Financial Aid 101 - University of Nevada, Reno

New Student Orientation
Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
If you haven’t done so already…
 Submit a FAFSA TODAY!!
- Process can take 6-8 weeks
 Submit any requested documents ASAP to avoid
delays in aid processing (Verification).
- View the “To Do List” in your Student Center
Right Now….
 Review financial aid award letter in the Student
Center on
 Complete Stafford loan process
 Apply for parent PLUS loans
 Read The Guide and Satisfactory Academic
Progress policy at
Stafford Loans
 Subsidized: need-based, interest covered by
government while enrolled half-time
 Unsubsidized: interest accrues after 1st disbursement.
Payments can be deferred until repayment starts.
 Accept award in Student Center of MyNEVADA
 Complete Master Promissory Note & Entrance
Counseling online at
PLUS Loans
 Submit PLUS Loan Activation Form
- available at
 Complete Master Promissory Note at
 If PLUS loan is denied, student can request increase on
unsubsidized Stafford loan:
- $4,000 Freshman & Sophomore
- $5,000 Junior & Senior
- Student must submit Stafford loan activation form on our
website to request increase
 Students receiving private scholarships should have
their donors forward their scholarship checks to:
Scholarship Office – Mail Stop -076; University of
Nevada, Reno; Reno, NV 89557. Checks should be
payable to “The Board of Regents”
 Nevada H.S. grads who qualify for the Millennium
Scholarship will be notified beginning late July
- Visit for more info and to
activate scholarship
Student Employment
 Campus jobs are available for students enrolled
in a minimum of 6 UNR credits who maintain a
2.0 UNR GPA.
 Jobs are posted electronically on the campus’
Job Board –
 College Work Study applies to all campus jobs.
Additional Information
 Students receiving other aid should notify our
office by submitting a Reporting Resources and
Changes form.
 Families with special circumstances can view the
form available on our website for consideration.
 Students can authorize release of their
information to parents beginning July 5, 2011.
The Bill
 Payments due August 26, 2011 for Fall 2011 semester
 Deferred payment plan available
- 3 payments during the semester
 Disbursements may begin as early as 10 business days
prior to the start of the semester.
 Prepaid Tuition is credited by the Cashiers Office
 Direct deposit can be set up in MyNEVADA
The Bill, cont…
 “Pay in your pajamas”
Avoid standing in line
Pay before the deadline
Payment drop box
Mail in payment
 For questions, contact the Cashiers Office: 775.784.6915
Contact Us:
 The Financial Aid Office and Cashiers Office are located on
the 3rd floor of Fitzgerald Student Services Bldg
 Financial Aid Phone: (775) 784-4666
 Cashier’s Office Phone: (775) 784-6915
 E-mail: [email protected]
 Website:
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