SIP for QIPP: Stimulating a Culture of Service Improvement

Stimulating a Culture of Service
Yvette Sheward , Director of Quality Assurance and OD,
NHS Walsall ,
Dr Robin Gutteridge, School of Health & Wellbeing, UoW
Kirstie Macmillan Research & Governance Manager ,
Sam Kumar , Research & Governance Administrator,
NHS Walsall
Background drivers
• University implementing NHS Institute (free)
offer to embed Service Improvement
methodology in undergraduate curricula
• NHS Trust R&D committee stimulating
Service Improvement culture:
– Quality enhancement as a collective
– Simple processes, realistic for all
– Contribute to QIPP agenda
Aims of this collaboration
• To enable Trust staff to understand and
utilise the methodology students are taught
– For Organisational Development, iteratively to
build quality, safety & patient experience
– To support practice learning more effectively
– To minimise theory/ practice gap
– To instil confidence in graduates to grow the
desired culture for the sustainable future
– Joint meeting NHS Institute Lead, Director of
OD, NHS Walsall, Associate Dean for
Curriculum Innovation, SHaW
– PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) Cycle selected
– Joint workshop for staff, of both organisations
and students
– Small projects scheme funded by NHS Walsall,
managed by R&D committee
– Follow up work with Practice Placement Teams
and curriculum design teams
Small projects scheme
• R&D committee made a case for funding to
Exec and Board
• 16k set aside for 6 month pilot, publicised
via health economy Intranet
• QIPP Criteria developed by R&D team
• Individual mentorship to successful
applicants provided by R&D members
• Outcomes presented at Quality event
Learning for future sustainability
– Small funds are sufficient to stimulate and
– Careful marketing is needed to achieve positive
– Dissemination needs to be a requirement
– Co-ordination and administration takes more
time than anticipated
– Most projects over-run slightly; needs to be
managed with care
• This approach to Service Improvement has
potential as a relatively low cost, high
impact approach to embed a culture of
quality enhancement as everyone’s
• The collaborative, joined up approach was