eftours.com Why EF?

Why travel
A little about myself
Why I’m doing this
Benefits to your child
Watch our Global Classroom video
Meeting Agenda
EF Education First
Who are they?
What do they do?
Why did we choose them?
Our tour package
What’s included?
What isn’t?
Our tour itinerary
Pricing and monthly payment plan
Questions and answers
How to enroll
EF is #1 in Educational Travel
Who is EF?
EF is the world leader in
international education.
For nearly half a century, EF has broken down
barriers of geography, language and culture.
EF has over 400 schools and offices in more
than 50 countries.
What does EF do?
EF is different.
In addition to educational tours, EF provides
worldwide language learning, student
exchange, cultural immersion and service
tours, au pair services and college study
programs, as well as a top-ranked
international business school.
See why EF is the World Leader in
International Education
Why EF?
Best Value
Most Educational
Safety First
Quality tours
at the guaranteed
lowest prices
Fully accredited,
just like our school
Insurance Plan
Personal bilingual
tour director
6-to-1 student-tochaperone ratio
Planning and
organizing all tour
logistics by travel
Safety and Peace of Mind
EF has schools and offices in hundreds of cities around the world—
London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Lucerne, Athens, Cairo, Shanghai and Sydney, to
name just a few.
24-hour emergency on-call service so you can reach EF day or night in
the event of an emergency while your child is on tour.
Full-time, bilingual, professionally trained EF Tour Director.
EF’s Peace of Mind Program is on our side. Should social unrest or
natural events make traveling to your destination unsafe, EF will work with our
group to make alternative arrangements.
EF’s TourLink Travel Journal makes it easy for your child to share our
adventure online—in real time—with you back home. You’ll rest easier when you
see what a great time we’re having.
Since 1965. Nearly half a century of experience.
All-Inclusive Insurance Plan
The All-Inclusive Insurance Plan covers your child for:
Tour cancellation and interruption
Medical and accident
Baggage and property
Flight delay
24-hour access to an English-speaking representative
For more information visit eftours.com/insurance or call EF’s Customer Service Department at 800-665-5364.
My approach to safety
My Chaperones 6-to-1 ratio
(for every six students there
is one adult chaperone)
My Rules
My Alcohol Policy
If a traveler (student or adult)
violates my rules, I have the right
to send them home from tour at
the parents’ expense.
How does group travel work?
Group travel keeps tours
affordable, allowing more
students to see the world
Combined groups
Tour choice and departure date
We pick our preferred tour choice
and three comparable tours
Meet other students from around
the country
Watch our Traveling with EF video
What’s included?
Round-trip airfare
Full-time EF Tour Director
Current departure fees
Licensed local guides
Hotels with
private bathrooms
Entrance fees to select attractions
All-Inclusive Insurance
Comfortable motorcoach
Breakfast and dinner daily
What you are responsible for
Spending money for optional activities, souvenirs, beverages, lunches and
snacks ($25-$50 per day)
Tips for your tour director, bus driver and local guides (around $10 per day)
Departure fee fluctuations (finalized 30 days prior to departure)
Passport and/or visa fees
These are all necessities each
traveler will be responsible for
on this tour.
Passports and Visas
All travelers are responsible for securing
necessary documentation
Valid passports are required for all travelers
Passports may take up to 14 weeks
to process
Some destinations may require travel visas
Non-U.S. citizens may require special visas
or other travel documents
Passports cannot expire within 6 months of
return date of the trip
(Insert tour name)
Our tour map: <insert link to tour video>
What are we doing on tour?
Here’s the itinerary:
Paying for your tour
Student Price
Price of Tour: $3500
Monthly Payment: $350
Adult Price Supplement $400
Pay in full (minus Departure Fees) or use our Monthly Payment Plan
Automatic deductions each month
No late fees
How do I enroll?
Enrollment Fee – Reserve a Spot: $95
(Right here and now)
Tour Number: xxxxxxxx
Phone: 800-665-5364
EF Educational Tours
One Education Street
Cambridge, MA 02141
Enrollment Deadline:
Enroll today to get the most manageable,
lowest monthly payment!
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