Social Media Guidelines Presentation

Web Advisory Committee
Social Media Guidelines
General Information
The UNM Web Advisory Committee (WAC) was
established by the president to:
Maintain the integrity of UNM Websites
Create and recommend policies pertaining to the Web
Explore new initiatives and strategies
Establish and implement Web standards
Approve exceptions to Web standards
The committee's charge includes main campus, north
campus, branch campuses, and other affiliated entities.
Social Media Committee
 Develop a proposal for UNM Social Media Guidelines
Alex Paramo (Provost Office)
Melanie Sparks (UNM Bookstore)
Benson Hendrix (UCAM)
Michele Huff (University Council)
Bob Christner (Accessibility)
Nolan Lee (UCAM)
Dorene DiNaro (Student Affairs)
Ray Sykes (Human Resources)
Jason Bengtson (HSLIC)
Sari Krosinsky (UCAM)
Jayson Capps (NMEL)
Steven Harris (University Library)
Jeremy Jaramillo (Continuing Education) Vanessa Baca (Information Technologies)
John Kofonow (College of Education)
Kim Jarigese (Extended University)
Kurt Esser (Athletics)
Lauren Lewis (HSC Public Affairs)
Linda Thornton (Gallup / Branch Campuses)
Matt Maez (Dean of Students)
Social Media Guidelines Approach
Research Existing Policies
Examples include:
University of Texas
University of Michigan
California State University – East Bay
Tufts University
University of Oregon
Social Media Guidelines Approach
Best Approach
 Non platform specific guidelines
 Guidelines presented in three parts
 General Introduction
 Guidelines for Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees
 Guidelines for UNM Social Media Property Owners and Managers
 Best Practices for Specific Platforms
 UNM Official Directory of Social Media Sites
Social Media Guidelines
General Introduction
 Guidelines intended as minimum standard
 Units may adopt additional guidelines for their users
 General guidance for all social media users
Guidelines for Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees
 Help individuals protect themselves while using Social Media
 Understand University policies and expectations when utilizing
Social Media
Guidelines for UNM Social Media Property Owners &
 Follow guidelines for faculty, staff, and student employees
 Establish clear guidelines for a consistent representation on
Social Media outlets that are the property of UNM
Coming Soon
Best Practices for Specific Platforms
 Support general social media guidelines with best
 Develop platform specific guidance for users of Social
UNM Official Directory of Social Media Sites
 Maintained list of recognized UNM Social Media sites
 Help users know which sites officially represent UNM
Social Media Guidelines
Matthew Maez
Dean of Students
[email protected]
Ray Sykes
Human Resources
[email protected]
Best Practices & Social Media Directory
Matt Carter
University Communication and Marketing
[email protected]