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Metropolitan Associates
Metropolitan Associates: About Us
Metropolitan Associates is a Professional Employee Organization (PEO) that brings immediate savings
to companies by providing payroll and workers’ compensation services. Savings of 10% or more on
existing payroll processing and workers’ comp costs are realized by most clients. Metropolitan
Associates will help you realize savings on payroll services and savings on workers’ comp costs by
putting your employees on our workers’ comp insurance policy.
We aggregate/combine our client companies on our workers’ comp policy which creates the savings.
Currently we have 20,000 employees, from hundreds of companies, in our program. By joining
Metropolitan Associates, clients no longer need individual workers’ comp insurance policies. Instead
they become part of a much larger pool of eligible workers, which allows insurance costs to be reduced.
Metropolitan Associates works with some of the largest and most reputable workers’ comp insurance
carriers in the nation.
Payroll Output
Choose how you would like to receive your payroll reports and checks:
Hardcopy Reporting
Receive a standard hardcopy of
checks, vouchers & management
reports delivered to your office.
E-reports with check stock
Receive your reports electronically,
and have your checks & vouchers
delivered to your office.
Payroll Checks & Vouchers
Receive all your reports &
vouchers electronically the same
day. All employees must be on
direct deposit. Check print-back
Employee checks and vouchers have the full W-4
information on the check stub. It has complete,
current payroll and full year-to-date detail, as well as
the accrued or remaining benefit time.
Employees can have their check deposited in up to 6
different accounts.
Metropolitan Associates
Metropolitan Associates: Reports
Cash Analysis
Audit of all materials included
Net of payroll checks
Net of direct deposit
Net of tax funds
Total Cash Required for payroll
Payroll Register
Full gross-to-net and full year-todate detail by employee
Current department totals
Pay frequency
W-4 information
Check Reconciliation Report
Each check is listed in numeric
order, with up to 40 per page
Simplify monthly bank
Tax Reconciliation Report
This report gives you a full detail of liabilities by Fed 941,
state income tax, local and disability taxes, and all
unemployment liabilities. It also provides you with a
monthly and quarterly accumulation of detailed tax
Direct Deposit Reconciliation
This report provides you with the detail of each ACH and
direct deposit for every payroll
Metropolitan Associates
Department Summary
Full gross-to-net by company,
division, and department
Monthly accumulator of data
Employer liabilities detailed by
payroll, month and quarter
Metropolitan Associates: Testimonial
The Power of Metropolitan Associates
A Chicago landscaper had a renewal date for his workers compensation on January 1.
The total premium was $57,000 and 25% was due at renewal. He was going to the
bank to finance the premium until money would start coming in during the spring. By
joining Metropolitan Associates, he was able to avoid the deposit, and only pay for his
workers’ compensation insurance when he ran a payroll with us. He saved on cash
flow and interest, and no longer had an insurance audit before renewal.
Most insurance agents do not look at deductibles to save their clients money, as that
means less money in their pockets. One of our clients operates a chain of retail stores.
His premium for workers’ compensation insurance was very high, with a modification of
2.0. He had many small claims that were being reported to the insurance company.
Each year, he saw his costs of employment rising. We helped to calculate that if he
took a $5,000 per accident deductible, he could cut his premium by $65,000 per year.
He did, and through the first 9 months of 2007, the client’s total out of pocket for claims
were $3,500, netting them a savings of over $60,000.
A client had a worker arrive drunk to work. The worker fell, and hired a lawyer who
contacted the client to inform them the employee was hurt and wanted to file for
workers’ compensation. After we spoke with the company, we learned that the
employee told a co-worker that he had been drinking both the night before, and also
before he came to work the morning of the accident. If the company were not in our
PEO, the insurance company would have set up a reserve for the accident. The
insurance company probably would have paid out the claim as well. We contacted our
lawyer and set up a court date. The witness’ testimony sealed the fraud case in the
client’s favor.
For Prospective Agents:
Metropolitan Associates is looking for insurance agents who do not sell workers’ comp
insurance to their business clients. The best thing about working with us is that your
commissions are paid monthly, and for as long as the client is in our PEO. Please
contact Gary Elkins (847-226-3579) for more information.
1954 First Street
Suite 187
Highland Park, IL 60035
Metropolitan Associates