Student Group Trainings - University of Cincinnati

Division of Student Affairs and Services
Department of Student Life
Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development
Student Group Advisor Training
Fall 2011
Terri M. Hurdle, Coordinator
Advisor Role and Responsibilities
What is my responsibility as the advisor?
Academic Review
Fiscal Management
Knowledge of Group Activities
Student Group Development
Officer Transitions
Risk Management
Permission and Release Waiver
 All student organizations are required to complete a Permission and Release Form for
all group activities.
 The form must remain on file with your organization’s advisor and another copy must
accompany you on group outings (i.e.) Student Trips, Outings and other special events
 Forms are available online at
Group Travel
 Rent transportation that has liability coverage
 SALD recommends the university’s transportation service
 Facilities-Grounds Moving & Transportation: 556-4424
 Forms can be found in the SALD office (455), SGA Office (655), and online at
Risk Management
Fiscal Responsibilities
 Contracts
 Limit the authority within the group to make financial commitments or
authorize high-risk activity. All contracts should be reviewed by the advisor
and sent through the University of Cincinnati’s process which includes
signatures by the following individuals:
 Advisor
 Associate Vice-President/Dean of Students
 Director of Business Affairs
 General Counsel
 Off campus Bank accounts
 Require at least two signatures for checks/withdrawal
 Advisor and Treasurer
Risk Management
Officers and advisors are responsible for informing members of policies
and identifying risks associated with events/activities.
 Be familiar with the following University Policies:
 The university shall implement and enforce the laws of the state of Ohio as
stated in the Ohio Revised Code. Underage drinking will not be tolerated. As
permitted by law individual students, faculty and/or staff may purchase, possess and/or consume beer or
intoxicating liquor on campus at certain campus events, in designated campus facilities and in campus
facilities having permits issued by the Ohio department of liquor control.
 The laws of the state of Ohio concerning hazing shall be observed. Hazing shall be defined as
participating in or allowing any act or coercing another, including the victim, to do any act that creates a
substantial risk of causing mental or physical harm to any person. A forced or coerced activity shall also
be considered hazing when the initiation or admission into, or continued affiliation with, a university
organization is directly or indirectly conditional upon performing that activity. In no event shall the
willingness of an individual to participate in such activity serve as a defense in cases of
Risk Management
Events involving alcohol
 should be held on a licensed premise
 NO direct involvement or group members serving alcohol
 If possible provide transportation to and from the event, or have
designated drivers.
For additional information please contact the following
offices for events that may entail some liabilities:
 Student Activities and Leadership Development: 556-6115
 Office of General Counsel: 556-3483
 Office of Risk Management: 584-5042
Student Code of Conduct
 Applies to all students and must be followed at all times.
 Preamble
The Student Code of Conduct (SCOC) is intended to provide broad guidance in identifying
and discouraging behavior that conflicts with the building of a strong and just community
that respects and protects the diverse interests and goals of all students, all student
organizations, and the University of Cincinnati’s mission “to provide the highest-quality
learning environment, world-renowned scholarship, innovation and community service, and
to serve as a place where freedom of intellectual interchange flourishes.”
 Jurisdiction of the Student Code of Conduct
On and Off Campus Behavior
State of Ohio
Division of Student Affairs and Services
Division of Baccalaureate & Graduate Education
UC Branding and Licensing
Merchandise designs must be approved by Martin Ludwig, Director of
 University Hall, East Campus
 [email protected]
 All stationary, t-shirts, posters, give-a-ways & marketing/information
brochures must be approved in advance of purchase
Merchandise may only be ordered from licensed vendors
 4 licensed vendors for 2011-2012 academic year
 Students can also refer to the licensing departments website for
additional information
Conference & Event Services
Scheduling Facilities
 Go to and complete application to schedule
facilities; 556-2442
 Room reservations must be made within five business days of event
 Later notice results in $50.00 fine
 If organizations desire to use space in TUC outside normal business hours , the fee
is $100.00 for each additional hour
 A room rental fee will be charged if the event has an admission fee
 Campus Scheduling also approves amplification. Please include this request in your
 If a student organization has to cancel an event, they must notify the scheduling office
through written correspondence. If this does not take place they will be fined.
 Outstanding bills will prohibit groups from reserving space
 MainStreet Event Guide
Public Safety
Special Events
 A special event can be considered as any type of function on campus that is not considered part
of the academic programs.
 Comedy Show or other speaker
 Concert
 Dance
 Cook-Outs
 Special Events i.e. Exhibitions, recreational events such as kick-ball tournaments
Security Costs
 Student groups are responsible for all fees associated with security & grounds at large or outdoor
 Security needs are determined based on guidelines developed by the Use of Facility Committee
and Public Safety and other factors.
 For those groups that are budget planning for an event a security fee estimate can be calculated
on the cost estimate form at the following link:
 Cathy Krumpelbeck, Event Manager, 513-556-4923
Student Group Training Workshop
The Student Activities Board (SAB) and University Funding Board (UFB) have
combined the registration and treasurers workshop.
The workshops were combined to make the registration process easier for student
The President and Treasurer of the student organization will be required to attend
the combined workshop.
The first portion of the workshop will be the registration training and the second
portion will be the treasurers training.
In addition to attending the Student Group Training Workshop, students must
also update their online officer information and group roster at
( Additional instructions on
the student group registration process can be found at
Student Group Funding Questions
• What types of Groups do not receive funding from the university?
Selective Organizations i.e., Greek Organizations and Honoraries
• How can my group receive funding and learn about the process?
Attend the Student Group Training Workshops (University Funding Board Groups)
Academic Inter-Collegiate Organizations (Attendance at AIC Workshop)
Club Sports Organizations (Budget requests are due prior to the conclusion of the winter
(The 2011 Schedule is in your folder)
• What if I have questions regarding funding procedures?
For those organizations that receive funding from the University Funding Board (AIC
and Student Organizations) please contact them at 513-556-1195 or go to their website
Club Sports Organizations can contact the Office of Student Activities and Leadership
Development at 513-556-6115
Advisor Resources
Additional Resources
• Academic Grade Release
• Waiver
• Approved Vendor Listing
• Student Group Handbook
• MainStreet Handbook
Check out SALD Additional
Resources Area
• Advisor Toolbox located at
Resources Continued…
Student Group Trainings
Officer Transitions
Time Management
Program Development
Diversity and Social Justice
Contact Patty Speed @
[email protected]
27th SALD Annual Leadership
Saturday, February 25, 2012
UC Diversity Conference
April 18, 2012
Student Group Symposium
April 14, 2012