The role of non-professional staff in health adviser/GUM practice

The role of non-professional staff in
health adviser/GUM practice –
finding the right recipe
Paul Driscoll
SSHA conference – 09/09
Who am I?
• Past – HIV nurse specialist, Lead
Health Advisor @ Addenbrookes NHS
Trust in Cambridge
• Now - Lecturer in the school of Health
and Human Sciences @ the University
of Suffolk, still clinically active
What do I love….?
What a question to ask a new lecturer…
‘Would you like to be
involved in a new project
involving Skills for Health?’
Why the lengthy title of this lecture?
The NHS work force is
changing…and we have
to be prepared
‘200,000 NHS nurses are about to
walk out the door’
‘Hospitals creaking under the strain as
NHS vacancies are left unfilled’
Degree only professions
• NHS budgets cut by 10% in next financial
• Funding for health and social care
courses @ HEIs across the country
being reduced
• Finite NHS resources are starting to bite
• Privatisation
Will this effect Health Advisors?
• Without question
Vacancy freezes
 Increased difficulty finding staff with
appropriate experience to train
 Reduction of HA services
 Erosion of the HA role
 Greater threat in non-central/rural
The Solution?
The Solution?
Make ourselves more efficient
• Review work loads
• Review working structures
• Can technology be used to allow more effectively
• Can non-professional staff be used to complete
some of the tasks traditionally carried out by a
The Solution?
How many of you have nonprofessional members of staff
carrying out elements of HA
The Solution?
• The Associate Practitioner
- band 4
- being developed at a national level
and in a Trust near you
- enhanced health care assistant role
- significant applications within GUM
??HA practice??
- FdA supported
The Solution?
What is an Foundation Degree?
•A nationally recognised qualification
•240 academic credits (– can be topped up to full
BA, 360 credits)
•Students enter the course at academic level 4
•A qualification the facilitates widening
participation in HE
•It presents a ideal opportunity for work force
Health Care Practice FdA – Sexual Health
• Designed for non-professionals working
in an appropriate health care setting
• Fully funded by local Strategic Health
• Cohort in place to commence course in
Febuary 2010
FdA Health Care Practice – Sexual Health
In conclusion…
• Am I proposing that we
dilute the important work
that Health Advisors
carry out….? NO
In conclusion
• Am I proposing that as a
professional group we
demonstrate an increased
level of awareness towards
the threats to our
Thank you.