Mesa: Creating Bench Strength in Your Organization

Creating Bench Strength
In Your Organization
Kari Kent
Deputy City Manager
Mesa, Arizona
Public Sector Talent Gap Is a
National Trend
What Are We Doing To Leave A
Professional Legacy?
ICMA “Next Generation” Initiative
Promoting awareness of the local government management
profession and encouraging individuals to consider careers in
the field.
Helping new and early careerists land their first jobs in local
Engaging local government management professionals in
ICMA early in their careers.
Building the leadership pipeline by engaging and developing
promising individuals so that they are prepared to step into
leadership roles.
ACMA Strategic Plan
Key Result Areas
 High School and University Partnerships
 Explore development of curriculum for educating students
about local government
 Partner with Universities to create ICMA Student Chapters
 Participate in Career Fairs
 Professional Development and Training
 Promote ACMA/ICMA involvement
 Partner with organizations to conduct training on current
 Future Leadership
 Develop Mentoring Programs
 Encourage more internships and entry-level positions
 Encourage speaking opportunities
Mesa’s Retirement Tidal Wave
 60% of mid-to-top level executives are eligible to
retire within the next 1-5 years
 33% of mid-to-top level executives are eligible to
retire within the next 6-10 years
 185 out of 200 of Mesa’s upper management are
eligible to retire within the next 10 years
Mesa’s “Next Generation” Initiatives
City Employees
 Acting Assistant To The City Manager
 Executive Manager Program
 Library - Management Development Opportunity
(MDO) Program
 Energy Resources - Management Development
Program (MDP)
 Executive Coaches
Mesa’s “Next Generation” Initiatives
New Talent
 K-12 Schools Partnering Opportunities
 Cooperative Office Education (COE) Program
 Mayor’s Youth Committee/Mayor’s Summer of Service
 University Partnering Opportunities
 Internships
 Marvin Andrews Fellowship Program
 Post Graduate Opportunities
 Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Associate I
 Management Assistants
Acting Assistant To The City Manager
A rotating three-month assignment in the City
Manager’s Office designed to oversee various
departments and conduct special projects
throughout the organization
Executive Manager Program
A rotating three-month assignment in the City
Manager’s Office designed to give employees the
opportunity to participate in highly responsible
executive-level work that possesses a Citywide
Executive Manager/Acting Assistant To City
Manager Alumni currently developing “Mesa’s
Professional Development Network”
Library - Management Development
Opportunity (MDO) Program
 Provides staff with new assignments that will help broaden
their management experience
 Creates opportunities for interested employees to gain
supervisory experience
 Creates opportunities to view operations from a different
perspective and learn different functions of the organization
 Creates career opportunities, movement, and promotional
opportunities after the MDO program is completed
Energy Resources Department
Management Development Program
 Includes multiple participants at different levels in the
 3 month rotation
 Management sponsors to create development plan
 Community service
Executive Coaches
 Best performing organizations are those who invest in their
talent and develop competent leaders who continue to learn
and grow
 One-on-one mentoring for high potential employees to
enhance their leadership or management skills and/or
expand their advancement opportunities
K-12 Schools
Partnering Opportunities
 Cooperative Office Education (COE) Program
 Mayor’s Youth Committee
 Engineering Bridge Building
 Mayor’s Summer of Service
Cooperative Office Education (COE)
 Mesa currently sponsors three student workers that
participate in their School’s Cooperative Office Education
(COE) Program
 Prepares senior students for entry-level office employment
by developing attitudes, abilities and skills needed in office
 Students receive school credit for released time, work an
average of 15 hours per week minimum and are paid by the
Mayor’s Youth Committee
 One-year student learning program
 Juniors/Seniors nominated to represent Mesa schools
Engineering Bridge Building
 Students design and build popsicle bridge
 Bridges are judged on aesthetics and capacity
 Career in Engineering is encouraged
Mayor’s Youth Summer of Service
 Designed for teens ages 14-17 to get involved in the
 Students participate in City or non-profit related projects:
 Helen’s Hope Chest
 Sirrine Adult Day Care
 Life Saver CPR/First Aid Classes
 Save the Family
 United Way
University Partnering Opportunities
 Internships
 Marvin Andrews Fellowship Program
Urban Management
 Transit
 ASU School of Geographical Sciences
and Urban Planning
 Water Resources
 ASU School of Sustainability
 Engineering
 ASU College of Engineering
 City Attorney’s Office
 ASU/UofA Law Students
 Mesa Arts Center
*University of Advancing Technology
Marvin Andrews
Fellowship Program
 Program offered by the School of Public Affairs at Arizona
State University (ASU) designed to identify talented
students to executive levels in local government
 Master of Public Administration students are admitted to
the Marvin Andrews program each academic year
 Students receive a part-time internship their first year with
Alliance for Innovation, then after one year, receive a paidpart-time internship with a local jurisdiction
 City of Mesa is sponsoring our first Marvin Andrews Fellow
this fall and recently hired three Alumni
Post Graduate Partnering Opportunities
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
Associate I
 A four-year management training program
 Provides municipal financial experience and valuable
professional development with the administration of
the City’s annual operating and capital improvements
Management Assistant Classification
 Previous job description stated that Master’s of Public
Administration Degree is equivalent to one of the three
years of experience required for the position
 Modified job description to allow a Master’s Degree in
Public or Business Administration equivalent to two of the
three years
 Allows recent graduates the opportunity to enter the
organization post-completion of their Master’s Degree
Leave A Professional Legacy
 Recognize and emphasize talent development and
succession planning in your organization
 Identify up-and-comers and involve them in a process
of self-development and move them around the
organization to gain valuable experience
 Promote the rewards and joys of our work and the
variety of opportunities you have had
Leave A Professional Legacy
 Create specific opportunities for young talent to
develop both hard and soft skills
 Challenge aspiring managers to stretch themselves
and take on new roles
 Allow aspiring managers to take missteps and reflect
afterward to learn from their mistakes
Thank You And Good Luck
Kari Kent
[email protected]
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