Global Education Association

Global Education Association
Illinois Institute of Technology
College of Dupage
DePaul University
Global Education Association
Bill Enright
• President and Director of Operations
at Global Education Association
• Director of Domestic and
International Training at Illinois
Institute of Technology for 12 years
• Political Science Faculty at College of
• Faculty from:
• Illinois Institute of Technology
• College of Dupage
• DePaul University
Internships and Businesses
Summer camp
Visit a company 4 days per week
Improve your understanding of business
Improve your English skills
Tour Chicago
Tour New York, Washington DC, and Boston
Summer Students
Why Do An Internship?
Learn New Skills
Create business relationships
Learn how business works
Improve your English
What Type of Internship
• Work in your field of study
• In an area you interested in but not your
major such as music or photography
• Work in an area you don’t know anything
about such as medicine or farming
• Work for Government or a school
• Consider your comfort zone and what you
Type of Company
• Big or small company?
• Do you want to start your own company some
• Most jobs come from small companies in the
United States
• What can you learn at a company that you can
not learn in school? A lot
• Do you like to follow or lead?
Internship Requirements
• Must have good English skills
• If you do not have good English skills you can
do a project in the schools lab
• Must dress professionally
• Must go to work 4 days per week
• Must do a profile soon
• Sorry, you are not paid
Former Students
Former participants have continued into other
colleges, including the following:
Northwestern University, Carnegie Mellon
University, UCLA, and University of Michigan
Newspaper Article
Glen Ellyn, ILChinese college student Rencheng Shu
traveled halfway around the world to witness
the Chicago Bears’ NFC Championship loss and
a record snowstorm that dumped nearly 2 feet
of snow on Glen Ellyn.
But, he said, his trip was well worth it.
Shu, 21, a student majoring in electronic
information and technology from Qujing,
China, finished up a four-week internship
earlier this month working in various
departments of Glen Ellyn School District 41.
His visit was sponsored by the Glen Ellynbased Global Education Association, which
brings over students and teachers for cultural
exchange purposes.
Since his internship began Jan. 16, he said he’s
learned a lot culturally and professionally.
Internships - Motorola
∙Visit the company or organization 4 days per
∙Focus on a company in your major
∙See how business is conducted in America
∙List your internship on your resume
Internship Requirements
• Must have good English skills
• If you do not have good English skills you can
do a project in the school’s lab
• Must dress professionally
• Must go to work 4 days per week
• Must do a profile soon
• Sorry, you are not paid
Internship Companies
Past companies have included:
DePaul University
Equip for Equality
City of Chicago
Morningstar Investments
Types of Internships
Web Design
General Office
International Sales
Jobs After Internship
Students have gone to work at the following
Samsung, China Construction Bank, Yahoo,
United Airlines (China), and Motorola
Business in Chicago
English and Culture
Chicago Tours
You will have a chance to visit:
University of Chicago
Art Institute of Chicago
The Federal Reserve Bank
Discount Shopping Mall
Friday Classes
American Business Practices
American Government
American Financial Markets
See 2012 Schedule
United States Tour
New York City:
• Statue of Liberty
• United Nations
• Central Park
United States Tour
Washington DC:
• Congress
• The White House
• Monuments
Live at home stay in Chicago
Eat with your host families
Improve your English skills
Attend weekend activities with your host
• All housing and food included
Program Cost
• Prices include internship, housing, food,
transportation in Chicago (unlimited rides on
Chicago subways and buses), tours for 4
• $3,350
• United States tours include: hotel, food,
domestic air, tours, local transportation for 1
• $1,450
• Certificate of Completion
• Certificate of completion by the company you
do the internship for
• Reference letter by your company
• Complete the application with your school
• Discuss your goals with an advisor
• Complete an Internship Profile and submit it
as soon as possible
• Feel free to email me with questions
• [email protected] or
• [email protected]
Bill Enright
[email protected]
Phone: 630-234-87
Meina Li
[email protected]
Phone: 312-388-6116
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