CV Andrea Nicolini (pdf, it, 1372 KB, 11/13/14)

ANDREA NICOLINI Date of birth Nationality Gender E-­‐mail Occupational field February 6th, 1987 Italian Male Ph.D. STUDENT (HUMAN SCIENCES); Member of the Research Center TIRESIA (Philosophy and Psychoanalysis). EDUCATION January 2014 -­‐ Actual September 2014 – December 2014 October 2010 -­‐ April 2013 November 2012 -­‐ April 2013 Grant (2014-­‐2016) for the PhD in Human Sciences with a thesis on Sadomasochism -­‐ Università degli Studi di Verona. Tutors: Professor Riccardo Panattoni and Fletcher Professor Lee Edelman (Tuft University). Visiting Scholar at NTU (Nottingham Trent University). Tutor: Professor Jean Pierre Boulé. Master Degree in Moral Philosophy graduated with honors (110lode/110) Università degli Studi di Milano. Master in Civic Education, James Madison Program (Princeton University) Tutor: Professor Maurizio Viroli. July 2012 -­‐ August 2012 May 2012 -­‐ June 2012 November 2011 -­‐ April 2012 November 2011 -­‐ May 2012 September 2011 -­‐ November 2011 October 2009 -­‐ July 2010 2007 – 2008 October 2006 -­‐ July 2009 Simulation of European Parliament as delegate for human rights at SPECQUE (Simulation do Parlement Européen Canada -­‐ Québec -­‐ Europe) Montreal, Canada (The simulation has been carried out in French). Summer School in European Culture and Politics School at European Parliament, Brussels. Tutor: Professor Gianni Vattimo. Training course on International Politics at Italian Diplomatic Academy (Milan), than I spent two weeks in New York City attending a simulation of United Nation General Assembly as a delegate for the human rights (The simulation has been carried out in English). Training course on Constitutional Culture at Università degli Studi di Milano. Advanced Course of English at CCE Cairns College of English -­‐ Australia. Master in Political Philosophy and Ethics at Sorbonne University -­‐ Paris (Erasmus Program). Participation at the course for volunteer organized by Paolo Pini Association. After the certification I have been allowed to work with children affected by autism. Bachelor Degree in General Philosophy graduated with honors (110lode/110) Università degli Studi di Milano. PUBLICATIONS ARTICLES «Chirpaz e l’ambiguità del Leib» in Tropos, November 2013 [Chirpaz and the ambiguity of the Leib] «Il desiderio dell’altro. Note a partire da Kojève» in Filosofia e teologia, Aprile 2014 [The desire of the other. Some note about Kojève] REVIEWS «Riccardo Panattoni. Il black-­‐out dell’immagine» in Agalma, April 2014 [Riccardo Panattoni. The black-­‐out of image] LECTURES AND CONFERENCES AT WORKSHOPS AND SYMPOSIA « Cura dell’altro e ritualità sadomasohistica » [Care of Other and Sadomasochistic Ritual] International Conference «La cura come relazione con il mondo. Sapienza delle donne, costruzione o costrizione?» Padova (Italy), May 28-­‐30th 2014. « Interior intimo meo. La logica del fantasma e la sua relazione con la sessualità » [Interior intimo meo. The Logic of Fantasy in relation to Sexuality] International Conference «Fantasie e fantasmi. Le fucine medievali del racconto» Rocca Grimalda (Italy), September 20-­‐21st 2014. « Terrible Pleasure. Philosophical Perspectives on Sadomasochism » Lecture at NTU -­‐ Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham (UK), December 1st 2014. (Participation approved). « The Real Feeling of Pain » International Conference PCACA – Popular Culture Association American Culture Association « BDSM/Kink/Fetish Studies Area -­‐ Eros, Pornography & Popular Culture » New Orleans, LA (USA), April 1-­‐4th April. (Participation approved). SPOKEN LANGUAGES Italian mother language English fluent French fluent German entry level RESEARCH INTERESTS Nietzsche’s Philosophy French culture and philosophy Psychoanalysis Philosophy of Sex Ethics of the care and violence Queer Theory BDSM