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Conference Papers by Sheffield Postgraduates
Neri Marsili
Lying and Insincere Speech Acts: an Experimental Study
Roundtable on Deception and Speech Acts
December 2014, University of Milan - Vita Salute S.Raffaele (Italy)
Neri Marsili
Assertion: two normative accounts
XXI Congress of the Italian Society of Philosophy of Language “Philosophy of
Language, Semiotics and Philosophy of Mind. Starting from C. S. Peirce in the
centenary of his death”
October 2014, Department of Philosophy and Communication, Bologna (Italy)
Neri Marsili
Deception in Films
International Conference “Philosophy and film: Lisbon 2014”
May 2014, CFUL - Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)
Neri Marsili
The Definition of Lying and Asserting
PhiLang2013: International Conference on Philosophy of Language and
May 2013 University of Łódź (Poland)
Neri Marsili
Roundtable on the book “Menzogna”, by Franca D’Agostini
April 2013, Circolo dei Lettori di Torino (Italy)
Neri Marsili
The Concealment of Certainty and Uncertainty in Assertions
International Conference “The Communication of Certainty and Uncertainty
Linguistic, Psychological, Philosophical aspects”
October 2012, University of Macerata (Italy)
Stephen Wright
The Authority Rule of Assertion
Swedish Congress of Philosophy
University of Stockholm, June 2013
Stephen Wright
Testimonial Justification: Reductionism, Anti-Reductionism and Dualism
How Am I Supposed to Know? (2nd Vienna Forum for Analytic
Philosophy Graduate Conference)
University of Vienna, May 2013
Stephen Wright
The Space of Other People’s Reasons: John McDowell’s Reductionist
Epistemology of Testimony
Deference, Testimony and Diversity
University of Copenhagen, November 2012
Stephen Wright
Can Our Entitlement to Testimonial Knowledge Be Empirical?
Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association
University of Stirling, July 2012
Stephen Wright
The Epistemology of Testimony: Knowledge Generation and Justification
5th European Epistemology Network Meeting
University of Bologna/University of Modena, June 2012
Paul Giladi
Hegel on Thought and Experience: Robust Conceptions of Phenomenology
Understanding and Perception
University College Dublin, April 2013
Stephen Ingram
Moral and Political Vice: A Disunity Thesis
On Vice: Political Ethics and Moral Conflict
Leeds, January 2013
Paul Giladi
Kant and the re-Enchantment of Mechanistic Nature
Centre for the History of Philosophy Workshop
Sheffield, January 2013
Lindsey Porter
Adoption is not Abortion-Lite
KCL Philosophy of Medicine Seminar
December 2012
Lindsey Porter
Abortion, Infanticide, and Moral Context
MANCEPT Bioethics Panel
Manchester, September 2012
Paul Giladi
Ostrich Nominalism, Peacock Realism, and Liberal Naturalism
Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy Joint
Manchester Metropolitan University, September 2012
Natasha McKeever
Sexual Freedom and Monogamy
International Network for Sexual Ethics and Politics conference
Ghent, August 2012
Joe Kisolo-Ssonko
Love, Plural Subjects and Normative Constraint
Collective Intentionality VIII
August 2012
Lindsey Porter
You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You, Baby
Society for Applied Philosophy
Oxford, July 2012
Jonathan Parry
Problems for Collectivist Just War Theory
Society for Applied Philosophy Annual Conference (Oxford) and Brave New
Annual Conference (Manchester)
June/July 2012
Paul Giladi
Hegel's Critique of Kant's Transcendental Subject
Subjectivity and the Social World
Hull, June 2012
Jan Kandiyali
Kantian and Hegelian Strands in Marx's Account of Communism
Marx and Philosophy Society Annual Conference on 'Hegel and Marx'
London, June 2012
Jan Kandiyali
Schiller and Marx on Aesthetic Production and the Division of Labour
Marxism and Aesthetics Conference
Amsterdam, May 2012
Lindsey Porter
You're nobody 'till somebody loves you, baby
Canadian Philosophical Association Annual Congress
Waterloo, ON, May 2012
Charlotte Alderwick
The Concept of God and the Role of the Ideal in Kant
International Kant Conference: The Ideal and Ideals
Bogazici University, March 2012
Al Baker
"People Always Think Something's All True": How to Get Fictional Truth
From Unreliable Narration
How To Make Believe - A Conference on the Fictional Truths of the
Representational Arts
Lund University, Sweden, March 2012
Philipp Rau
The self: social construct or neurobiological system?
Royal Institute of Philosophy Graduate Conference 'The Self'
University of the West of England, Bristol, February 2012
Al Baker
The Real Art of Videogames: Representation by Regulated Interaction
The 6th International Philosophy of Computer Games Conference
Media-Lab Prado, Madrid, January 2012
Jonathan Parry
Whose hands? Whose emergency?
MANCEPT Workshops in Political Theory
Manchester, September, 2011
Stephen Wright
The Transmission of Justification
Edinburgh Graduate Epistemology Conference
April 2011
Philipp Rau
Perspective and the subjectivity of conscious experience
Open Minds V graduate conference
University of Manchester, June 2010
Angela Grunberg
Virtues as Sensibilities
Freie Universität, Berlin, Department of Musicology
November 2009
Angela Grunberg
Tones and Virtue
Departmental Seminar, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science,
Berlin, September 2009