3. Christine Lee-Morrison- City of Hamilton

Public Works
Transportation Division
ACT Canada Sustainable Mobility Summit
Hamilton, Ontario
Transit Plenary November, 7, 2012
City of Hamilton New Approach to Mobility
Providing services that bring our City to life !
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City of Hamilton New Approach to Mobility
•To generate discussion regarding innovations in program
delivery and organization towards an integrated public
transportation approach
•Reflective of CUTA's new vision “To inspire and influence
the evolution of integrated urban mobility”
Hamilton, Ontario
Who We Are, Where We Are
Western end of Ontario’s
Golden Horseshoe
Centre of the most densely
populated corridor of
economic activity in Canada
2011 population 519,949
Network of highways,
international rail lines, Port of
Hamilton, John C. Munro Hamilton
International Airport
Access to Toronto, Niagara, Buffalo, Windsor, Detroit
Historic steel and textile production, diversifying economy
Home to McMaster University and Mohawk College
Strategic Directions – A More Integrated
Approach To Mobility!
Hamilton How we will grow
Estimated 2031 Growth - 660,000 people and 300,000 jobs
What we want to Achieve
Nodes and corridors urban
Compact, mixed use development
near transit facilities !
High-quality walking environments!
Complete & healthy communities!
Complete streets for all users!
Transportation choices!
What we want to Achieve
What we want to Achieve
• Modest growth - 2006 to 2011 population increase of 3.1%
from 2006, compared to national average growth of 5.9%
• Demographics - aging population, smaller households,
declining inner city populations
• Effects of the global economy
• Increasing pressures on community services
• New Official Plan establishes Nodes and Corridors Urban
• Transit oriented development opportunities and guidelines
• Amenities and natural features - Niagara Escarpment,
• Reasonable housing prices
• Strategic location
• Diversifying economy & shovel ready industrial land
Transportation Strategy
The overall transportation strategy is to rely on transit and travel
demand management, in combination with road capacity
optimization to solve transportation problems, before looking to
road expansion.
Transportation Strategy
Public transportation is a key strategic priority for the City of
A transportation strategy that:
•Relies heavily on all modes working together AND integrated
with land use!
•Is about putting transit at the centre of communities
Transit (CUTA Vision 2040)
Typical Organizational Structure
Traffic /
Land Use
City of Hamilton New Approach to Mobility
October 2011 Hamilton Council approved:
That Senior Management Team develop an organizational
structure and community engagement strategy to support, over
the long term, an integrated public transportation program for
the City that encompasses provincial, inter-regional, inter-city,
rapid transit, public transit, active transportation and
transportation demand management no later than Q1 2012.
‘Integrated Public Transportation' Program
All forms of public transportation under one portfolio:
Provincial, inter-regional transit coordination
Inter-city, rapid transit, public transit (conventional and
Active transportation (cycling, walking and ride share)
Transportation demand management
Transportation planning
Transit, Mobility programs and Transportation Planning
Mobility Programs Special Projects Office
Deliver projects and programs that aim to reduce the use of
single occupancy vehicles by encouraging modal shift to active
forms of transportation, public transit, carpooling and car
sharing, by developing new infrastructure, revitalizing existing
infrastructure, providing incentives and policy direction that
ensures efficient implementation of projects and programs.
Key Mobility Initiatives
Planning for the proposed 14 km LRT B-Line in Hamilton
Integrated with the adoption of a land use Corridor Strategy
Key Mobility Initiatives
Rapid transit “quick wins” projects
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Key Mobility Initiatives
TDM - Smart Commute program, corporate car share
pilot & a community based social marketing pilot
Key Mobility Initiatives
"Complete Streets" transportation summit & development of
a complete streets strategy
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Key Mobility Initiatives
“Bike share as an extension of transit”
Key Mobility Initiatives
New Pedestrian Master Plan
• 2nd municipality in Ontario to undertake a pedestrianspecific plan
• Context Sensitive Design approach
Key Mobility Initiatives
Next Steps - Development of a Council approved Mobility
Work Program
•Strengthen Transportation’s position as an investment in quality
of life
•Evolve rapid transit in Hamilton, with LRT as end goal
•Better integrate transportation with community planning and
design and public health
•Revolutionizing service for public transportation
•Branding and marketing entire mobility program
City of Hamilton New Approach to Mobility
Combining all modes of transportation under one umbrella
with transit leading the way!
Christine Lee-Morrison, MCIP, RPP
Manager, Mobility Programs and Special Projects
Transportation Division
Public Works Department
77 James Street North, Hamilton, ON L8R 2K3
Tel: (905) 546-2424 Ext. 6390
Fax: 905-546-4435
Cell: 905 977-8527
[email protected]
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