• What is a ‘colony’?
• What is the ‘mother country’?
• What was New France?
• Was New France a colony?
• Who was in charge of New
Hunters trade furs
in New France (trading posts)
Factories in France
turned the furs into
hats, clothing, etc.
Merchants in France get
rich $$$$$$
Hunters get Furs
•Who did all the hard
work in the fur trade?
•Who made all the
profit in the fur trade?
Chartered Company System
• 1608-1627  fur
companies were not
making enough money
• There was also a small
population in New
• In 1627  The King
gave over the monopoly
to ONLY ONE company:
Company of 100 Associates
• The King of France made
a deal with The Company
of 100 Associates:
• The Company of 100
Associates got to be the
only fur trading company
• BUT…
• The Company of 100
Associates was in charge
of populating New
• The Company of 100
Associates also had to
take care of roads,
buildings, jails and a lot of
other things
Company of 100 Associates
• The Company of 100
Associates DID NOT do
a good job
• It took a lot of furs from
New France
• It did not bring people
to live in New France
• The company did not
care about the deal
with the King
1663: The King is in charge...
• 1663: King Louis XIV
• He took control of New
• Louis XIV had to
become the boss of
New France from Far
Lets get this place populated!
• Louis XIV had to start
populating New France
• More women needed to
live in New France
• More women = MORE
• King Louis XIV had a
King Louis XIV’s plan
• Step 1: Send somebody to
New France to populate
• Jean Talon (intendant)
• Step 2: Use a CENSUS to
find out how many
people actually lived in
New France
• A census helped find out
how many women, men,
children and families
were in New France
King Louis XIV’s plan
• Jean Talon found out
that New France had
about 3500 people
• This was NOT GOOD!
• New England had about
20 000 people
• Why is this a problem?
• New England could
easily take over New
King Louis XIV’s plan
• Promote ‘engages’
• Ship over ‘filles du Roi’
• Encourage soldiers to stay
in NF
• Unwanted prisoners:
people who committed
non-violent crimes in
France were asked to
move to NF
• Give people money for
marrying and having kids
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