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The College of Letters and Sciences
• The College of Letters and Sciences offers undergraduate degree
programs and foundational skill development in humanities, social
and natural sciences, and mathematics for a rapidly changing
marketplace, as well as cutting-edge graduate programs that
advance practice and research in human-service fields.
Duane Roen
Assistant Vice Provost for
University Academic Success Programs
Interim Dean, University College
Interim Executive Director,
College of Letters & Sciences
Interdisciplinary Studies BA
The ASU Interdisciplinary Studies BA program
has developed into one of the leading
bachelor’s of interdisciplinary studies programs
in the country; it is clearly in the top five of
approximately 250 similar programs.
BIS External Review
Interdisciplinary studies is an approach to answering questions, solving problems
and addressing contemporary social issues from multiple perspectives.
why do students choose the
BA in Interdisciplinary Studies degree?
• the power of interdisciplinary problem-solving
• the flexibility of the degree
• the interdisciplinary skills taught in the core courses
• the choice of face-to-face and online courses
• the ability to combine two minors or certificates into an interdisciplinary
studies degree program
• the option of a concurrent degree to more clearly define a career
pathway or prepare for graduate school
School of Letters & Sciences
Interdisciplinary Studies students take an active role in designing their
educational plan and defining their career goals
Sustainability* Business * Data Analytics* Communication * History * Political
Science * Education Studies * Economics * Sociology * Psychology *
Geography * Urban Planning * English * Medieval & Renaissance Studies *
Computer Gaming * Film & Media Production* Computer Gaming * Family
Studies * Languages * Homeland Security* Criminal Justice * Kinesiology *
Biology * Chemistry * Music * Mathematics * Philosophy * Non-Profit
Administration * Religious Studies * Anthropology * Social Welfare * Speech &
Hearing Science * Theatre * Music Performance * Wellness * Women & Gender
Studies * LGBTQ Studies* Informatics * Organizational Studies * Human
Rights * Film & Media Studies * Classical Studies - Latin* Art History *
Astronomy * Engineering Management* Sales & Marketing Essentials* Tourism
Development & Management * Global Health* Studio Art* Architectural
Studies* Ethics* Socio-Legal Studies* European Union Studies* International
Studies * Human Nutrition * Biochemistry * Media Analysis*
International Business Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies Concentrations
Interdisciplinary Core
18-25 Credits
More than 140 to
choose from
Foundations of
Interdisciplinary Studies
BIS 301
Interdisciplinary Inquiry
BIS 302
Interdisciplinary Studies
BIS 401
Senior Seminar
BIS 402
Elective Credit
Minors / Certificates
18-25 Credits
More than 140 to
choose from
The Real World…
BIS 401 Applied Study
125+ hours at a non-profit,
private or public organization
Practical experience enhanced by substantial
analytical and integrative coursework
Prior and Current Placement Sites:
98.7 The Peak
Arizona Cardinals
ASU Sports Media Relations
Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley
Escalante Community Center
Fox Studios
Honeywell International
Kaiser Permanente
Pharmalink Pharmaceutical
Phoenix Convention Center & Venues
Push Marketing & Promotion
Senator John McCain Phoenix Office
Sony Music
Wells Fargo
Researcher & Practitioner
Pairing BIS 401 with the Honors Thesis/Creative Project
Credits for the honors thesis/creative project and BIS applied course (BIS 401)
cannot be obtained through the same set of activities; however, they can be
effectively planned so that they complement one another
Real World Application
• Honors Thesis on Sustainable Cities working with a professor in Sustainability
• 125 hour BIS 401 internship at the Urban Land Institute in Phoenix which
developed and implemented the light rail corridor as a model for sustainable
Real World Application
• 125 hour BIS internship working with a professor in the Morrison Institute of
Public Policy in developing and implementing a survey on homelessness in
• Honors Thesis: Working with the same faculty member, but in developing a
thesis using a portion of the survey data as a point of analysis
Interdisciplinary Studies in Action
our graduates
marketing account managers
real estate agents
public safety
public administration
broadcast journalists
travel & tourism management
technology data managers, programmers and analysts
higher education administrators
graduate school
– professions
– other fields of interest
Joshua Watson
- BIS concentrations: Education & Family Studies
- graduate student in the School of Social Transformation
pursuing MA in Social & Cultural Pedagogy
Joshua Watson
Brendan Pantilione
- BIS concentrations: Islamic Studies & Political Science
- finalist for a Fulbright English teaching assistantship in
• BIS graduates are the creators of Project 12M an
initiative “enlisting local banks and non-profit
organizations to formalize a pathways for students to
participate in community service or service learning to
reduce their student loan debt.”
• Interdisciplinary Studies Alumni
– Concentrations in Business and Economics
– Past president of the Sports Business
Association at ASU
– Advice to students: “Network, get involved
with school clubs, do internships, and learn”
– Current Position: Client Services Executive for
• Interdisciplinary Studies Alumni
– Concentrations in Communication and Mass
– Her BIS 401 Internship at a local radio station
gave her great skills in promotion, marketing, &
event planning
– At a radio station sponsored event, she was able
to network and land her first job after graduation
– Current Position – Territory Manager for RJ
Declaring an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree
• Complete the BIS Pre-Advising Workshop
– https://cls.asu.edu/bisworkshop
• Schedule an appointment with an Interdisciplinary
Studies Advisor to discuss the degree and/or change
your major
Interdisciplinary Studies Advising
• Tempe: 480-965-4464
– UASB 129
• Downtown Phoenix: 602-496-4000
– UCENT 3rd Floor
• Polytechnic & Online: 480-727-1526
– Wanner Hall 101