Transferring to the UC System

The Transfer Path: Having the
Conversation with Students and
Advising Students on the Community College Option
UC Counselor Conference 2013
Presentation Overview:
UC’s commitment to transfer
How transfer works
“Best advice” for prospective transfer students
Resources and tools
Counselor best practices
UC Commitment to Transfer
“We at UC will actively partner with the CSU and
the community colleges to help students understand that
the transfer option is achievable and affordable.“
- UC President Mark Yudof, March 2010
UC Welcomes Transfer Students
• Goal is to enroll 1 new CA transfer student for every
2 freshmen each fall
• Over last decade, UC increased enrollment of new
transfers up ~40% and freshmen ~15%
• All 9 UC campuses have agreements with all 112
California community colleges on course
equivalencies hosted on
UC Transfer Student Succeed
• Persist at same rates as freshmen
• Graduate at same rates as freshmen
• Virtually same UC GPA when they graduate
• Average time to degree: 2.4 years after transfer
How Transfer Works
Jr. Level Transfer – 60 Sem Units
Includes minimum
eligibility courses for UC
Includes lower division
courses preparing
students for their major
Jr. Level Transfer – 60 Sem Units
Includes minimum
eligibility courses for UC
Students can
choose courses
strategically that
fulfill both Major
Prep and General
Ed. This is good
for competitive
Transfer is a Partnership
Between High Schools, community
colleges, and UC
 All ten UC campuses participate in
partnerships to raise student achievement
and close achievement gaps
 Partnerships represent a system wide
commitment to work intensively with public
schools and colleges that serve the most
disadvantaged students
Academic Prep Programs
 Academic Advising and Motivation
 Peer Mentoring
 Summer and Residential Programs
 Community College and High School Support
 Counselor Professional Development
 Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)
• Excluding Berkeley, Los Angeles and San
Transfer Planner Guide
UC Transfer Admissions Planner (TAP)
 A web-based tool to help students plan and
track their academic plan to satisfy transfer
requirements to any UC campus
 Students can begin their plan as soon as
they register at the community college
 Allows students to communicate with their
community college counselors and UC
UC TAP Homepage
UC TAP Academic Information
UC TAP: AP & IB Exams
UC TAP: Course Summary
UC TAP: Applying for the TAG
Best Practices:
Prepare High School students to transition
into community college and Transfer
Steps in Enroll at a Community
 Complete and submit a CCC
• Or more than one!
 Take the assessment exam*
 New student orientation*
• May not necessarily be required
at all CCC, but highly
• Register for classes*
 Meet with a CCC counselor*
 Pay registration fees
* Mandatory matriculation steps
 Student support services
• EOPS, DSS, Puente, Career
Services, CARE, etc…
 Apply for financial aid
• Visit CCC to process aid
• Monitor Cal Grant B utilization
to save for 4-yr
• Go full time, if possible, to
“efficiently” use aid
 AB540 Affidavit (as needed)
 CA Dream Act application
‘Best Advice’ for High School
1. Improve college readiness: take rigorous college
prep courses throughout high school
2. Research your options
3. Enroll in community college on time!
4. Attend full time, work part time
5. Decide on a major and campus no later than the start
of sophomore year at CCC
6. Work closely with an academic adviser, Transfer
Center Director, and UC rep to develop a transfer
plan early
Counselor Best Practices
Include CCC and transfer information in your general
college-going presentations starting in ninth grade to
ensure students are aware of academic expectations in
CCC and transfer opportunities and requirements
Provide awareness of the enrollment timeline and
matriculation process for CCC
Get student familiar with college vocabulary such as ‘units’
instead of ‘credit’ and ‘IGETC’ instead of GE.
Teach students how to use
Teach students how to read a college catalog
Counselor Best Practices
Support students in completing matriculation steps:
Partner with local CCCs & universities to assist CCC-bound students
CCC Application Days
Direct students to CCC student support programs (EOPS, Puente, etc)
Encourage students to participate in on-site assessments if offered by your local
CCC at your high school campus
 Field trips:
• To tour and experience CCC campuses
• To take assessment exam and participate in new student orientations
Provide introduction to the transfer process:
 Provide workshops on transfer to students and parents
 Invite representatives from four-year universities, local CCC and successful transfer
students to speak to your students and parents
Information & Resources
Counselors’ Resource Website:\
Counselors’ Resource Website:
UC System wide Admissions Website:
UC Online Transfer Admission Planner:
CSAC California Dream Act Application:
Campus Selection Criteria
Los Angeles:
San Diego:
Santa Barbara:
Santa Cruz:
UC Transfer Preparation Programs
Los Angeles
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz
Berkeley Center for Educational Partnerships
Davis Transfer Student
Irvine Center for Educational Partnerships
Los Angeles Center for Community College Partnerships
Merced Transfer Student Program
Riverside Transfer Resource Center
San Diego Transfer Student Services
Santa Barbara Transfer Student Services
Educational Partnership Center/Transfer Partnerships Program
Presenter Contact Information:
Kia Vue
Transfer Preparation Coordinator/Adviser
[email protected]