Student Employment Information Session

Student Employment
Information Session
Student Employment Coordinator:
Cyndy Gordon
[email protected]
Student Employment Services
• Part of Financial Aid Services
• We provide a centralized location for
Student Employment job postings online
through eRecruiting
Types of Student Employment
• Federal College Work Study (on and off
• On-campus part-time jobs (Student
• Off-campus part-time jobs
How does
Federal College Work Study (FCWS) Work?
• Apply
File your FAFSA online
• Eligibility
Based on financial need
• Earn
Be hired in a FCWS position
Common Questions About FCWS
• How much can I earn?
• Why doesn’t my FCWS appear on
my tuition bill?
• What happens if I don’t get a FCWS job?
• More answers to your questions can
be found at
Off-Campus FWS
• FWS eligible students work in local
non-profit agencies in the community
• Offers unique experiences not available
on campus
• Hired directly by participating agency
Non FWS Opportunities
• On-campus part-time jobs
Do not require FWS
No limit on earnings
• Off-campus part-time jobs
Work for an employer off campus
On Campus Student
Employment Criteria
• Student must be enrolled at least part time
• Students on academic or disciplinary
suspension, are not eligible to be employed on
the 2 student payrolls
• Departments should limit student employees to
work 20 hours per week (Mandatory for F-1 or
J-1 visa holders - all jobs on campus combined
including jobs for the private employers on
• Students employed by and attending
Binghamton University are exempt from FICA
taxes (unless in “career title”) if registered to
take at least 6 credits.
I-9 Requirements
Federal Law requires that the I-9
be completed by the student no
later than the first day of
employment and all required
documents need to be provided to
Human Resources no later than
the third day of employment.
I-9s can be completed in The
Payroll Distribution Center located
in Couper Administration Building
Room 240
Federal Law requires that the
employee must show ORIGINAL
documents (no copies, faxes, etc)
If the I-9 is not completed within
the time frames outlined above,
you are required to stop working
immediately and will not be
allowed to restart until the I-9 form
is completed
Tips To a Positive Work Experience
Making a good impression will help you with future
Arrive on time for work
Call if you cannot come to work
Turn cell phones off while working
Ask what the proper attire should be
Complete and submit attendance records in a
timely manner
• Comply with the University’s policies regarding
sexual harassment and the drug and alcohol
Student Employment Benefits
• As employees of the State of New York, Student
Assistants and Federal Work Study students are
eligible for membership in the NYS Retirement
• Must complete election form to accept/decline
• 3% contribution
• Also eligible for membership at SEFCU
Work Criteria
• Students may work a maximum of 20 hours/week while
classes are in session (includes all jobs on campus).
• F-1/J-1 employees are restricted to 20 hours/week while
classes are in session as a condition of the Visa.
• When classes are not in session students can work up to
a total of 40 hours
• It is the responsibility of the STUDENT and the
DEPARTMENT to ensure hourly limits are adhered to.
Pay Rates
• Minimum Wage Rates
• State $8.00/hr
• Federal $7.25/hr
• Maximum $17.91/hr
• Make sure you know your rate of pay
• Make sure rate is on time sheet correctly
• All time records must be signed by a
supervisor and originals sent to HR in a
timely fashion
Effective Dates 2013-2014
• All Federal College Work Study employees may begin work for the
new academic year on 8/22/2013
• FCWS employees with full academic year grants must stop work
effective 5/16/2014
• FCWS employees with Fall Only grants must stop working effective
• Student Assistant employees can work through the summer as long as
they are registered for the following fall semester.
• Student Assistants working in the summer will not be exempt from
Social Security/Medicare taxes (FICA) unless proof of summer class
enrollment is presented to Human Resources.
Graduating in May 2014
• Graduating seniors on the Student
Assistant payroll may not work past
5/16/2014 unless they are going to be
attending a SUNY college or university for
advanced degrees in the fall
Time Record Completion
Time Sheets—Use your “B” number
not your social security number.
Original time records must be
submitted at the close of EACH pay
period by Friday
Supervisor Signature is REQUIRED to
process time records
If supervisor is out, there should be a
back-up person for signature. Ask
your supervisor who this person is
Time records are due no later than
NOON on the Friday following the end
of the pay period (***Check Student
Payroll Deadlines Document for early
deadlines) Time records must be
legible and complete – Names must
match name on SS card, verify
hourly rate.
Make sure your hours total up properly
to nearest ¼ hr. and verify pay rate on
time record.
Keep your own copy of timesheet or
log in the dates and hours you work for
your own records.
Helpful Websites
Need Help?
• Student Employment/Payroll:
Jonathan Roma x7-3321
Jessica Williams x7-6952
Jena Pasquale x7-5327
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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