P.A.R.T. Virtual Training Presentation

Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
What is P.A.R.T?
P.A.R.T. is an opportunity for you to share your Point Park
experience with the next generations of Point Park Pioneers.
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Goals of the Program
• To increase the number of qualified students considering
Point Park University in the college search process and
ultimately enrolling
• To provide a local resource for inquiring students,
applicants and their families
• To provide regional information to the Admission Office
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Members serve as extensions of the Admission and
Alumni Offices in one or more of the following ways:
Identifying and Referring - identify high school students to whom Point Park
University materials should be sent. (Refer a student link)
Phone Calls - Prospective students who have been accepted to Point Park
enjoy speaking with alumni who live in their local area.
Emails - Prospective students who have been accepted to Point Park enjoy
hearing from alumni who live in their local area via email.
Volunteers are encouraged to be on the lookout for college fairs or other
possible recruiting events in their local areas, and to inform the P.A.R.T.
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
• Stay well-informed by reading Point Park publications and
P.A.R.T. training info
• Respond promptly to requests for student contact
• Inform the coordinators of changes in your address, phone
number or volunteer status
• Endorse and promote Point Park University whenever
• Your level of participation in the program is completely up to
you. You may choose to devote an hour or two per year or an
hour or two per week. We welcome all levels of interest to this
new venture.
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Identifying & referring students:
• As the eyes and ears of the Admissions Office, you are in a unique
position to identify potential candidates from your community. They
might be the sons or daughters of co-workers or family friends.
• They might be the young women or men that you coached in Little
League or taught in Sunday school a few years ago. They might be the
students you know whose names were just in the newspaper for making
honor roll, for getting a sports award, or for being involved in a
community service project.
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Identifying & Recruiting (continued)
• Whatever your source, if you think they would make a
positive addition to Point Park, please let us know!
• Simply log onto the Point Park web site and find the
Refer a Student form under the P.A.R.T. program on the
Alumni page
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Phone Calls & Emails
• Beginning the first week of October, students who have
applied to the University will begin receiving acceptance
letters. P.A.R.T. volunteers will be asked to contacts
several students to congratulate them on their academic
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Phone/Email Script Example:
• Hello, my name is (INSERT). I am an alumnus/a of Point
Park University. I would like to congratulate you on your
recent academic acceptance into Point Park. Being an
alumnus/a of Point Park I am happy to offer you my first
hand experience and knowledge of the University by
answering any questions you may have or directing you
to the correct people to assist you. Point Park had a
great impact on my life and I hope that it will do the same
for you.
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Key Talking Points
• Often times you will be leaving message for students and
families but when you do have the opportunity to engage
in conversation here are a few key talking points
• Visit Campus: Please encourage students and parents to
visit the Point Park campus. This is the best way for them
to see and experience the wonderful academic programs
and hands on facilities that Point Park has to offer, along
with a campus full of urban excitement! Point Park hosts
daily information sessions, tours, and special visitation
programs. For more information go to the Admission
website http://www.pointpark.edu/Admissions
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Key Talking Points (continued)
• Communicate with your Admissions Counselor: This
will open the lines of communication between the student
and the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Students can
look up their counselor online via the Admissions website.
Counselors freely communicate via email, phone calls,
and online chats. This is the fastest and best way for them
to receive information about Point Park University!
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Phone Call and Email follow ups
• After you have called or emailed prospective Point Park
students. Please follow up with the Office of Alumni
Relations. Complete the Contact Report and email it to
the Office of Alumni Relations. This will help us keep
track of the students and the P.A.R.T. program activity.
You are also free to give us a call at anytime if you have
questions or concerns.
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Point Park Information
• As an ambassador of the University we hope
that you will be excited to keep up to date on the
latest news and events on campus. Please
review the information in the training at your
convenience but check the University website
frequently for the most update communications.
Pioneer Alumni Recruitment Team
Office of Alumni Relations
Kelly Clawson
[email protected]
Office of Admissions
Megan Colt
[email protected]