Transitions: Reorganizing ULS
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion reassigned to
Office of the President
University Communications reassigned to
new VP for Communications, Nancy Paton
Work Life Balance reassigned to HR
University Life & Services
Scope of Services
University Life & Services
Facilitate a living learning campus environment that
supports Student Success
Provide leadership in Essential Campus Services to
improve the campus experience and environment
- 20 operational units
- Primarily self-supporting
- 300 events and programs per semester
- Serves needs of 30,000 students & daily campus
population of 40,000
Student Success
Student Success
Accessibility Resources
Supporting full participation of students with
disabilities in the university experience
# tests facilitated each year for
students with documented disabilities
Judicial Affairs & Student Advocacy
Strong, positive advocates for all students on the
UB campus
Student Success
Off-Campus Student Services
Helping UB students who live off campus develop
life skills and improve the safety and harmony of
their homes and our neighborhoods.
# of safety inspections conducted in
off-campus student homes in 2012-2013
Veteran Services
Helping UB’s student veterans balance college with
military, career, family and personal goals
• New Veterans lounge
• Named Veteran Friendly School & Yellow Ribbon
Veteran School
Student Success
Career Services
Helping students achieve lifelong
career fulfillment
• 1,946 organizations posted
7,500+ jobs & 1,500+ internships
in 2012-2013
# of students and employers who
used BullsEye, UB’s jobs and
internship database (2012-2013)
Student Success
Counseling Services
Helping UB students resolve personal
difficulties and acquire skills, attitudes, and
resources to succeed in college and pursue
productive and satisfying lives.
• Rated highest for all SUNY University
• Excellence in Scholarship award from
Association for University and College
Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD)
# of individual, group, and couples counseling
sessions conducted in 2012-2013
Student Success
Orientation, Transition & Parent Programs
Helping new students and their families
manage the transition to college life.
# of students participating in
orientation (2012-2013)
# of first-year students enrolled
in UB 101
Student Success
Student Life
Providing meaningful student opportunities that foster involvement, leadership, diversity,
pride, tradition, learning, self-development and success
Center for Student Leadership & Community Engagement (CSLCE)
# of UB student hours volunteered (2012-2013)
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Recognized social fraternities and
sororities on the UB Campus.
Student Success
Student Life:
Intercultural & Diversity Center
# students participating in diversity programs
Marching Band (Thunder of the East)
• largest musical performance
ensemble on campus. Plays at UB
Bulls football and basketball games,
community events, and
Student Success
Student Life:
Student Activities
# of student and campus
events conducted every
Student Unions
• Hearthstones
of UB, where
the university
thousands of
faculty, staff
and visitors
each day.
# of student clubs and
organizations at UB
Student Success
Wellness Education Services
Improving the health of students, reducing risk of
injury and illness; increasing academic success and
personal satisfaction; and working toward the
genuine health of the whole campus community.
# of students who completed the National
College Health Assessment (NCHA) in
# of UB community members trained in
Bystander Intervention, to create a safer,
more helpful campus community
# of student athletes who received
intervention programming as part of
three-year NCAA-funded peer
education program
Essential Services
Essential Services
Campus Dining & Shops
Offering high-quality, high-value, and innovative
dining options that fit the varied lifestyles and
nutritional needs of the UB community
# of meals served in UB residential
dining centers (2012-2013)
・ Crossroads Culinary Center (C3) won NACUFS
Grand Prize for Best Residential Dining Concept
Essential Services
Campus Living
Providing residential environments that help students
be academically and personally successful.
# of students who call UB home
# of programs and events conducted in campus housing
# of individual tutoring sessions conducted by Campus Living
Essential Services
Parking & Transportation Services
Balancing the demand of parking allocation and
transportation alternatives to best serve the UB
3.5 million
# of riders on UB Stampede each year
・ New bus fleet: biodiesel, low-floor, accessible, GPS tracking system, automated
passenger counters
・ Bronze award as Bicycle Friendly University (League of American Bicyclists)
・ Added 280 parking spaces; reinstituted Orange Line shuttle
・ Launched BikeShare & Park Mobile; Zipcar hit a record level - 590 reservations
in one month
Essential Services
Special Events
Enhancing the stature of the university and quality of life
on campus through the production and management of
essential sponsored conferences and events, such as
Commencement and Distinguished Speakers Series
• Grand Openings: Kapoor; CTRC;
Crossroads Culinary Center (C3); EOC
# students participating in
University Commencement
# of attendees at President Obama visit
# of university and community
meetings and events
produced (2012-2013)
Essential Services
Student Health Services
Providing comprehensive health education and
quality medical services to support the
development and enrichment of UB students
# of student medical appointments
・ Launched PatientLink, a secure web
portal that gives students real-time
access to their healthcare information.
Essential Services
Connecting people across the university with
information, innovation, and tools to create a better
future for UB and our community through sustainability.
1.5 million kwh
# of kwh generated by UB’s Solar Strand since it was launched
・ Launched Solar Strand: most publicly-accessible solar landscape in the world
・ Opened five new LEED Gold buildings
・ Implemented STARS system to track sustainability initiatives
・ Collaborated with WNY Environmental Alliance, the Sustainable Business
Roundtable, and the Higher Education Network in Sustainability.
・ Launched Sustainability Academy and UB Green Team
・ Initiated BikeShare: first-of-its kind, GPS-enabled bikes (powered by a solar panel)
Essential Services
University Police
Providing a safe, friendly and welcoming
environment for students, visitors, faculty
and staff to live, learn, work, and play.
# of community service calls
responded to by University
Police (2012-2013)
・ Only dept in Erie County and one of five
in NYS to receive accreditation by
Commission on Accreditation of Law
Enforcement Authorities (CALEA)
Building an Information Culture
Partnership with Campus Labs and Advisory Board
Building strong foundation in data-based decisions
Professional Development Series
Common data sharing template
Realizing UB2020:
Student Experience Task Force
Formulate short- and long-term action
plans for initiatives that strengthen the
student experience
Create a strong bridge between student
life and curriculum delivery
Engender lasting pride in every UB student
Realizing UB2020:
Student Experience Task Force
2013 Deliverables
Plan for implementation of experiential
learning requirement for all UB students
Plans/strategies for new Undergraduate
Program, financing, implementation plans
to improve campus recreation and
Realizing UB2020:
Student Experience Task Force
2013 Deliverables
Strategies to build co-curricular
Approaches to expand need-based
financial aid program
Plan for phased implementation of “Heart
of the Campus” project
Realizing UB2020:
Student Experience Task Force
2013 Deliverables
Concepts for small physical
facility/grounds designs with high-impact
on student experience
Concepts for other high-impact, costeffective, immediate initiatives (e.g.
health/wellness, leadership, diversity &
cultural awareness, career planning)
Timeline with milestones and rationale
Resource & organizational plan
Student Experience
Task Force
“Small investment” under
$100K to implement
(capital and operating)
“Moderate investment”
under $500K to
“Significant investment” over
$500K to implement
“Quick” semester to
“Moderate” year to
“Extended” more than a year
to implement
“Relatively Easy” can be
implemented by one or
two unit/offices; no policy
“Reasonably” would
require more than two
units co-operation; may
require changes to
campus policies
“Highly” would need
implementation (i.e. multiple
units/across vice presidential
areas); may require changes
in SUNY/NYS policies
“Foundational” - shoring
up key infrastructures,
services and academic
programs that are
essential to achieving our
“Signature” - investing in
areas that will improve
UB but may not achieve
national and
international prominence
“National and international
prominence” –
transformative investments
that move UB to a leadership
On the Horizon
New Campus Housing North & South
North Campus Student Health Center
Heated Bus Shelter(s)
DSS: Malcolm Gladwell, Mary Francis Berry
& Myrlie Evers-Williams, Sanjay Gupta, David
Assessment Day
Problem Properties Task Force
Recycling Campaign
For more Information
520 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
[email protected]
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