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What is dual
Dual Credit allows you to earn high
school graduation credit and college
credit for the same class.
**You will have a permanent COLLEGE
Benefits of
Dual Credit
•Earn guaranteed transferable college hours to
public colleges and universities in Texas
•Students are responsible for confirming that
courses are applicable for their university
degree plans
•Cheaper than regular college tuition.
•College class experience before going full
• ID’s will be provided for you by Blinn College
• ID Required for:
– Library
– Computer labs
– Free admission to athletic, music, & theater
events on the Blinn College campuses in
Bryan and Brenham
• Discounts at stores and eateries around town
(same as full time college students)
(ID pictures will be taken May 6th)
Blinn Support
Services you can use:
• The Library
Research assistance
Research materials from all over TEXAS!
Blinn College has statewide access!
• The Computer Labs
• Counseling Services
Academic Advising; Major Selection; Transfer
• College courses are demanding! You are expected
to do college level work. You are considered a
college student!
• DC requires strong self-discipline and self-direction!
• If you earn below a 70 in your dual credit class, you
may not graduate from high school! It is DUAL
• DC costs money (books, supplies)!
• Class dates and assignments follow the Blinn
College calendar—particularly significant for the 2
day a week classes! [Think Labor Day, AMCHS
teacher work days; start and end of semesters, final
exams before Christmas, final exams in May]
Here’s what Blinn College
Instructors Expect of
Dual Credit Students...
• Prepare for class in advance
Read the textbook ahead of time and be
prepared to apply, not repeat, what you have
Study 4-6 hours per week per class
• Always attend class: Blinn
College does have an Attendance
[Will extra-curricular activities make this
difficult? You should consider carefully!]
• Participate and ask questions
• Preparation and Review
requires TIME!
 Take your own notes in outline form
 Do not expect a “review” sheet
• Know when to ask for help from
your instructor: “the ball is in
your court!”
Cost of Dual Credit
 $320 per 3 Hrs [1 class] [2013-14 prices]
Fall Semester Dual credit courses
o Economics (course #2301)
o English (course # 1301)
Spring Semester Dual credit courses
o Government (course #2305)
o English (course #1302)
Some technical dual credit classes, see your
technology teacher or the course description book.
 $ of Books – depends on course ($85-110)
• Must have completed sophomore year of HS
• Must have at least a “B” average in all high school
work (at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale)
• Must have written permission from the principal
• Must meet the appropriate TSI [“College Readiness”]
scores or be exempt from TSI Assessment based on
SAT or ACT scores
TSI Exemption scores
Math ≥ 19
English ≥ 19
Overall ≥ 23+
Math ≥ 500
English (CR) ≥ 500
Overall ≥ 1070+
How/When do I take the TSIA test?
•Go to the Blinn website.
•The TSIA is a computerized test to be taken in three tests;
Mathematics, Reading and Writing. Full testing can take
from 4-8 hours.
• This MUST be exempted / completed / taken by June 30th!
• Reporting will be different at AMCHS
– 2 grading scales; 2 formats for classes
• Grading is very different in college classes,
– not on a “6 Weeks” schedule
– do not have “6 Weeks” tests or “Midterm” grades, just a
– Grades are not mailed out
• STUDENTS are responsible for
– following the course syllabus and
– keeping track of your own grades
– keeping PARENTS informed!
Blinn College and A&M Consolidated
incorporate different grading scales, and, as a
result, the student must maintain a 70
average to meet A&M Consolidated HS
graduation requirements
100 - 90
89 – 80
79 – 70
69 – 60
< 60
100 – 90
89 – 80
79 – 75
74 – 70
< 70
Dual Credit Course Approval Form
Fill in your FULL legal name.
Leave Blinn ID# blank.
Current School is A&M Consolidated HS
Current grade level is 11th grade.
Dual Credit Course Approval Form
• Parent must sign or you cannot enroll in Dual Credit
Dual Credit Course Approval Form
• Fill in the courses you are planning to take:
English (1301), Fall sem
English (1302), Spring sem
Economics (2301), Fall sem
Government (2305), Spring sem
• Leave Catalog# and Section# blank
• Come to counseling office to get official signature if
your GPA is appropriate. Doesn’t have to be a
Dual Credit Course Approval Form
• If you plan to take a technical dual course next year
or if you plan to take a course on Blinn campus,
you need to see your counselor.
• As a High School student, you must have a college
GPA to enroll in more than 2 Blinn courses in one
• Contact Blinn if you have further questions.
The following is required for Dual Credit
• Completed online application (before May 6th)
(completed online at www.applytexas.org)
• Dual Credit Approval Form (due May 6th)
• Completed Contract(s) (due May 6th)
• TSI Assessment – or evidence of exemption by
June 30th)
• Payment (August-before 1st day of class)
• Official transcript – we will provide this to Blinn
for you!
Blinn representatives will be in the Counselor’s
hallway on Tuesday, May 6th during all
advocates to collect forms, provide assistance
and take Blinn ID pictures.
The following is due on May 6th:
• Completed online application (before May 6th)
• Dual Credit Approval Form
• Completed Contract(s)
• A Smile!!
Payment will NOT be accepted at this time.
Dual Credit Important Dates
• Tuesday, May 6th – Blinn Registration –
Counselors’ Office – during advocates
• Friday, June 13th – Deadline to change
AMCHS schedule for next year
• Monday, June 30th – Deadline for TSIA
• August 25th – Deadline for payment for
fall courses – See Blinn website
• Mrs. Elaine Abshire,
Director, Blinn College Academic Dual Credit Program
[email protected]
• http://www.blinn.edu/dual_credit/index.html
From Blinn Dual Credit Staff:
There is a step-by-step guide to help dual credit
students apply for Blinn College admission
online. Most important parts of the Blinn College
website and information that you will need to know
to be successful are included.
Here is where to find it:
> www.blinn.edu
> At the top of the web page click on "Blinn A to Z"
> Under "D" click on "Dual Credit"
> In the dark gray box to the left click on
"Enrollment Process"
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