Campus Master Plan Vision

Beloit College
Master Plan Goals
Create a Vision for the Next 25 Years
Enrich the legacy of the campus
Manifest the Strategic Plan in the
campus facilities
Create a Physical Environment that is
the equal of the Academic
Strengthen the connections
between the College and the
Unify the Campus
A cohesive Beloit first
Honor Beloit’s special character
Preserve the campus heritage
Further integrate the College
and the Community
Approach Everything with Quality
Reveal the richness of the
Create special environments for
living and learning
Make Beloit successes visible on
campus and in the community
Unify the Campus
Place a Cohesive Beloit First
Knit the campus and the college
Express the culture in the place
Establish a "center of gravity" for
each of the academic divisions
Create a common ground for
global, experiential, and
interdisciplinary learning
Unify the Campus
Honor Beloit's Special Site
Reveal the sense of prospect and high
ground between the rivers
Transform the west slope to
acknowledge the river and downtown
Preserve the neighborhood
Deepen the connection to the
regional landscape
Unify the Campus
Preserve and Protect the
Campus Heritage
Landscape spaces and patterns are
as essential to the legacy of Beloit as
the buildings
Celebrate the unique treasures: The
mounds, the forest, and the bluff
Unify the Campus
Strengthen the Walking
Move cars to the perimeter of the
pedestrian campus
Create pedestrian oriented streets
and open spaces
Diminish the impact of service areas
Approach Everything
With Quality
Enrich the Living and
Learning Environments
Recover and improve common
spaces, both interior and exterior
Create more special interest houses
Apply care and attention to detail,
beauty, and material in every
renovation and expansion effort
Think beyond the functional
"We shape our buildings and our buildings
shape us"
Winston Churchill
Approach Everything
With Quality
Make Beloit Successes Visible
Reveal experiential learning
Continue to be a presence downtown
Joint cultural and performance events
Bring the boathouse to Riverfront Park
Relate the college's experiential learning
approach with the city's proud industrial
tradition of "making"
Approach Everything
With Quality
Further Integrate the Campus
and the Community
Clarify edges
Enhance entrances
Reveal the campus
Connect to community assets
Approach Everything
With Quality
Reveal the Richness of the
Consider scale in renovation,
expansion and new buildings. Look to
Middle, South, Smith as archetypes
Rediscover the piano nobile - the
unique second level spaces
Restore the best spaces, and align the
best uses with them
Makes buildings mutable, anticipate
changing needs and pedagogies
Activate transitional spaces, seek new
life for unique spaces
Vision for the Future
Build on Core Assets
• People
• Place
• Culture
Vision for the Future
Build on Core Assets / People
Exceptional faculty, staff, and students
Passion, intellect and innovation are
integral to all facets of life at Beloit
Vision for the Future
Build on Core Assets / Culture
Interactive and interdisciplinary
academic experience
A global orientation
Engaged learning
Distinguished museums engage the
community and other academic
Vision for the Future
Build on Core Assets / Place
Exceptional academic precinct
Beautiful historic buildings and spaces
Unique landscape of oak-hickory
forest, oak savanna, and effigy
mounds on bluff above the Rock River
Vision for the Future
Solve Today's Issues
• Crowded and outmoded facilities
• Underserved departments
• Reactive decision making habit
Anticipate the Future
• Increased competition for students
• Increasing space needs for teaching
• Increasing demand for residential
space and amenities
• College holdings will increase in
response, and the quality of the
academic, cultural and physical
environments must be preserved!
–the first five years
Academic Facility Priorities
Athletics and Fitness
Campus Priorities
Make the campus one place
- Enhance pedestrian environment
- Expand parking on campus edges
- Improve connections to the city
Revitalize the campus
Beloit College Master Plan
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