Mental Health First Aid Powerpoint Presentation

A Collaborative Partnership
for Community Behavioral Healthcare
Presentation for NAMI of Washtenaw
County November 2012
Provided by Elizabeth Spring RN,MS
CSTS Youth and Family Services
What Is Mental Health First Aid?
The help provided to a person
developing a mental health
problem or experiencing a
crisis until professional
treatment is received or the
crisis resolves.
What You Learn
 Overview of mental health problems
Depressive/Mood disorders
 Anxiety disorders
 Disorders in which psychosis occurs
 Substance use disorders
 Eating disorders
 Mental Health First Aid for crisis situations
 Mental Health First Aid for non-crisis
MHFA 12 Hour Course Agenda
 Part 1
 What is Mental Health First Aid?
 Mental Health Problems in the USA
 The Mental Health First Aid Action Plan
 Part 2
 Understanding Depression
 Crisis First Aid for Suicidal Behavior & Depressive
MHFA 12 Hour Course Agenda
 Part 1
 What is Non-Suicidal Self-Injury?
 Understanding Anxiety Disorders
 Crisis First Aid for Panic Attacks
 Part 2
 Crisis First Aid for Traumatic events
 Crisis First Aid for Acute Stress Reaction
MHFA 12 Hour Course Agenda
 Part 1
 Understanding Psychotic Disorders
 Crisis First Aid for Acute Psychosis, Aggressive
Behavior, and Psychotic Symptoms
 Part 2
 Understanding Substance Use Disorder
 Crisis First Aid for Overdose
 Crisis First Aid for Withdrawal
MHFA 12 Hour Course Agenda
 Part 1
 Understanding Eating Disorders
 Crisis First Aid for Eating Disorders
 Part 2
 Using Mental Health First Aid
Potential Audiences
Hospitals and health centers
Faith communities
Law enforcement/first responders
Nursing home staff
Consumers, families and caring citizens
Mental health authorities
Service providers
Program Origins
 Created in Australia in 2001
 Auspiced at the University of Melbourne
 Expanded to 17 countries, including
Scotland, China, Canada, Finland,
Singapore, Ireland, Wales, England,
Cambodia, Japan, South Africa,
Thailand and New Zealand.
 Piloted in the U.S. in 2008
 WCCSTS participated in the pilot MHFA
instructor training part and were of the first
trainers in the US
Evidenced Effectiveness
 Four published randomized control trials
and a qualitative study (in Australia)
 Increases mental health literacy
 Expands individuals’ knowledge of how
to help someone in crisis
 Connects individuals to needed
 Reduces stigma & increases sensitivity
 Increased awareness
People Are Saying . . .
 “I now feel better prepared for what might
Homeless Shelter Volunteer
 “This info can help a person become
more understanding, rather than
judgmental, of someone with a mental
Community Member
People Are Saying . . .
 “As a new social worker entering the field this
training gave me some useful skills and I love the
book as a reference.
U of M and EMU Social Work Graduates
 “I wish we could have had MHFA training at the
beginning of nursing school rather than wait until
our mental health nursing course”
WCC Nursing Student
People Are Saying . . .
 “Just weeks after attending the training,
I’ve already used the skills I learned in
Mental Health First Aid…”
Hospital Employee
 “I think any professionals who deal with
people should take this course, especially
emergency personnel, teachers, . . .”
Employment Services Professional
By the Numbers: 2008-2011
 45,000+ Mental Health First Aiders
 1,800+ instructors certified
 45 states, the District of Columbia and
Puerto Rico
MHFA in Washtenaw County
2008 to 2012
 CSTS has provided over 30 12 hour certification
trainings to approximately 600 individuals
 Audiences have included
Students from WCC, UM, EMU, Concordia, Wayne
Counselors, instructors and other professional staff
from our local colleges
Families, consumers, peers, CSTS staff, other
county staff, St. Joes, UM hospital staff
MHFA 12 hour Certification in
Washtenaw County
 Courses are held routinely during the WCC Mental
Health Nursing Program orientation. We started to
provide the training for student nurses in 2009 and
about 100 students are trained per academic
school year
 WCC offers the 12 hr training through the Life Long
Learning Department twice a year
 There are CEUs provided for teachers, nurses and
social workers
Local Organizations that Support MHFA
and have Representatives that have
Attended the 12 hour Certification
 Center for Independent Living
 Washtenaw County
Several local faith based organizations
 University of Michigan Health System and College
 St. Joseph Hospital
How it Works
Training Components
 12-hour community program offered
by instructors
 5-day instructor certification training
offered by the National Council,
Missouri Department of Mental
Health, and Maryland Department of
Health & Mental Hygiene
Upcoming Instructor Training
 If you are interested in attending a program, you
must apply to attend an instructor training.
October 15-19, 2012: Salt Lake City, UT
February 11-15, 2013: Nashville, TN
April 2-6, 2013: Las Vegas, NV (preceding the
National Council Conference)
June 10-14, 2013: Charlotte, NC
August 19-23, 2013: Milwaukee, WI
Tuition for the instructor course is $2,000 per
person ($1,850 for National Council) includes all
By 2020, Mental
Health First Aid in
the USA will be as
common as CPR and
First Aid.
Thank you NAMI for Supporting MHFA
in Washtenaw County
[email protected]
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