama le ua molia, tusa lava pe finau loia i le faamasinoga mo se faasalaga
mama mo ia, e pule le faamasinoga pe talia pe teena ia faafinauga, aua o lo o i ai i le faamasinoga
le malosi e faasala ai o ia i soo se faasalaga e manatu alii faamasino e talafeagai mo le solitulafono
sa ia faia.
Ua malamalama fo’i Solomona, e le mafai ona toe suia lana tali ioe ua tuuina atu i le
fa’amasinoga, pe afai e tuuina mai se faasalaga a le faamasinoga ae le tusa ai ma lona mana’o.
O lo o taofia pea Solomona i le toese i Tafuna e faatali ai le aso lea ua faatulaga e lau ai lona
O le ali’i pagota lea na tatala i tua e alu e faigaluega, ae maua ai se afa sikaleti mariuana i le
taga o lona ofu sa fai ina ua toe fo’i atu i totonu o le toese, ua ia sauni e tuuina atu lana tali ioe i
luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga.
Ina ua valaauina le mataupu a Alesana Peko i luma o le faamasinoga maualuga i le aso ananafi,
sa faailoa ai e lana loia fautua ia Joel Shiver e faapea, ua mae’a ona sainia e Peko ma le malo se
maliliega, ua uma fo’i ona faila lea maliliega i luma o le fa’amasinoga, ma ua faamoemoe o le
vaiaso fou e fofogaina ai lea maliliega i luma o ali’i fa’amasino.
O Peko o lo o tuuaia e le malo i le moliaga mamafa o le umia faasolitulafono o vaega o le laau
faasaina o le mariana.
O lea moliega na afua mai i le masina o Tesema 2013 i totonu o le toese i Tafuna, a’o taofia
ai o ia i le toese mo le umi e 90 aso, ina ua ta’usala o ia e le fa’amasinoga i le moliaga o le ave
ta’avale a’o se’i lona laisene.
Na taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga e faapea, o Peko na tatala i tua e faigaluega ma toe
fo’i atu i totonu o le toese, ae i le aso na tula’i mai ai le fa’alavelave, na fo’i atu ai o ia i totonu,
ona siaki lea e leoleo o le toese i Tafuna lona tino i luma o le faitoto’a, ma maua ai e le alii leoleo
se afa sikaleti mariuana i totonu o le taga o le ofu a le ua molia.
Na taua e Peko i leoleo e faapea, o le isi afa o le sikaleti mariuana sa ia ulaina i le fale, ae o le
isi afa sa ia tuua i totonu o lana taga. O lo o taofia pea le ua molia i toese e faatali ai le aso lea ua
faamoemoe e toe tulai ai i luma o le faamasinoga.
Feso’ota’i mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
A 23-year old man charged in connection with a burglary of
his uncle’s home has been jailed for six months as part of his
seven-year probation term. Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond,
who was accompanied by the Associate Judges, handed down
sentencing. During sentencing Ronald Finau apologized for his
actions noting his full remorse and also asked the court for leniency when handing down sentencing.
The defendant informed the court that he’s the eldest of three
siblings and his help is much needed within his family. Finau
said his wrongful actions have ridiculed his family’s good name
and that this was out of character for him.
The defendant’s mother also took the stand telling the court
that her son is a good child, however his lack of better judgment
has led him before the court for breaking the law. She said she
believed that his time in jail has taught him a huge lesson to
refrain from criminal conduct.
The counsels of both parties recommended to the court to
place the defendant on probation to allow him the opportunity
to seek employment and become a better citizen.
The defendant was sentenced to seven years in jail, however the court suspended the sentence and placed the defendant
on probation for seven years under certain conditions, among
which is the defendant would serve six months (including 4
months already served) of his 28-month sentence. The rest was
The court also imposed a $1,000 fine, which should be paid
within 12 months. In addition he’s to pay back $553 restitution
for the items that were removed from the victim’s residence.
Finau was also instructed to remain a law-abiding citizen,
seek employment and apologize to his uncle for his actions.
A young man who broke into a Vaitogi home and touched a
girl inappropriately, who was sleeping, will be sentenced next
month after rendering his guilty plea. Elden Sioka who faced
charges of first-degree burglary, sodomy, deviate sexual assault,
sexual abuse first degree and third degree assault, yesterday
pleaded guilty to burglary second degree and sexual abuse.
The burglary count was amended from the more serious burglary charge of first degree.
In return for Sioka’s plea of guilty, the government moved
for the court to dismiss the remaining charges.
According to the plea agreement read in open court, the
defendant admits that on Dec. 27, 2013 he broke into a house
in Vaitogi and went straight into the bedroom where a girl was
sleeping and touched the girl inappropriately.
The girl woke up and screamed at the defendant, who apologized and left the bedroom, however the victim’s cousin woke
up and caught the defendant, and then the victim punched and
slapped the defendant on the face.
The government’s case claims, that when police spoke to
the defendant, he allegedly told them that he was intoxicated,
despite that he wanted to go see the victim in her bedroom.
The High Court accepted the defendant’s plea of guilty and
the government’s motion to dismiss the remaining charges.
A man who was caught driving while his driver’s license was
suspended has been charged with felony driving, which carries
mandatory jail time of nine months.
The felony count was filed last week against Eti Logoitaeao.
According to the government’s case the defendant is the alleged
driver of the vehicle that ran into a fence in Pago Pago last
The defendant’s driver’s license was suspended for six
months in December 2013 when he was convicted of driving
under the influence of alcohol. District Court Judge John Ward
at the time of sentencing ordered the defendant not to drive
while his license was suspended.
The incident came to light following an accident on Feb. 22,
2014, in Pago Pago, where a family reported that a pick up truck
had ran into their fence. The family suspected the defendant was
under the influence of alcohol. Court filings say when police
officers arrived at the scene the defendant was present and when
the officers inquired for his license, the defendant noted that it
was suspended, and he was then arrested.
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014 Page 7
Gaoteote: Aisea
e mana’omia ai
e Leoleo fana?
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le fia malamalama o ni isi o afioga i Senatoa i le mataupu
e faatatau i le fa’aa’upegaina o Leoleo o le malo, na mafua ai
ona fa’atula’i e le afioga i le ali’i peresetene o le Senate ananafi
se fesili, pe aisea e mana’omia ai e Leoleo a le malo ni fana e
fesoasoani i le fa’atinoina o le latou tiute.
E ui e le o se mataupu e fou i le fa’afofoga a le atunuu, ae o
se tasi lenei o mataupu o lo o tele i ai fesili fia malamalama a ni
isi o le atunuu aemaise ai le Fono Faitulafono, ona o lo o unaia
pea lagona o tagata e fia malamalama atili i le mafuaaga ua ala
ai ona a’e le finagalo i le alii kovana o Leoleo, ua tatau ona
fa’aa’upegaina leoleo a le malo.
O le taeao ananafi i le taimi o folafolaga a le Senate, na tula’i
ai le afioga i le ali’i senatoa mai le itumalo o Manu’a ia Laolagi
Fonoti Savali Vaeao ma ia faaleo sona popolega o lo o i ai,
faatatau lea i le fuafuaga a le komesina e fa’a a’upega leoleo a
le malo. Saunoa le afioaga a Laolagi e faapea, o se tasi lenei o
mataupu o lo o tula’i mai ai pea sona popolega i le tele o taimi,
ona e le o malamalama lona lona mafaufua i le mafuaaga autu ua
ala ai ona manatu le alii komesina e fa’a a’upega leoleo.
Na faailoa e Laolagi i luma o le maota maualuga ananafi e
faapea, e ui o se mataupu ua tele i ai talanoaga, peitai e tatau
lava ona malamalama le Senate i le mafuaaga o lenei fuafuaga,
e tatau fo’i ona aami e le maota le Komesina o Leoleo mo le
faamaninoina atili o lenei mataupu i luma o le maota.
Saunoa Gaoteote Palaie Tofau e faapea, e le o mama i finagalo
o le Fono le mataupu e faaaupega leoleo, ona o se mataupu e taua
toe ma’ale’ale fo’i, e tatau ona malamalama uma i ai le atunuu.
“E manaomia lo tatou fesiligia o le komesina o leoleo, sei ona
faamalamalama mai i le fono pe aisea ua manao ai e faaaupega
leoleo, ae o le a fo’i le taua o lea tulaga mo le matagaluega o
leoleo,” o le saunoaga lea a Gaoteote.
Na tula’i le taitaifono o le Komiti o le Puipuiga o le Saogalemu Lautele ia Faletagoa’i Tuiolemotu na saunoa i luma o le
maota e faailoa lona lagolagoina o le fuafuaga e tatau ona aami
le Komesina o Leoleo sei fesiligia e faatatau i lenei mataupu.
Na taua e Faletoga’i e faapea, ua uma ona ia suesueina le
mataupu, ma e foliga mai ua uma ona sainia e le kovana le
poloaiga e faaauau ai le polokalame e fa’aaupega ai leoleo, ae
tatau lava ona aumai muamua i luma o le fono e fesiligia ma
pasia atu ai.
Sa ia taua le tatau lea ona aami le komesina i se taimi lata mai
mo le fesiligiaina e faatatau i lenei mataupu.
O le masina o Novema 2013 na taunuu mai ai i le atunuu fana
e 25 mo leoleo a le atunuu, e pei ona faamaonia mai e le afioga i
le alii komesina o Leoleo ia William E. Haleck i le Samoa News,
e ui o lo o toatele pea le atunuu o lo o faatuiese i lenei mataupu.
Na taua e Haleck e faapea, o ituaiga fana o le ‘Glock - 17 9mm mai Hawaii na taunuu mai i le atunuu, ma ua teu malu e
faatali ai le taimi e maea ai koleniga ma aoaoga mo leoleo latou
te faaaogaina.
I se faatalatalanoaga ma le Samoa News i le tausaga na tea
nei e tusa ai o lenei mataupu, na faamaonia mai ai e Haleck e
faapea, o lo o i ai le fuafuaga e ta’i 5 fana o le a tufatufa atu
i leoleo o lo o galulue i ofisa eseese e aofia ai Leone, Tafuna,
Fagatogo ma Fagaitua.
O le faamoemoe, ia tofu ofisa eseese nei a leoleo ma i latou
e fa’a a’upegaina ina ia mafai ai ona fesoasoani i le faatinoina o
le latou tautua.
Ina ua fesiligia le mafuaaga ua ala ai ona a’e se manatu e
fa’aaupega leoleo, na taua ai e le alii komesina e faapea, ua
i ai faalavelave matuia ua tutupu i le atunuu i ona po nei, ua
manaomia ai le fa’a aupega o leoleo mo le faatinoina o le latou
tiute, ma o ni isi o ia faalavelave e pei ona saunoa le alii komesina, o le faalavelave lea na tagatavaleina ai le alii leoleo suesue
ia Det. Lt. Lusila Brown ia Iulai 2010, atoa ai ma le anoanoa’i o
isi faalavelave e pei o le osofaia lea e leoleo o fale o i latou o lo
o masalomia le umia o fualaau faasaina, ae maua atu ai ma laau
malosi i totonu o fale nei.
Na faamanino fo’i e Haleck e faapea, o le faafitauli o lo o
maitauina i leoleo a le malo i le taimi nei, e mafai ona latou ofo
atu le tautua e puipui ai le atunuu lautele, ae le mafai ona latou
puipuia i latou lava mai taimi e oso faafuase’i mai ai ni faalavelave matuia faapenei.
Mo se faataitaiga e pei ona ia taua, afai e alu atu se tagata ma
se fana ma tafana ai ni tagata i le taulaga, e le iloa e leoleo pe
faapefea ona tali atu i lea ituaiga faalavelave, aua e leai ni a latou
aupega e puipuia ai lo latou saogalemu.
Ua i ai le faamoemoe o se taimi o le vaiaso fou o le a faia ai
se feiloaiga a le senate ma le alii komesina, mo le faamaninoina
atili o lenei mataupu.
Le Peresetene o le Maota Maualuga o le Senate, le afioga i le Tama’ita’i o le Ao ia Gaoteote
[ata: AF]
Palaie Tofau.
American Samoa Government
Vehicles may be inspected at the
Office of Property Management Compound from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
starting Monday, March 10, 2014.
Address all bids to:
American Samoa Government
Office of Property Management
Tafuna, American Samoa 96799
Closing Date & Time:
Opening Date & Time:
March 13, 2014
March 13, 2014
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
Bid forms are available at the Office of Property Management, Tafuna Procurement Compound
starting March 10, 2014 during normal working hours. All Bids should be sealed; include 10% of
bidding price and turned in to Poleen Asalele, Assistant Chief, no later than closing date and time.
For additional information contact: Jeralin Logoai, Survey Supervisor @ 699-6530 or 733-1890
Fa’afetai tele,
Malo L. Niumata
Page 8
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014 Page 9
Page 10
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014
o le
(Mataio 7:21-23.) ‘E le sao atu i le malo o le lagi i latou
uma o e fai mai ia te ‘au, Le Alii e, le Alii e, na o le na te faia le
finagalo o lo’u Tama o i le Lagi. E toatele latou te fai mai ia te
au i lea aso, Le Alii e, le Alii e, matou te lei perofeta ane ea i lou
igoa, o lou igoa foi ma matou tulia ai temoni, o lou igoa foi ma
matou fai ai vavega e tele. Ou te lei iloa lava outou, ina o ese ia
outou ia te au, o outou o e fai amio leaga.’
Ua fetalai tuu sao lava Iesu i tagata leaga e fai mai, ‘Le Alii
e, le Alii e ae le faia le finagalo o lou tama o i le lagi.’ o i latou
e perofeta ane i le Suafa o le Alii ae le faia le mea o finagalo i ai
le Alii. O i latou ua pepelo lava o latou gutu, ma faatagafai mai
lava i latou o i matou o lea e o mo le Alii, a e o totonu o latou
loto na’o agasala mea o i ai.
Le tele o le mau perofeta pepelo lea e i ai nei, o le ‘au fai
amiotonu i luma o tagata, ae u mai loa tua o tagata e liu temoni
ma liu e tagata o le lalolagi, ua leai se ‘Le Alii e, le Alii e matou
te perofeta ea i lou suafa…”
Le faavae lena o loo musumusu atu pea le Agaga Paia ia tatou
i aso uma ma taimi uma i la tatou olaga, le faavae lena e tatau mo
e fia o moni i le Malo o le Lagi, le tagata ua fia ave o ia ma tagata
ua le manumanu i lona ola.
Ia tatou aganuu ua tatou vaaia ai le tagata o le sao i le aiga, ae
ua nana ma tanu le mea moni ae nofo e aumai i luma mea sese
ma le sa’o ina ia ufiufi ai le mea e faaletonu i tagata ua alofa i ai.
Ua aumai le tagata e maua ai mea e manao ai le sao o se aiga,
ma tanu i lalo mea e tonu ma faamaoni i lena tagata, ua tanu i
lalo le mafuaga na alai ai ona sau i totonu o le aiga.
Ua sese le mea ua faamanatu, aisea ? ua e maona e mea e
aumai i le tagata lena, ua maua au tupe i le tagata lena, so’o se
mea ua aumai e le tagata lena ma atili ai ona e faia le mea leaga
lea, o le pepelo.
I le faiupu e 23 o le lesoni lea ua tatou faitau a, lea na fetalai
sao mai ai Iesu, ‘Ona ou tautino atu lea ia te latou, Ou te lei
iloa lava outou, ina o ‘ese ia outou ia te au, o outou o e fai amio
Toe tilotilo lelei poo o sa’o ea lou tautua ma le faamaoni i
le Atua, toe tagai faalelei poo sa’o le mea lena e te faia nei, toe
tilotilo i ai outou o tiakono, o faiaoga aso Sa, o faifeau, ma le isi
anoano o tagata fia amiosao, pe aisea ua faapea ai ona fai i tatou
e le Alii, ‘Ou te lei iloa lava outou, ina o ‘ese ia outou ia te au, o
outou o e fai amio leaga.’
Lea na tau sao e le Aposetolo o Nu’u ese o Paulo, (1 Ioane
5:12), “O le o ia te ia le Alo, o ia te ia le ola, o le e lo ia te ia le
Alo o le Atua, e le o ia te ia le ola.”
O ai ea tatou te usitai i ai ? tatou te usitai ea i le a ? tatou te
usitai ea i le amio pi’opi’o ma le amio leaga ? tatou te usitai ia
tatou uiga faasausili ? pe tatou te usita’i ea ia tatou uiga faamaualuluga ?.
Pe ua filifili ea e avea Iesu ma ou faaola ? pe ua e manao ea e
avea Iesu ma ou Alii ? pe ua e manao ea e avea Iesu ma papa o
lou olataga ? e te finagalo e avea o Ia ma ou talita ?
Ioe o i tatou ua tasi le tatou talitonuga ma le Alii, ua tasi le
tatou faatuatuaga ma Ia, ia tatou taumafai pea i le mea e gata mai
ai i lo tatou malosi ma ola, e mulimuli ta’i pea i mea lelei, i mea
moni e fai mai ai le Tusi Sa, aua le auala e sao atu ai i le Ola e
Tatou usitai nei ia te Ia, o lo tatou ala lena i le Malo o i Lagi,
avea nei Iesu ma o tatou Alii, Amene.
[Sosoo ane loa lau faitau i le tatou tala faasolo mo
lenei vaiaso, lea na gata mai i le vaiaso na tea nei i le
taimi lea ua fa’ailoa atu e Kati i le tama’ita’i o Mena,
e le mafai ona taunuu folafolaga ua fai atu e le tagata
ia te ia i luga o le telefoni, o le a ia fasiotia o ia ma ona
matua, aua o lea o lo o i ai e fesoasoani ia te ia.]
E talanoa atu fua Kati i le tama’ita’i o Mena i totonu
o le fale’aiga, a’o le mafaufau o le tama’ita’i ua le iloga
se mea e felavasa’i solo ai i le fefe ma le popole o lona
loto, pe tua ma ni a le oti o Tomasi. Ua toe mafaufau
Mena i le ulua’i taimi na fa’atoa avea ai o ia ma totino o
le kegi leaga a Tomasi, lea na faailoa atu ai e le tamaloa
ia te ia ma isi o tama’ita’i na latou o atu fa’atasi, o le
taimi lava e toe fa’a ma’amulu ese ai le tagata o i latou
mai le latou kegi, o le a fasiotia o latou aiga atoa ai ma
i latou, ma ua leai lava se eseesega o le kegi leaga lenei
ma le vaega faatupu fa’alavelave a le Mafia ua lauiloa i
soo se vaega o le lalolagi.
Na pau lava le itu o lea o lo o tau maua ai sina mafanafana i le loto o Mena, a mafaufau atu i le mea lea na
fai e Kati e ala i lona fasiotia o Tomasi i luma o ana
auauna ma ana tama fa’amoemoeina, ona ia talitonu lea
i upu uma o lo o talanoa atu ai le tama ia te ia. “Suga
Mena, ou te vaai atu e le o mautonu lou mafaufau, e i
ai la se mea e te mana’o ou te fesoasoani atu ai ia te
oe i le taimi nei lava,?” o le fesili atu lea a Kati i le
tama’ita’i, ae na tali le tama’ita’i, “Ta o e asi o’u matua
po o saogalemu i le taimi nei lava, ina ne’i ta tuai atu ae
ua osofa’i e tama fa’amoemoeina a Tomasi o lo o i ai.”
O le tomai fa’a leoleo nana o lo o ia Kati, na mafua ai
ona ia manatu e paka pea le la ta’avale i le fale talimalo,
ae o le a ia fa’anoi le kiliva a le fale’aiga lea e masani
ona afe ma inu kofe ai la te o ai i le pitonuu lea e i ai
matua o Mena se’i asi po o lelei mea uma, ina ia faigata
ai ona mateia e le au faatupu fa’alavelave le la ta’avale
pe a pasi atu i le oganuu lea.
Na iloa mamao atu lava e Mena ta’avale uli a
le tamaloa o Tomasi o lo o paka mai i le tulimanu o
le auala e aga’i i totonu o le nofoaga e i ai le fale a
ona matua, ona ia manatu loa lea, e pei lava ua i ai se
mea ua tupu i ona matua. E le i faailoa e Mena ia Kati
ta’avale uli a le vaega a Tomasi lea ua ia iloaina atu,
ae na fa’ataga le ano lava i ai le tama’ita’i ona ua oso
lona fefe, ina ne’i avea le i ai o tama fa’amoemoeina a
Tomasi i le oganuu lea ma itu e fefe atu ai ma Kati. Na
te’i Mena i le tu fa’afuase’i o le la ta’avale ma Kati, ona
fesili lea o le tama’ita’i i le tamaloa pe aisea ua tu ai le
ta’avale, ae na tali Kati, “Aua ete popole o lea e la’u oka
a aiga na ta o mai e kiliva mai,” e fai lava tala a Kati ma
oso i fafo ma le ta’avale kiliva, ona fa’atoa uu lea o ipu
e foliga mai o ni meaai mo le ‘breakfast o lo o kiliva i
fale o tagata matutua, ona fa’ataga savali lea ma tu’itu’i
i faitoto’a o fale o aiga, se’ia oo atu lava i le fale o matua
o Mena, ona tu’itu’i loa lea e le tama ma le faitoto’a,
peita’i na fiu e tu’itu’i e le i tatalaina mai le faitoto’a, ae
o lo o paka ai le ta’avale a le ulugali’i i fafo o le la fale.
[E toe faatalofa atu i le mamalu o le au faitau i lenei taeao, malo le soifua maua malo foi le onosa’i, ae alo
mai loa o le toe sosooina lenei o le tatou tala faasolo lea na gata mai i le vaiaso na te’a nei i le taimi lea na
fa’ateia ai tagata ina ua pa pa fana, ma vaaia ai le toeaina matua o Sami ua palasi i lalo.]
Na ona mou atu lava o le pa pa muamua o fana lea na vaaia ai le toeaina o Sami ua palasi i lalo, na pei o le
emo o le mata le laulaututu o isi taulele’a uma o le nuu e le i toe gaioi, na oo lava fo’i i matai ma tulafale fai
upu na faatonu latou te faatinoina le finagalo o le nuu, e leai ma se isi na toe gaioi i le taimi lea, ae ua na o le
laulau tutu e foliga mai ua tete’i i le mea ua tupu. O le fanau a le toeaina o Sami o lo o pulolou i ietoga, e leai
ma se isi na ea i luga pe oso ese ma le ietoga o lo o pulolou ai, se’i vagana ai le fetagisi leotetele ina ua latou
iloa o le latou tamå lea ua lavea, ae le o mautinoa pe ua oti pe leai fo’i.
E le i leva ae toe faalogoina e le aiga le leo pau o le tulafale fai upu a le nuu ua toe faapea atu i taulele’a
ma matai, o le a le isi mea tou te fa’atali ai o lea ua avatu le finagalo o le nuu e mu le foaga, o ai uma tagata o
le aiga o lo o totoe i le taimi lenei, fasiotia uma, afai ua latou le usitaia le finagalo o le nuu, faataunuu loa i ai
le sala. Na fiu tulafale fai upu o le nuu e toe faatali se taulele’a e toe gaioi e faatino le faatonuga, ua leai ma se
isi e toe gaioi, ae ua na o le laulau tutu ma loimata ma vaavaai atu i le taatiatia mai o le tama matua ia Sami i
luma o lana fanau.
A’o laulau tutu pea le nuu ma vaavaai i le tulaga mata’utia ua oo i ai le toeaina matua ia Sami ma lona aiga,
na fa’afuase’i ona faalogoina le leo o se tagata o lo o alaga leotele mai faapea, “fa’atali!, fa’atali fa’amolemole
....” Na tau fai togi uma ulu o tagata i le itu o lo o sau ai le leo i lo latou fia iloaina po o ai lea ua fa’alavelave i
le finagalo o le nuu, ma le tete’i ina ua latou vaaia le tama’ita’i Niu Sila o Lisa o lo o tamo’e mai i le atoa, ma
fa’asasa’o i le itu o le malae lea o lo o pulolou mai ai le fanau a Sami, ona to’otuli lea i lalo ma tagi aueue ma
augani atu i matai o le nuu e alolofa fa’amagalo Lasela ma lona aiga, e le i umi ae vaaia fo’i le tama o Lisati o
lo o tamo’e mai fo’i ma aga’i atu i le itu o lo o to’otuli mai ai Lisa, ona la to’otutuli fa’atasi lea ma augani atu
i matai o le nuu, ina ia fa’amagalo le aiga o Lasela, o le a fo’i le tulaga ua oo i ai le finagalo o le nuu, o le mea
sili ua fa’ataunuu le finagalo o le nuu, ae alolofa ia ola le pagota.
“Lo kakou guu, ou ke iloa o aso fa’apegei o aso e le mafai e se kagaka oga koe vaoia le figagalo ua au kasi
i ai le paia o le guu, aemaise lava o lea ua faakigo le finagalo iga ia mu le foaga, ae ua ma oo mai ma Lisa, ma
ke faaoloolo maau aku i le kakou guu, fa’amolemole, ia ola le pagoka, fa’amagalo ia Lasela ma loga aiga oga
o kulaga fa’alekogu e pei ona kula’i mai i se kaimi ua fago, ae afai e le kusa ai ma le figagalo o le kakou guu,
ua ma ofo aku ma ola ma Lisa iga ia fasiokia i maua e sui a’i Lasela ma loga aiga.”
Tala i Vavau o Samoa
E i ai le talitonuga e pei ona
taua i tala faasolopito o Samoa, e
i ai le mafuaaga o le tutupu a’e o
tagata Polenisia i le lalolagi, ma o
le talitonuga la lenei, fai mai i aso
ua mavae, sa leai ni faamaumauga
i pepa poo ni api e maua ai faamaumauga i mea sa tutupu i totonu
o Samoa faapea ai le Pasefika, aua
sa leai nei ituaiga mea faigaluega,
ae sa tele ina tuu taliga ma tuu gutu
mai e tuaa o aso ua mavae, faamatalaga e uiga ia Samoa ma lona
tupuaga e aofia ai ma le pogai na
maua ai tagata Polenisia. O nisi foi
auala e mafai ai ona faa faigofie
ona tuuina atu se tali e tusa ai o
lenei fesili, o le taumafai lea ina ia
faatusatusa aganuu a nisi o atunuu
e pei o Samoa, Tonga, Maori,
Hawaii ma isi lava atumotu o le
Pasefika, ina ia faa faigofie ai ona
manino se tali o lenei fesili. O nisi
foi o itu e tai foliga tutusa ai atu-
motu nei, o a latou talatuu, e pei ona
i ai talatuu e uiga i a Lata poo Rata,
Maui ma Tigilau, aua e le gata ina
tai foliga tutusa o latou talaaga, ae
tai foliga fetaui foi a latou mea na
fai. O loo i ai pine faamau o mea na
tutupu mai ia Maui, Lata ma Tigilau,
lea foi o loo avea ma nisi o Vavau
taua o le atunuu, ma, o se taimi ona
tatou agai atu lea i ai, ina ia manino
ai le tulaga o talatuu a Samoa mai
aso anamua, ae o le mea e ao ona
silafia, poo fea na aga’i mai ai tagata
Polenisia ma nofoia atumotu ua taua
nei o le Pasefika i Saute lea e pei ona
tatou i ai i le taimi nei. Fai mai i aso
ua mavae, sa i ai tagata lanu eena e
nonofo i le itu i Saute Sasa’e o Asia
e taua o Melei Polenisia. O le mea
ua tupu, ua latou malaga ese mai
Saute Sasa’e o Asia ma ua agai atu i
isi atumotu o le Pasefika ma nonofo
solo ai, ma o a latou aganuu ma
olaga i aso fai soo, e tai foliga tutusa
lelei ma soifuaga o tagata Samoa.
Fai mai le mau a tagata popoto i
talafaasolopito, ao agai mai folauga
a tagata Melei Polenisia i atuvasa
o le Pasefika, sa afatia la latou
folauga, ma malepelepe ai o latou
vaa, ona taapeape ai foi lea o i latou,
ma ua agai atu lava le tagata i le
motu e mapu ma ola ai. O nisi ua
taunuu atu i le Penisula o Melei ma
agai atu ai motu tetele o Initonesia
ae o nisi ua agai atu i atumotu o le
Pasefika ma aumau solo ai, peitai fai
mai le mau a tagata popoto, e le o
ni nuu moni nei o tagata Polenisia
pe a fua atu i ai i le atamamai ma le
popoto e folau mai mea mamao na
malaga mai ai, peitai ona ua afatia a
latou folauga, o le ala lea ua aumau
ma nonofo solo ai i le Pasefika.
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014 Page 11
TO Members of the ASUEGA Family and to all whom these present may come!
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that SIMI SAUSI of PAGO PAGO has offered for recording in this office
an instrument in writing which seeks to separate a certain structure which is or to be erected, on
land ASOPAOLO, allegedly belonging to ASUEGA FAMILY of the village of PAGO PAGO. Said land
ASOPAOLO is situated in or near the village of PAGO PAGO in the County of MAOPUTASI, Island of
TUTUILA, American Samoa.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that any interested person may object to the recording of such
instrument by filing in the Territorial Registar’s Office in Fagatogo, a written objection to the
recording of said instrument. Any objections thereto must be filed with in 30 days from the date of
posting of this notice.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that if no such objections are filed within the said 30 day period, the
instrument will be recorded and shall be valid and binding on all persons. The said instrument may
be examined at any time at the Territorial Registrar’s Office.
MARCH 4, 2014 thru APRIL 3, 2014
Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar
I tagata o le aiga sa ASUEGA, ma i latou uma e silasila ma lauiloaina lenei fa’aaliga!
O le fa’aaliga lenei ona o SIMI SAUSI o le nu’u o PAGO PAGO ua ia fa’aulufaleina mai i lenei ofisa
se feagaiga tusitusi e fa’ailoa ai se mana’oga fia tu’u’eseina o se fale ua/po o le a, fa’atuina i luga o le
fanua o ASOPAOLO e fa’asino i le aiga sa ASUEGA, o le nu’u o PAGO PAGO. O lenei fanua e totonu pe
latalata ane i le nu’u o PAGO PAGO, itumalo o MAOPUTASI, ile motu o TUTUILA, Amerika Samoa.
O le fa’aaliga fo’i e fa’apea, so o se tasi e iai sona aia i lenei mata’upu e mafai ona fa’atu’i’iese ile
fa’amauina o lenei feagaiga pe a auina mai i le ofisa ole Resitara o le Teritori of Amerika Samoa i
Fagatogo, sana fa’atu’ese tusitusia. O fa’atu’iesega uma lava e ao ona fa’aulufaleina mai i totonu o
aso e 30 faitauina mai i le aso na faíaalia ai lenei fa’aaliga.
Afai ole a leai se fa’atu’i’esega e fa’aulufaleina i totonu o aso 30 e pei ona ta’ua i luga, o le a
fa’amauina loa lenei feagaiga e taualoaina ma ‘a’afia ai tagata uma.
03/08 & 03/22/14
Police officers U. Alefosio and D. Parker from the Department of Public Safety awaiting the
[photo: B. Chen]
arrival of the Ocean Princess cruise ship. Talofa Video
Compiled by Samoa News staff
More than 500 public school teachers are
today taking the Praxis I test, which Education Department director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu
Hunkin-Finau says “is a basic competency test
for teachers.” Held at Tafuna High School,
there are two sessions for today’s test.
As reported previously by Samoa News
the test is for public school teachers who have
never taken this exam before and results of this
data will be used as part of the DOE’s profile
for each teacher. This is part of the DOE’s plan
to have all teachers hold a Bachelor of Education degree by the year 2016. Following this
testing, DOE “will finalize the training program
for teachers during the summer to ensure that
teachers are well prepared, in math reading
writing — which is the Praxis 1,” Vaitinasa told
House members last month, adding that the test
“also paves the way for a teacher to enter the
teacher education program officered” by the
American Samoa Community College or the
University of Hawai’i College of Education
Cohort program. Early this year, Vaitinasa told
Samoa News that a combined passing score of
170 points of the PRAXIS I Reading, Writing
and Math, is one of the “rites of passage” criteria to be admitted to the UH Cohort program
for Year 3 and Year 4 coursework leading to a
Bachelor of Education degree. According to the
director, it’s estimated the 500-plus tests will
cost the DOE close to $40,000, as each test is
$75 per person. However, should teachers need
to re-sit PRAXIS I, they will pay the second sitting out of their own pockets, she said.
In it’s first quarter FY 2014 performance
report, the Department of Parks and Recreation
says preparations are almost completed for the
Fagatogo Square project, which consists of
building a kid’s playground, a 5-stall food court
and a multi-purpose recreation open court.
This project, funded by local revenues allocated in FY 2014, will be located between the
Fagatogo Square complex and the Fagatogo fautasi boat house, which currently is an open grass
area. Parks and Recreation says the land-use
permit for the project has been approved, which
includes the site plan. The Public Works Department is finishing up the design of the project and
the bidding process will commence thereafter.
Meanwhile, the report says that in an effort to
slow down on gas usage and the wear- and-tear
on the department’s “motorized equipment, we
have scheduled the cleaning and landscaping of
public parks on a biweekly basis.”
For example, every two weeks, the entire
landscaping crew will be dispatched to trim
overgrown trees, remove unsightly and diseased
trees and clean up the shoreline areas of designated parks. On a daily basis, a clean-up crew
of two workers will stop at every park to clean
restrooms and pick up trash and debris accumulated overnight. The clean up crew will continue
with checking on restrooms throughout the day
to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness.
This daily clean up and continued checking
of restrooms, addresses many public complaints
to lawmakers in the past years about the bad
and unsanitary conditions of restrooms at the
island’s nine-public parks.
Former assistant attorney general Jeremy
Kirkland was early this year appointed as the
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) counsel to the Inspector General. Kirkland is responsible for the oversight
of the Office of Legal Counsel’s functions,
which include providing independent legal
advice, counseling, and opinions concerning
HUD, according to the agency’s website, which
also says that Kirkland served as an assistant
attorney general in American Samoa, where he
was the chief white collar crime prosecutor.
He was also with the Criminal Division of
the U.S. Justice Department and counsel to
the Major Fraud Investigative Division within
the U.S. Postal Service’s Office of Inspector
General, where in 2013 he received the USPSOIG Excellence Award. The Samoa News
archive shows that Kirkland was first hired in
the summer of 2003 under a two-year contract
with the AG’s Office and was later extended.
During his tenure, he was the main prosecutor
in a 2004 major drug case following a police
raid of a home in Iliili.
Kirkland graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1995 with a degree in business administration, then pursued his law degree for another
three years at the University of Mississippi Law
School, where he graduated in 1998. He learned of
the job opening in American Samoa in a notice at
the University of Mississippi Law School.
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Pavaiai 699-7206 • Nuuuli 699-1888 • Fagatogo 633-2239
TO Members of the LEVAO Family and to all whom these present may come!
recording in this office an instrument in writing which seeks to separate a certain structure which is
or to be erected, on land SAUMALEAGA allegedly belonging to LEVAO FAMILY of the village of TA’U.
Said land SAUMALEAGA is situated in or near the village of TA’U in the County of TA’U, Island of
MANU’A, American Samoa.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that any interested person may object to the recording of such
instrument by filing in the Territorial Registar’s Office in Fagatogo, a written objection to the
recording of said instrument. Any objections thereto must be filed with in 30 days from the date of
posting of this notice.
NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that if no such objections are filed within the said 30 day period, the
instrument will be recorded and shall be valid and binding on all persons. The said instrument may
be examined at any time at the Territorial Registrar’s Office.
FEBRUARY 24, 2014 thru MARCH 26, 2014
Taito S.B. White, Territorial Registrar
I tagata o le aiga sa LEVAO, ma i latou uma e silasila ma lauiloaina lenei fa’aaliga!
O le fa’aaliga lenei ona o PEA POSE SALESA & VINETA SALESA o le nu’u o TA’U ua ia
fa’aulufaleina mai i lenei ofisa se feagaiga tusitusi e fa’ailoa ai se mana’oga fia tu’u’eseina o se fale
ua/po o le a, fa’atuina i luga o le fanua o SAUMALEAGA e fa’asino i le aiga sa LEVAO, o le nu’u o
TA’U. O lenei fanua e totonu pe latalata ane i le nu’u o TA’U, itumalo o TA’U, ile motu o MANU’A,
Amerika Samoa.
O le fa’aaliga fo’i e fa’apea, so o se tasi e iai sona aia i lenei mata’upu e mafai ona fa’atu’i’iese ile
fa’amauina o lenei feagaiga pe a auina mai i le ofisa ole Resitara o le Teritori of Amerika Samoa i
Fagatogo, sana fa’atu’ese tusitusia. O fa’atu’iesega uma lava e ao ona fa’aulufaleina mai i totonu o
aso e 30 faitauina mai i le aso na faíaalia ai lenei fa’aaliga.
Afai ole a leai se fa’atu’i’esega e fa’aulufaleina i totonu o aso 30 e pei ona ta’ua i luga, o le a
fa’amauina loa lenei feagaiga e taualoaina ma ‘a’afia ai tagata uma.
03/08 & 03/22/14
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Page 12
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014
This image released by DreamWorks II shows Scott Mescudi, left, and Aaron Paul in a scene
(AP Photo/DreamWorks II, Melinda Sue Gordon)
from ìNeed for Speed.î Judge: ‘Unfair’ to jail
Sharper indefinitely
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former NFL AllPro safety Darren Sharper has been ordered held
in jail without bail by a Los Angeles judge, who
warned that she would have to free him soon if
charges aren’t filed against him in a similar case
in Louisiana.
Friday’s ruling was the latest development
in several ongoing sexual assault investigations
involving the 38-year-old Sharper in Louisiana,
California, Florida, Arizona and Nevada.
He has been charged by Los Angeles prosecutors with seven rape and drug counts in connection with two alleged attacks in Hollywood.
He pleaded not guilty and had been freed on $1
million bail, but was taken into custody again
when New Orleans police issued a warrant for
his arrest in connection with two more alleged
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Renee
Korn said it was unfair to hold Sharper “into
perpetuity,” and set a hearing for Thursday
to give Louisiana prosecutors time to charge
Sharper or for that state’s governor to seek his
return through another type of warrant.
In a bail motion filed last month, Los
Angeles County Investigator John Maccharella
described a pattern in which the former football
star met women at clubs or parties and lured
them to a hotel room, where they were allegedly drugged and raped.
The New Orleans warrant says police learned
from witnesses that Sharper and associate Erik
Nunez had acknowledged having nonconsensual sex with two women.
It does not elaborate on how the information was obtained or disclose the names of the
Sharper’s attorneys say he never made such
statements and the arrest warrant was a pretext
to hold him indefinitely without bail.
Prosecutors, however, said they were following the law.
Chris Bowman, a spokesman for New
Orleans District Attorney Leon A. Cannizzaro
Jr., said he could not comment on whether
Sharper would be charged before the Thursday
deadline set by Judge Korn.
“It’s an open investigation,” Bowman said.
“I’m not going to comment on it. I’m not going
to put a timetable on it.”
In Los Angeles, Deputy District Attorney
Javan Wygal said it would be difficult for Louisiana authorities to prosecute Sharper because
under the laws of that state, the case there would
expire within four months if Sharper isn’t tried.
Sharper was selected All-Pro six times and
chosen for the Pro Bowl five times. He played
in two Super Bowls, one with the Green Bay
Packers as a rookie and was part of a successful
championship run while with the New Orleans
He retired after the 2010 season and was
working as an analyst for the NFL Network
before being fired last week.
Leonard Levine, a lawyer for Sharper in Los
Angeles, has said Sharper will be cleared in the
“All of these were consensual contact
between Mr. Sharper and women who wanted
to be in his company,” Levine said after a court
hearing last month.
Nunez, a waiter, has been arrested in New
Orleans, where a judge on Friday set his bail at
$400,000. His lawyer Herbert Larson said prosecutors only had hearsay evidence against his
Court documents in Los Angeles state that
Sharper has submitted DNA samples to New
Orleans police and agreed to turn himself in
there if he is charged. Nunez also submitted
DNA in the case, Larson said, adding that his
client is not a flight risk.
Sharper had been released on bail in Los
Angeles on the condition that he remain in
the city, stay away from nightclubs and not be
alone with any woman he did not know before
October, when the first allegations emerged.
His attorneys contend he did not violate any
of those terms before turning himself in after
the Louisiana warrant was issued.
Transgender woman
sues CrossFit
over competition
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A transgender woman in
Northern California has sued the company behind the popular
CrossFit workouts for refusing to let her compete in the female
division of its annual fitness competitions.
The lawsuit brought Thursday by Chloie Jonsson, 34, accuses
CrossFit Inc. of violating her rights under a California law that
prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender identity.
Jonsson’s complaint says she was born male but has been
living as a woman since she was a teenager and underwent sex
reassignment surgery eight years ago. The surgery, coupled with
the female hormones she takes, satisfied the state’s requirements
for her to be recognized as female on her birth certificate and
other official documents.
Her lawyer, Waukeen McCoy, said Jonsson, who works
as a personal trainer and is an avid CrossFit practitioner, first
spoke to company representatives about her background a year
ago after a teammate learned that participants in the Reebok
CrossFit Games were required to register according to their
gender at birth.
“They said she has an advantage over other women because
of the sex she was born with, and that is completely untrue, scientifically,” McCoy said, noting that the International Olympic
Committee and other sports governing bodies allow athletes
who have undergone surgery, taken hormones and secured legal
recognition to compete in the category that corresponds to their
affirmed gender.
CrossFit’s general counsel, Dale Saran, would not comment
on the lawsuit, which seeks $2.5 million in damages. Saran
directed The Associated Press to a CrossFit online discussion
board, where he posted that Jonsson had never supplied medical
documents to back up her assertion that she was a woman. He
also dismissed McCoy’s suggestion that transgender athletes are
engaged in a struggle as valid as the one black baseball players
waged to be accepted in the major leagues.
“The fundamental, ineluctable fact is that a male competitor who has a sex reassignment procedure still has a genetic
makeup that confers a physical and physiological advantage
over women,” Saran wrote in a letter to McCoy that’s linked to
the discussion board. “That Chloie may have felt herself emotionally, and very conscientiously, to be a woman in her heart,
and that she ultimately underwent the legal and other surgical
procedures to carry that out, cannot change that reality.”
Saran said CrossFit may create a separate division for transgender athletes if enough step forward to compete.
“Our decision has nothing to do with ‘ignorance’ or being
bigots - it has to do with a very real understanding of the human
genome, of fundamental biology, that you are either intentionally ignoring or missed in high school,” he said.
CrossFit is headquartered in Washington, D.C., but its
founder, Greg Glassman, launched it in Santa Cruz, Calif. in
the late 1990s. The company has 7,000 affiliate gyms around
the world where classes offer an intense, military-style mix of
weight-lifting, core conditioning and cardio exercises, according
to its website.
Individuals and teams compete every year in the timed
CrossFit Games to determine who can complete the most repetitions of various exercises.
Mom of wandering
toddlers charged
with child abuse
LOS ANGELES (AP) — The mother of two toddlers who
were found wandering filthy and alone in South Los Angeles
has pleaded not guilty to child abuse and other charges.
City News Service says 32-year-old Sidnicka Wilson entered
the plea Friday. Other charges filed against her include possession of a controlled substance and giving false information to a
police officer.
Wilson, 32, was arrested Wednesday, two days after her two
sons, one about 18 months old and the other about 3 years old,
were spotted near the family’s apartment.
Police said the older boy was known to walk to a nearby
liquor store to get bread to feed himself and his brother.
The children are now in county custody.
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014 Page 13
it’s at in
American Samoa
This photo provided by Laurent Errera taken Dec. 26, 2011, shows the Malaysia Airlines
Boeing 777-200ER that disappeared from air traffic control screens Saturday, taking off from
Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 carrying 239
people lost contact with air traffic control early Saturday morning, March 8, 2014 on a flight from
Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and international aviation authorities still hadn’t located the jetliner
several hours later. (AP Photo/Laurent Errera)
China-bound Malaysian jet
vanishes with 239 aboard
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) —
Search and rescue crews across Southeast Asia
scrambled to find a Malaysia Airlines Boeing
777 that disappeared from air traffic control
screens over waters between Malaysia and
Vietnam early Saturday with 239 people aboard.
Less than one hour after Flight MH370 left
Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, the plane disappeared from radar. More than 12 hours after
contact was lost, there was still no sign of the
aircraft, and no wreckage had been spotted.
Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari
Yahya said there was no indication that the
pilots sent a distress signal. The fact that
there was apparently no call for help suggests
that whatever happened to the flight occurred
The plane, which carried passengers mostly
from China but also from other Asian countries,
North America and Europe, was last spotted
around where the South China Sea meets the
Gulf of Thailand.
At Beijing’s airport, authorities posted a
notice asking relatives and friends of passengers to gather at a hotel about 15 kilometers
(nine miles) from the airport to wait for further
information, and provided a shuttle bus service.
A woman wept aboard the shuttle bus while
saying on a mobile phone, “They want us to go
to the hotel. It cannot be good!”
Relatives and friends of passengers were
escorted into a private area at the Lido Hotel,
and reporters were kept away. A man in a
gray hooded sweatshirt later stormed out complaining about a lack of information. The man,
who said he was a Beijing resident but declined
to give his name, said he was anxious because
his mother was on board the flight with a group
of 10 tourists.
“We have been waiting for hours,” he said.
“And there is still no verification.”
The plane was last detected on radar at 1:30
a.m. (1730 GMT Friday) about 75 nautical
miles (85 miles, 135 kilometers) north of the
Malaysian city of Kuala Terengganu, said Azaharudin Abdul Rahman, Malaysia’s civil aviation chief.
Lai Xuan Thanh, director of Vietnam’s civil
aviation authority, said air traffic officials in
the country never made contact with the plane.
The plane “lost all contact and radar signal one
minute before it entered Vietnam’s air traffic
control,” Lt. Gen. Vo Van Tuan, deputy chief
of staff of the Vietnamese army, said in a
The South China Sea is a tense region with
competing territorial claims that have led to
several low-level conflicts, particularly between
China and the Philippines. That antipathy
briefly faded as nations of the region rushed
to aid in the search, with China dispatching
two maritime rescue ships and the Philippines
deploying three air force planes and three navy
patrol ships to help.
“In times of emergencies like this, we have to
show unity of efforts that transcends boundaries
and issues,” said Lt. Gen. Roy Deveraturda,
commander of the Philippine military’s Western
Thanh said Malaysian, Singaporean and
Vietnamese search officials were coordinating
operations. He said Vietnam had sent aircraft
and ships scour 11,200-square-kilometer area
where the plane was last known to be. Vietnamese fishermen in the area have been asked to
report any suspected sign of the missing plane.
Asked whether terrorism was suspected,
Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin
Hussein said authorities had “no information
but we are looking at all possibilities.”
The plane was carrying 227 passengers,
including two infants, and 12 crew members,
the airline said. It said there were 152 passengers from China, 38 from Malaysia, seven from
Indonesia, six from Australia, five from India,
four from the U.S. and others from Indonesia,
France, New Zealand, Canada, Ukraine, Russia,
Italy, Taiwan, the Netherlands and Austria.
In Kuala Lumpur, family members gathered
at the airport but were kept away from reporters.
“Our team is currently calling the next-ofkin of passengers and crew. Focus of the airline is to work with the emergency responders
and authorities and mobilize its full support,”
Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya
said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all
affected passengers and crew and their family
Fuad Sharuji, Malaysian Airlines’ vice president of operations control, told CNN that the
plane was flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet
(10,670 meters) and that the pilots had reported
no problem with the aircraft.
Malaysian Airlines has a good safety record,
as does the 777, which had not had a fatal crash
in its 19-year history until an Asiana Airlines
plane crashed in San Francisco in July 2013,
killing three passengers, all teenagers from
Finding planes that disappear over the ocean
can be very difficult. Airliner “black boxes” —
(Continued on page 14)
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Page 14
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014
Musselman continues
learning at Arizona State
TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Breakfast came with national teams and his current job as associate
head coach at Arizona State. “I don’t even
game film running in the background, the news- know how to comprehend, how to put into
paper sprawled out and the box scores marked words how much being around, how much I
with ink, the conversation about who had learned being around him, much less the work
more rebounds and which teams played well ethic, discipline, things that you can carry into
the night before. The day was filled with prac- any world, any walk of life,” said Musselman,
tices, games, meetings, talking to players and whose father died in 2000.
coaches, chasing balls for the team.
The work ethic and discipline helped MusBed time came after discussions of offensive selman become one of the most knowledgeand defensive schemes.
able basketball coaches anywhere. He had
Growing up a coach’s son gave Eric Mus- a passion for basketball from a young age,
selman a rare perspective on basketball.
enthralled by what he believes to be the ultiThe game is more than just a part of his life. mate team game.
Basketball has taken hold of Musselman, the
Musselman didn’t just follow in his father’s
sway of bouncing balls and harmonic move- footsteps, he practically lived in them so he
ment of players woven into the core of who he could be around the game, begging his mom
is, a passion of immersion intertwined with an to put off homework so he wouldn’t miss even
insatiable quest for knowledge.
an hour of practice, then not get home until 10
“The highs and lows of a game, of a season, because dad worked late. It became an educabecome a part of your DNA; it’s like a fix,” tion in hoops that never stopped.
said Musselman, an assistant coach at Arizona
Wherever Musselman went, whether it was
State under Herb Sendek the past two seasons. as a 23-year-old coach of the CBA’s Rapid
“I don’t know anything else. When I’m not City Thrillers or leading the NBA’s Golden
coaching, I don’t know what to do.”
State Warriors, Musselman never stopped
Basketball has been a part of Musselman’s studying the game, constantly searching for
life since before he could walk. His father, Bill, ways to make himself and his players better.
was a long-time basketball coach, with stints in
There was no time for golf or a hobby like
high school, college, the ABA, NBA and CBA that. Musselman’s pursuit was all basketball,
during a 37-year career.
all the time. “He’s invested a great deal,”
Musselman was his father’s shadow for most Sendek said. “He grew up in a family where his
of the ride, absorbing without really under- father is a renowned coach, so you can imagine
standing when he was younger, sharing Bill’s what the conversations were like at dinnertime
zest for the intricacies of the game as he got or making drives, but he’s worked very hard
at it and had a lot of great experiences.” An
Musselman was there when his father talked ability to pass along that knowledge has been
to Cleveland Browns coach Paul Brown about the catalyst for Musselman’s success.
the importance of the first meeting with a new
Energetic and driven, he has a knack for
team. He listened as Bill talked to San Diego knowing what to say at just the right time,
Padres President Ballard Smith about his phi- knowing when a player needs a pat on the back
losophies, listened to the discussions of what or a kick in the butt. Musselman’s enthusiasm
player to take in the team’s draft room.
becomes contagious to everyone who comes
Musselman had dinner with high school within his realm and his ability to convey his
recruits who later became stars like Lionel Hol- vast hoops knowledge has made him one of
lins and Adrian Dantley while his father was the most respected teachers in the game, on
a college coach, interacted with some of the any level. “He taught me how to play,” said
players in the world when Bill was in the pro Phoenix Suns forward Gerald Green, who
ranks. He sat in on staff meetings, helped break played for Musselman in the NBADL. “He
down game film, listened to coaches discuss taught me how to be a professional. I feel like
strategies and player tendencies, got a firsthand I’ve always had the ability to do certain things,
look at the dynamics of a locker room.
but he gave me a different mindset that I never
Musselman absorbed it all, using the passed- had as a professional. I give him thanks for
along wisdom and all-in mentality to fuel a me being in the situation I’m in now.” After
coaching career that includes 906 games as a 19 years as a professional coach, Musselman
professional coach, stints with three different
(Continued on page 15)
E te fia
tusia:Toleafoa Haserota Auvaa.
Ina ua afatia le aai o Lousiana i le afa o le Katrina, o le taimi
tonu lea na alu ai le toeaina o Pili i Amerika, o le toeaina lenei,
na ave e lana ekalesia e faifeau i Louisiana. I le aso na tupu ai le
afa na a’e ai le toeaina i luga o le fale, na o atu ia tagata e lavea’i
i le fale o le toeaina, fai atu le aulotu, “Tama ‘oso mai i totonu
o le vaa lea e te saugalemu ai.” ai tali le toeaina, “Faafetai tele
lava, e aumai e le Atua le mea ou te ola ai.”
Alu atu le ‘helicopter’ valaau atu i le toeaina, “O le a avatu
le maea e te sau ai, ua malosi mai le lolo” ae tali le toeaina, “E
leai, o e vaai isi tagata o lo o mano’amia le fesoasoani, aua le
popole mai fua ia te ‘au toeitiiti aumai e le Atua se fesoasoani.”
E mana’o le toeaina, e ta’u atu i tagata o ia e lava lana
faatuatua nai lo se isi lava tagata lotu i totonu o Louisiana, e
mana’o e ta’u atu i tagata Amerika o ia e sili lona faatuatua ia i
latou uma lava. Na sau le isi va’a faaola ma tau atu i le toeaina
o lo o ma’alili i luga o apa o le fale, valaau atu lea o tagata o lo
o i totonu o le va’a e alu atu i totonu o le va’a, ae talotalo mai
le toeaina ma fai mai, “e leai, lea ou te faatali i le faaolataga e
aumai e le Atua.”
Ua oo ina maliu le toeaina i le ma’alili toe fia ‘ai, alu atu loa
i le lagi lona agaga ma tau atu ia Iesu, ona pa lea i ai o lona le
fiafia ma fai atu i ai, “na ou mano’a e tau i tagata e te faaolaina
a’u, ae o le a lenei mea ua tupu? vaai, ua feoti tagata i le fia ‘aai
ma le ma’alili.” ae fai atu i ai le Alii,
“Na ou alu atu ia te oe i le ‘helicopter’, e te musu e te sau, ou
alu atu ia te oe i le vaa-faaola e te musu foi, ua ou le iloa la se
isi mea e te finagalo ai ?.”
Oso mai le toeaina, “Sole o le a le mea na e le tau maia ia te
au o oe lea e te alu atu e laveai ia ‘au?
Na alu loa le tama o le Kelemete i le matafaga tutu ma tilotilo solo, tau atu lana tilotilo i le fafine o lo o nofo mai i totonu
o lona faamalu tele lava, savali atu loa i ai Kelemete ma fesili
atu i ai, “O i faamolemole a poo o oe o se kerisiano?.” Tali le
fafine, “Ioe.” fai atu le tama, “E masani ona e faitau Tusi Paia e
aso uma?.” tali le fafine, “O lea lava.” fai atu loa Kelemete, “Na
e faitau la i le tulafono e sefulu ?.”fai mai foi le fafine, “Ioe…
ua uma na ou faitauina uma tulafono e sefulu ma ou tausi foi i
ai, e leai lava se tulafono ou te le malamalama i ai. E a, o le a le
mea ua e fesili ai ?.”
“Lelei la, le mea sili lena ua ou iloa o oe o le kerisiona, tago
la e vaai atu le ta $1.00 lea, ae se’i ou alu ou te taele i le sami,
manatua o le la e vaai mai ia Peteru, ua e iloa?.”
➧ Jet Vanishes, 239 people on board…
Continued from page 13
the flight data and cockpit voice recorders —
are equipped with “pingers” that emit ultrasonic
signals that can be detected underwater.
Under good conditions, the signals can be
detected from several hundred miles away,
said John Goglia, a former member of the
U.S. National Transportation Safety Board.
If the boxes are trapped inside the wreckage,
the sound may not travel as far, he said. If the
boxes are at the bottom of an underwater trench,
that also hinders how far the sound can travel.
The signals also weaken over time. Air France
Flight 447, with 228 people on board, disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean en route from
Rio de Janeiro to Paris on June 1, 2009. Some
wreckage and bodies were recovered over the
next two weeks, but it took nearly two years for
the main wreckage of the Airbus 330 and its
black boxes to be located and recovered.
Malaysia Airlines said the 53-year-old pilot
of Flight MH370, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, has
more than 18,000 flying hours and has been
flying for the airline since 1981. The first
officer, 27-year-old Fariq Hamid, has about
2,800 hours of experience and has flown for the
airline since 2007.
The tip of the wing of the same Malaysian
Airlines Boeing 777-200 broke off Aug. 9,
2012, as it was taxiing at Pudong International
Airport outside Shanghai. The wingtip collided with the tail of a China Eastern Airlines
A340 plane. No one was injured. Malaysia
Airlines’ last fatal incident was in 1995, when
one its planes crashed near the Malaysian city
of Tawau, killing 34 people. The deadliest
crash in its history occurred in 1977, when a
domestic Malaysian flight crashed after being
hijacked, killing 100.
In August 2005, a Malaysian Airlines 777
flying from Perth, Australia, to Kuala Lumpur
suddenly shot up 3,000 feet before the pilot
disengaged the autopilot and landed safely.
The plane’s software had incorrectly measured
speed and acceleration, and the software was
quickly updated on planes around the world.
Malaysia Airlines has 15 Boeing 777-200s
in its fleet of about 100 planes. The stateowned carrier last month reported its fourth
straight quarterly loss and warned of tougher
A Malaysian man who says he has relatives on board the
missing Malaysian Airlines plane, talks to journalists at Beijing’s International Airport Beijing, China, Saturday, March 8,
2014. A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 carrying 239 people
lost contact with air traffic control early Saturday morning on
a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, and international aviation authorities still hadn’t located the jetliner several hours
later. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014 Page 15
Actors perform at the Fisht Olympic stadium during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi, Russia, Friday, March 7, 2014.
(AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin)
➧ Musselman…
CHANNEL * (E) English Subtitles
Continued from page 14
took a break after he was fired
by the Kings in 2007, working
as a television analyst to keep
himself in the game. Once
the competitive itch started
making him antsy, Musselman
decided to try the college
game. His father coached at
Minnesota and South Alabama, so he had some knowledge of what it was like, but he
still didn’t feel ready, certainly
not for a head-coaching job.
In typical Musselman
fashion, he methodically prepared himself to become a college coach, going around the
country visiting programs at
various levels to see the differences, spending time with
Kansas coach Bill Self, Larry
Eustacy at Southern Miss and
at Western Illinois when Derek
Thomas was there. Musselman
had seen too many coaches
struggle in the transition from
the NBA to college — and the
other way around — so his priority was to find the right fit to
serve as an assistant.
That opportunity came at
Arizona State with Sendek,
one of the keenest minds in the
college game, and Musselman
made the jump in 2012 with an
assist from his wife, Danyelle,
who put her career as a sports
TV anchor on hold so he could
pursue his dream. With his
knowledge reservoir filling
up with the intricacies of the
college game, the 49-year-old
Musselman has now put himself in position to become a
college head coach — but only
if the right opportunity comes
“There’s not a financial
obligation to do something and
that wasn’t the case 15 years
ago,” he said. “I feel fortunate
that I’m in a place my wife
loves, I’m learning every day,
but having said that I want to
be a head coach again.”
* (L)-Live Programming/News
* (R)-Rerun
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“Working with the Community”
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Page 16
samoa news, Saturday, March 8, 2014
brought to you by
tanoa tusitala hotel, apia, samoa
Saunia: L.A.F. —
Naenae Productions
I le maea ai o iloiloga mo
aso e lua, ua tolopo nei e le
afioga Faamasino Vaepule
Vaemoa Vaai lana faaiuga i
le faamasinoga o le sui palemia, le tofa Fonotoe Nuafesili
Pierre Lauofo ma lana minisita
lagolago ia Muagututagata
Peter Ah Him, i le masina fou.
O lo o molia faatasi
Fonotoe ma Muagututagata I le moliaga o le faalavelave i galuega a leoleo,
ma le moliaga e tasi o le faia
o se gaioiga faasolitulafono
(U-turn) i luga o le auala o
lo o molia ai Muagututagata.
O le aso Lua na molimau
ai Fonotoe ma ia teena le
moliaga faasaga ia te ia.
“Ou te lei faalavelave i
galuega a leoleo ma ou te lei
faatonuina fou Muagututagata e alu ese,” o le finau lea
a Fonotoe.
Fai mai a ia, sa alu atu
lana taavale ae ia tau atu i le
taavale a Muagututagata i
luma o le Faletupe o Atinae o
lo o i ai ma se taavale a leoleo.
Sa alu lana taavale ae sa le
mafai ona aveese lona mafaufau mai lea mataupu, ma sa
toe liliu ane loa lana taavale
ma toe alu atu i lea nofoaga.
“Na ala ona ou toe fo’i
ona o Muagututagata o la’u
minisita lagolago,” o le saunoaga lea a Fonotoe.
Na ia faaalia, na ala ona ia
fai i leoleo e o e vaai le komesina lagolago ia Talaimanu
Keti o lo o faasua’ava i le
falekalapu o le Leon, ona o le
fai atu o le alii leoleo o Maanaima Patu e tatau ona fai le
Na soisoi le alii palemia,
le susuga Tuilaepa Lupesoliai
Sailele Malielegaoi, i tuuaiga
e faapea o lo o tulai mai ni
fevaevaeaiga i le vaega faaupufai o le HRPP ma e ono o
ese ni faipule e faatu se latou
vaega faaupufai fou.
I se feiloaiga ma tusitala
i le aso Tofi, na tali le alii
palemia i fesili e faatatau i
le fonotaga faapitoa a le faafaletui o le HRPP na usuia
ona o lafoga a le sui a faipule
mai le itumalo Siumu, le tofa
Tu’uu Anasii Leota, lea na
lipotia e le au tusitala ma le au
faasalalau e faapea o le a faatu
se vaega faaupufai fou ma o
ia e ono taitai ai. “Na manaia
le matou fono,” o le tali lea a
“Na fai to e lava le matou
fono ma o lo maopopo lava le
matou vaega.”
O lea fonotaga faapitoa a le
HRPP sa usuia i le potu fono
a le Kapeneta mai le itula e 4 i
le afiafi o le aso Lua ma faatoa
maea i le te’a o le iva i le po.
Sa tele nisi o le atunuu
sa mate o le a faia se palota
o le le faatuatuaina o le alii
Together with the
We Are Now Registering NEW
and VETERAN athletes of all
ages to train and compete!
13-17 yrs Boys & Girls
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21+ yrs Men & Women
• Be Athletic
• No Experience Necessary
• Hard Worker
• Determination
• Good Attitudes
3:00 - 5:00pm • TJ’s Gym
Call 633-2835/770-1006 or
email [email protected]
President & National Head Coach: Ethan Lake - 770-1006 or [email protected]
National Female Head Coach: Irene Kane - 252-5569 or [email protected]
minisita o Tupe, le afioga
Faumuina Tiatia Liuga, lea o
lo o mafua ai lea feeseeseaiga.
Ua faatuina e le vaega
faaupufai o le Tautua Samoa
le mau ina ia toe faatutoatasi le Ofisa o le Tiute ina ia
faaleleia ai lana tautua ma ia
ogataasi ai ma faiga o lo o i ai
i atunuu i fafo.
Na faaalia e le Tautua
Samoa, ua tatau ona vaeluaina le Matagaluega mo
Tupe Maua ina ia tuueseese
ai le vaega o tiute e avea ma
Matagaluega o Tiute, ae avea
le isi vaega o le matagaluega
ma Matagaluega o Lafoga.
O lo o finau le Tautua, o
le a tele le tulaga faaleleia o
le aoina o tupe a le malo ma
faaleleia ai tupe a le malo pe a
faia lea suiga.
Na latou faaalia, o le 90
pasene o tupe a le malo e sau
mai le Matagaluega mo Tupe
Maua, peitai, e le o aoina uma
e le matagaluega ia tupe.
Na saunoa le sui a faipule
o le tautua Samoa, le afioga
Afualo Wood Salele, e tusa
ai ma faamaumauga o le Tala
o le Tupe mo le 2012-2013,
e 15 pasene o tupe maua a
le malo, po o le $35 miliona
tala e lei mafai ona aoina e le
“E le i mafai lava ona aoina
lea aofaiga ma o lo o taua i le
Tala o le Tupe mo le 20132014,” o a Afualo lea. Na ia
faaalia, ua leva ona tuuina atu
lea fautuaga I le malo ae lei
maua mai lava se tali.
O lo o Malaga mai I Samoa
le alii pese lauiloa o Vaniah
Toloa e faalauiloa le tauvaga
tusiga pese a le Lion Foundation i Niu Sila, mo le tupulaga
talavou o lo o mafaufau e saili
so latou lumanai i le atinae tau
O le autu o lenei tauvaga o
le tapu’e o taleni tusi pese a
tupulaga talavou ina ia tusia
ni a latou lava pese, faapea le
faaaogaina o a latou lava fati.
Ua lua nei tausaga o faagasolo lenei tauvaga mo aoga
maualuga i Niu Sila, ao lea
ua mafai nei ona tauva ai ma
tupulaga talavou o Samoa ona
ua avea Samoa ma sui fou o le
Lion Foundation.
Na saunoa Vaniah i se
feiloaiga ma le au tusitala
e faapea, o le tusi pese o se
tomai ua leva ona maua e
tagata Samoa.
Peitai ua molimauina i
lenei vaitau le faaliliu e tagata
Samoa o pese faaperetania toe
faaaoga fati mai fafo.
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