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FSU SharePoint Users Group Presents:
Microsoft SharePoint 2010
Upgrade Preview
Thursday, December 1st, 2011
• Florida State University will be upgrading all ITS-provided
SharePoint 2007 intranet sites to SharePoint 2010 in
• All current sites will be able to access the full features of
SharePoint 2010 and will retain all content and data.
• A brand new look and theme will be available to all current
sites, and will be an optional feature that site
administrators can choose to use.
SharePoint 2010 Feature Preview
By: Jamey Baxter, College of Medicine
Tallahassee SharePoint Experts Exchange Group
Technical Improvements
Greatly improved performance
Improved UI
Office Integration
FAST Integrated Search
Data Integration
Behind the Scenes Improvements
• Much better database back-end design
• Uses Ajax style windows to reduce post-back to
• Better implementation of services
• More standard compliant CSS and HTML
• This equals a much faster and consistent
SharePoint experience
Better OS and Browser Support
• Behaves better with multiple operating systems
• Improved support for Safari, Firefox, Opera, and
• Some things are still Windows only
Improved Content
• Silverlight is used to add a little “life” to certain
• More library, list, and site templates that cover a
much broader scope of use
Navigation in SharePoint
• Breadcrumb navigation
• Use the folder icon to navigate the site and get back
to the intranet home page
Microsoft Ribbon
• Site Actions button is on the upper left side.
• Microsoft Ribbon design similar to Microsoft Office
Document Co-Authoring
• Multiple users can edit the same Word document at
the same time.
Work with Files in Browser
• View and Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint
documents in browser.
Work Offline
• Take SharePoint content offline and then sync the
content back to the server once they are online
again. Similar to your My Documents.
Work with Outlook
• Work with SharePoint documents, lists, contacts
within Outlook
• Sync content with Outlook
Social Media and Your MySite
• Your space to share and store files
• Newsfeeds, tagging, colleague listing, your profile
page, etc.
• Automate a series of tasks to accomplish a goal
• Visio integration for viewing workflow status
• Out of the box are improved and customizable
• Can be moved much more easily
• Can be designed using a combination of
• Out of the box
• SharePoint Designer
• Visual Studio
• Visio
Microsoft InfoPath
• All New/Edit forms are now InfoPath Web Forms
• Can be customized with SharePoint Designer or
• InfoPath web forms are much improved which lets
you reach more users
• InfoPath forms have been improved
• Sorry. There is still no non-Windows based InfoPath
FAST Search
• Now included with SharePoint 2010
• Much faster
• Filter results
Data Integration
• BDC (Business Data Catalog) has been replaced by
the BCS (Business Connectivity Services)
• Can be two way connection between SharePoint
and an external data source
• Treats external data almost the same as internal
• Good for building interfaces for external data or
simply displaying information
SharePoint Designer 2010
Visual Studio 2010
Visio 2010
Internet Explorer 9
InfoPath 2010
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
 December 1st 2011: Preview versions of current SharePoint 2007
intranet sites are available to preview event participants.
 December 5th 2011 – January 13th 2012: Preview versions of
current SharePoint 2007 sites are available to all site
administrators for review and verification.
 Monday, January 16th, 2012: Official migration of current
SharePoint 2007 intranet sites will occur. Expected downtime will
be approx. 4 hours.
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
 Copies of all SharePoint 2007 intranet sites are now available for
site review in the SharePoint 2010 environment.
 These copies are for testing purposes only, and will not be the final
upgraded versions of current intranet sites.
 These include any sites which have the
“[department]” naming convention (i.e.
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
 Copies are snapshots of the sites as they were on November 21st,
2011. Any changes to the intranet sites since then will not be
available in the preview versions.
 Preview versions are completely separate copies of live intranet
sites. Changes to preview sites will not affect live data.
 Extranet sites (i.e.[department]) are
not included in this upgrade.
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
Preview sites may be accessed using the following URL format:
EXAMPLE (current) (preview)
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
 Site administrators can activate the SharePoint 2010 visual
enhancements by navigating to Site Actions  Site Settings 
Visual Upgrade and selecting the Update All Sites button.
 Site collection administrators can activate the FSU Custom Theme
and layout by navigating to Site Actions  Site Settings  Site
Collection Administration  Site Collection Features and
enabling the Florida State University Custom Theme feature.
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
 Certain types of hyperlinks will not work correctly in the 2010
preview sites. If the hyperlink is an absolute link in the 2007 site
(i.e., it will still point to
the same location. This can make navigation links (like menu links)
point to the original 2007 site instead of the 2010 site.
 Relative hyperlinks (i.e. /subsite/index.aspx) will correctly point to
the updated location in the 2010 preview site.
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
 Please contact ITS SharePoint Team through the FSU Service
Center at during the site preview
period to report any issues or problems encountered with 2010
preview sites.
 Please include the URL of your site, specific page, web part, or list
in your submitted comments that is causing an issue.
FSU SharePoint 2010 Upgrade
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