New York State
Grants & Scholarships
into the Future
 Processing Update
 2010 Budget
• Remedial Students
 Grants and Scholarships
Modernization Strategy
Processing Update
Processing Update 2010-2011
 Applications
• Over 515,000 processed as of
September 1, 2010
 Renewal Process
 FAFSA Direct
 Anytime TOTW
 As of September 1, 2010, HESC sent
out more than 2.25 million
communications to students for the
2010-11 academic year
 99% via e-mail
Budget Changes
2010-11 TAP: New York State
Budget and Regulatory Update
 All annual TAP awards are reduced by $75
 Private pension and annuity amounts excluded
from New York State income tax are included in
the calculation of income used for determining TAP
award eligibility
 The maximum award for students, other than a
student who is in a nursing program, on Schedules
D and E attending degree-granting or registered
not-for-profit business schools qualified for tax
exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the internal
revenue code for federal income tax purposes that
offer only 2 year programs is $4,000 or the actual
tuition charged, whichever is less
2010-11 TAP: New York State
Budget and Regulatory Update
 A new award schedule with a maximum New York
income less than $40,000 and a maximum award
of the lesser of $3,025 or the actual tuition
charged is established for independent students
who are married with no tax dependents
 TAP awards are not available to graduate students
 Students in default on any state or federal student
loan are not eligible for TAP or any other New York
State financial aid program
 New academic standards have been established
for non-remedial students first receiving state aid
in 2007-08 and thereafter
Remedial Students and SAP
 Regulations Relating to New
Standards of Academic Progress
for TAP for the 2010-2011
Academic Year
Remedial Students and SAP
 Intent
• To ensure students receiving TAP
and not needing remedial
instruction or a small amount of
remedial instruction demonstrate
sufficient academic progress to
complete their programs in a
timely manner
Remedial Students and SAP
• Returning students who “fall in the
gap” between the 2006 and 2010
SAP, will be deemed remedial
students for the 2010-2011
academic year only and will
continue to be eligible for TAP
while progressing to the level of
academic performance necessary
for the new SAP standards for the
2011-2012 academic year
Where We Are &
Where We Are Going…
Express TAP Application (ETA)
 HESC ceased automatically mailing paper
applications with 2010-11 academic year
• Prior to 2010-11, HESC printed and mailed
ETAs to students whose ISIR was selected
based on NYS residency, choice of NYS
schools, etc.
• Of these applications, only 25% were
actually returned and processed
• Considerations:
 Waste of resources
 Privacy issues
 Costly
New Process: ETA by Request
 No automatic printing and mailing of
 ETA printed only upon request by
student or school:
• Student can call HESC or request online
• School can request ETA to be sent using
Request TAP Form link (previously used to
request duplicates)
• School will continue to have the on-site
print function under Reports/Standard
New Process: ETA by Request
 Same prefilled application based
on FAFSA data!
 Instead of creating the file to get a
paper application 2-3 weeks after
ISIR selection, the print function will
be available 1 or 2 days after ISIR
Proposed Application Deadline Change
for 2010-2011
 New regulation makes TAP application
deadline the same as FAFSA deadline:
June 30
 Commences with the 2010-2011
academic year
Where We Are…
Multiple Scholarship Processing
 HESC’s core TAP System (mainframe)
can only process one scholarship for
each student for any given year
 New scholarships necessitated the
development of more useful tools to
expedite processing
Multiple Scholarship Processing
 Most scholarships and TAP awards are
processed on the core TAP system
 Some programs, such as Memorial
programs, cannot be correctly
calculated due to field size limitations
• These are calculated, put on rosters
and certified using the Consolidated
Scholarship Roster (CSR) system with
expanded field sizes
Multiple Scholarship Processing
 When the student holds 2 scholarships
e.g., the Scholarship for Academic
Excellence (SAE) and NYS Lottery’s
Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
• LOT is paid on the core TAP system
• SAE on the CSR
 All Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarships
are paid on the CSR
Multiple Scholarship Processing
 Completely parallel processing
• CSR rosters and RAs are paper
• TAP rosters and RAs are electronic
 Both rosters and RAs produced at same
time according to TAP processing
schedule on HESC.org
• CSR = paper printed from HESC Standard
• Mainframe = web or electronic files
Multiple Scholarship Processing
 Web inquiry of CSR and TAP core
processing is now available in View
Student Record
First Steps into the
New Comprehensive
Student Status
New Comprehensive Student
Status Listing
 SSL COMP give schools a complete
picture of a student’s financial aid
 Contains data from both the core TAP
system and the CSR
 Layout for new SSL Comp available on
 Existing Full and Abbreviated Student
Status Listings will continue to be
New Comprehensive Student
Status Listing
 Two record types for each student,
differentiated by a Record Type field:
• One Demographic (Demo) record containing
data relevant to the student and all
financial aid programs the student receives
• One or more Financial Aid Program (FAP)
records which contain data specific to one
financial aid program, including term
• Available as an electronic file and Excel
New Comprehensive Student
Status Listing
 Fields on Demo Record (Record Type D)
Date of Birth
Petition Status
Record State
Remedial Information
Waiver Information
College Code
IVP Status
Reduction Index
Residency Indicator - New
Deferred Term Information - New
Lifetime Points Information
First Year
Student Record Count - New
CSR FAP Indicator - New
New Comprehensive Student
Status Listing
 Fields on FAP (Record Type F)
Origin Indicator - New
FAP Year
FAP Code
Application Status
FAP Lifetime Points
College Code by Term
Award Amount by Term
Roster Number by Term
Message Number by Term
Award Schedule by Term
Points Pending/Used by Term
Pay Status by Term
Certification Code by Term
RA Number by Term
Enrollment Status by Term
Cost of Attendance by Term - New
Tuition & Fees by Term - New
Room & Board by Term - New
Books & Transp. by Term - New
Pell Amount by Term - New
Budget Code by term - New
New Comprehensive Student
Status Listing
 Similarities between Full and
Comprehensive Student Status Listings
• Term information only provided if
student is attending your school in that
• Possible to have an award amount of $0
• Prior to enacted State Budget, header
record will contain PRELIM and term
award amounts masked with 11111
New Comprehensive Student
Status Listing
 Differences between the Full and
Comprehensive Student Status Listings
• No Check Digit on the SSL Comp
• Memorial scholarships contain accurate
award amounts on SSL Comp
New Comprehensive Student
Status Listing
 Differences in:
 Application Status
 Award Amounts
 Certification Code
 Enrollment Status
 First Year and FAP Year
View Student Record
View Student Record Enhancements
 HESC has added data from the CSR to
the View Student Record Web page
• New section “G&S CSR Payment Data”
added below existing Payment data
• If the financial aid program is paid via a
TAP roster, data will be displayed in the
G&S Payment Data section
• If the financial aid program is paid via
the CSR, data will be displayed in the
G&S CSR Payment Data section
View Student Record Enhancements
 View Student Record Samples
Advancing into the
Future Enhancements
 HESC plans to process multiple
scholarships for a student on the core
TAP system
• Goal is to eliminate the CSR and unify the
Roster, certifications and RA
• New data model developed
• Working on redesign of Roster, certification
and RA processing
• A survey concerning current roster use and
our thoughts on how to change the roster
for multi FAP’s will be going out shortly
HESC Points of Contact
Norene Grose
Director, Grants and Scholarships
[email protected]
Todd Palmiere
Manager, Application Development
[email protected]